2013 - Our Bulldada Life
Photos by Rev. Ivan Stang & Princess Wei 'R.' Doe

Life in and around Cleveland as seen by a SubGenius Sacred Scribe and a Space Princess

We take a lot of pictures, but we don't Tweet them or put them on Facebook as we go. Maybe someday. Meanwhile, since Oct. 2012 we've accumulated so many shots that are either funny, pretty, or SubGeniusly, we've decided to stash them all here in one place.

Originally we had broken them down into categories: "Some Friends," "Party "Bob"," "Local Color" (scenery and nature close-ups mostly), "The Slackermansion," "Inexplicables," and "StangDoes" (mostly funny or Photoshopped pictures of each other). However, at the last minute we decided that categories are for the birds, so we mixed them up -- but not randomly. They are carefully mixed up.

You'll notice that some photos are smaller and grainier-looking -- these were originally 3D photos taken with the 3DS game system. They look great on that tiny screen in 3D, not so great outside of that. But the camera includes lots of special effects filters, some randomly, and now and then it would make an inadvertent juxtaposition worth sharing even in 2D. Because there are cameras front and back, it can put the photographer's face onto the head of the subject who's posing! That explains the especially frightening little photos here and there, including the very first one.

This collection does not include any of our pictures from X-Day, nor from our annual 4-month road trip exploring National and State Parks and SubGenius Homes. We're still working on that collection and expect to post the highly edited gallery about the time we leave for the next winter road trip.

Trips and events that are included here: the 2012 WCSB Halloween Ball, Starwood 2013, the 2012 Con on the Cob/NE Ohio Witches Ball, Wisteria, Cleveland-area city and national parks, the Pittsburgh devival, Pater and Petal Nostril's wedding, visits with Rev. Susie the Floozie, Dr. Legume & Pockets, Dr. Philo Drummond and Dr. Hal (for the Cacophony book release)… and there's a series showing The "Bob" Museum and various Slack Altars in our home, nicknamed The Slackermansion in honor of Forry Ackerman's Ackermansion.

There are navigational arrows, but if you click directly on any picture it will take you to the next one.

If you find yourself wondering why in hell a given photo was included, look closer.
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