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Fwd: Schiller Institute proposal (LaRouche on the net!)
Fwd: LaRouche Re: Schiller Institute proposal
"'s really terrifying"
Congressional Malediction


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Date: Mon, 18 Sep 89 12:13:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: Chris Koenigsberg <>
Subject: Fwd: Schiller Institute proposal (LaRouche on the net!)

In the netnews group soc.culture.china, there was recently a long post,
supposedly from the Schiller Institute in collaboration with the
National Democratic Policy Forum, about overthrowing the Communist
government of China.

Several Americans responded with an explanation of LaRouche's weirdness.
And the original sender John Covici replied a few times......he
apparently is a real live LaRouche-ite, on the net! I bet he wants to
hear from all of you today.

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Subject: Re: Schiller Institute proposal
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In article <> (Dennis Kriz) writes:
>Isn't LaRouche in jail on fraud charges anyway?

He is in jail; convicted in a railroad of a trial unlike
anything seen in this country; it was more like the PRC or the Soviet
And now they are trying to break him, discredit him and kill him.

What follows is something about his current condition.


A prescribed surgical procedure was used as a means of
torture against imprisoned statesman Lyndon LaRouche in federal
prison in Rochester, Minnesota, earlier this week. Prison
officials classified the procedure as a "test," rather than
"surgery," to attempt to deny LaRouche any relief from his 4AM to
noon work schedule on the day of the procedure and during the
days preceding and following it.
LaRouche was confined to a liquid diet for 72 hours before
the procedure. Nevertheless, he was still made to work from 4 AM
to noon each day, on a job estimated to require 3,000 calories
per day.
After working a full day Thursday, LaRouche was taken to the
operating room at 2:30 pm. The procedure took one hour, and he
remained unconscious for one hour afterwards. At 5:00, shortly
after regaining consciousness, he was returned to the prison, and
told to begin work again at 4:00 am Friday morning. Because of
his weakened condition, he could not.
All this was an attempt to prove that LaRouche could be
killed in prison without effective opposition.
The Bush administration and George Bush personally must be
made to know that they are responsible for whatever happens to
It is no coincidence that this crime was being committed
while Soviet emissary Boris Yeltsin was also in Rochester.

And this is the person who designed the only really workable war on
Aside from other benefits, this would totally destroy
the current regime in China.


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Date: Mon, 18 Sep 89 12:18:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: Chris Koenigsberg <>
Subject: Fwd: LaRouche Re: Schiller Institute proposal

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Subject: Re: LaRouche Re: Schiller Institute proposal
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In article <31349@ucbvax.BERKELEY.EDU> timlee@ernie.Berkeley.EDU
(Timothy J. Lee) writes:
>In article <557@wet.UUCP> covici@wet.UUCP (John Covici) writes:
>| A prescribed surgical procedure was used as a means of
>|torture against imprisoned statesman Lyndon LaRouche in federal
>|prison in Rochester, Minnesota, earlier this week. Prison
>|officials classified the procedure as a "test," rather than
>|"surgery," to attempt to deny LaRouche any relief from his 4AM to
>|noon work schedule on the day of the procedure and during the
>|days preceding and following it.
>What does his "4AM to noon work schedule" entail?
It is heavy kitchen work, most notably including the carrying of
heavy trays.

The surgery was an operation to remove a polyp from his lower
I will include a more detailed chronology of the events which is
now available.

Report on the Mistreatment of Political Prisoner Lyndon LaRouche


Sept. 16, 1989

The following chronology of events describes the gross
mistreatment of political prisoner Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
which occurred during the five days between Sept. 11 and Sept.
Monday, Sept. 11 at 1300 hours, LaRouche was called to
the clinic at the Rochester Federal Medical Facility and told
that later that week he would have a surgical procedure for
the removal of two intestinal polyps. He was instructed to
report back the following day at 1100 hours. He was also told
that he would have a no-residue diet on Tuesday and then would
be on a liquid diet until the procedure.
Tuesday, Sept. 12. After working a full work-shift from
0400 hours to 1200 hours, LaRouche began receiving strong
laxative medication in preparation for the procedure at
approximately 1600 hours. On Tuesday he only ingested egg
whites, coffee, and water. Between 2200 hours and 0200 hours
into Wednesday morning he experienced violent bowel movements
caused by the medication.
Wednesday, Sept. 13. At 0200 hours LaRouche finally fell
asleep. At 0320 hours--less than an hour and a half later--he
was awakened to report to work. LaRouche was forced to work
on Wednesday for the entire work-shift from approximately
0400 to 1200 hours. During the entire day on Wednesday LaRouche
only ingested coffee and water. He was only able to sleep
sporadically on Wednesday evening.
Thursday, Sept. 14. At 0320 LaRouche was awakened for his
normal work-shift, to which he reported at 0400 hours. After
working an entire shift, at approximately 1230 hours LaRouche was
called to the clinic at the Federal Medical Facility, where he
was informed that he would be brought to the Mayo Clinic for a
``test'' procedure. Officials at the prison had administratively
classified it as a ``test procedure'' rather than a ``surgical
procedure.'' LaRouche was taken in irons into the Mayo Clinic by
two guards, and brought to the area where the procedure would
occur in a wheelchair while in irons. After being interviewed by
the physician responsible for the procedure, he was given a
painkiller intravenously. Because of his accumulated exhaustion
he fell asleep immediately, and slept through the entire
procedure. The surgical procedure lasted approximately one hour,
during which time a polyp was removed from his lower intestine.
After being in the recovery room for three-quarters of an hour,
LaRouche was brought back to the prison where he arrived at
approximately 1530 hours. On Thursday all LaRouche had ingested
was coffee, apple juice, and a bowl of jello. On Thursday evening
he slept from sheer exhaustion.
Friday, Sept. 15. At 0320 LaRouche was awakened to go
to work as normal. At 0500 hours, after just beginning work,
LaRouche had to sit down because he was exhausted. At 0700
hours he was asked to help the other prisoners in a group
work assignment. LaRouche at that time reported to sick bay,
unable to work. He requested to see a doctor. Shortly after
0900 hours, when his doctor had still not come, LaRouche was
called out to see a paralegal visiting him on legal matters.

- Comments -

The mistreatment of Lyndon LaRouche, in the context of
previous assignments to heavy labor, reflects an intent of
someone in the prison system to kill him in the obvious way.
If political prisoner Lyndon LaRouche is forced to die
in the prison system, the world and history will read this
as President George Bush's personal intent. Whether that is
true or not, the world will see it so, and fairly. If Lyndon
LaRouche dies in prison, only Bush could be blamed, and fairly
The work assignment of LaRouche requires an estimated
intake of 3,000 calories per day in the estimation of LaRouche
himself--an expert in industrial engineering practice with
over 20 years' experience.
The surgical procedure which LaRouche underwent is
traumatic. In the evaluation of his personal physician:
``Under this condition in West Germany, you are advised
by your physician that you have to rest for the time the laxative
is affecting you, usually two days before the procedure, and
at least one day after the treatment. To my great astonishment,
I learned that Mr. LaRouche had to work during a treatment
with a supposedly strong laxative, and was called for duty
less than 12 hours after his treatment. I feel obliged to
raise my utmost concern about this procedure, and I want to
assure you that this is not lege artis medical treatment you
apply to an elderly patient in Germany.''
Just as Lyndon LaRouche was targeted, railroaded, and
imprisoned for his politics, so too he is now being mistreated
in prison for the same reason. George Bush, based on his personal
knowledge and complicity, in events central to LaRouche's
imprisonment, shall be held individually accountable for
LaRouche's fate.
Further precise bulletins on political prisoner Lyndon
LaRouche's situation shall be released as required.

--Warren J. Hamerman
Rochester, Minnesota
September 16, 1989

Please contact the President.


COMMENT LINE IS 202-456-7639 (Does not function on week-ends)
FAX IS 202-456-2461


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Subject: "'s really terrifying"
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 89 13:22:59 EDT

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} This was the motd on Media-Lab. I can't vouch that this quote is true,
} but if it is, it's really terrifying.
} Ack
} - ---------
} In an August 11 interview on Cable Network News, the head of the
} National Space Council, Vice President Dan Quayle, explained why the
} US should undertake a manned mission to Mars: "Mars is essentially in
} the same orbit. Mars is somewhat the same distance from the sun,
} which is very important. We have seen pictures where there are
} canals, we believe, and water. If there is water, there is oxygen.
} If oxygen, that means we can breathe."
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Okay Dan, You go first!

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Date: Mon, 18 Sep 89 14:34 EDT
From: Michael Travers <mt@MEDIA-LAB.MEDIA.MIT.EDU>
Subject: Congressional Malediction
Message-ID: <19890918183419.3.MT@OUROBOROS.MEDIA.MIT.EDU>

Seth Kantor

WASHINGTON -- On Oct. 4, 1921, Tom Blanton of Albany, Tex.,
went and did a naughty thing.
As a Democratic member of the U.S. House, Blanton got mightily
exercised about somebody or something, to the point where he
entered a lot of blasphemy into the Congressional Record,
expressing himself about as clearly as an oil roughneck in West
Perhaps drunk out of his mind, Blanton's unfortunate choice of
words caused an immediate uproar in the House.
Members voted to censure Rep. Blanton and have his words removed
from the record -- thereby establishing a precedent of harsh
punishment for any future, intemperate congressman.
And then along came Rep. William E. Dannemeyer, a Republican
from California. On June 29, 1989, Dannemeyer took up nearly four
pages of the Congressional Record with a tirade against homosexuals.
Dannemeyer had his written remarks inserted into the Record
after a front- page news story had carried allegations of a male
call-boy ring flourishing in the nation's capital, involving
federal employees and even making its way into the edges of the
White House.
``I urge President Bush to investigate this matter to its
fullest and be totally honest with the American people in his
findings,'' said Dannemeyer.
``Maybe then we will discover why our national AIDS policy has
been turned upside down, why the federal government insists on
funding homoerotic art, and why such obvious planks of the
homosexual agenda, such as the `hate crimes bill,' are allowed to
maintain the cloak of civil rights rhetoric,'' the congressman
Dannemeyer did not mention another front-page summertime story
in Washington. For one thing, it had not yet been published -- the
story about how Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., had become involved
with a male prostitute who then had used Frank's Washington
apartment and automobile to arrange sexual contacts.
To prove his point that ``the homosexual movement'' in America
must be stopped, Dannemeyer proceeded to describe in coarse detail
the precise ways in which men make love to each other.
On July 20, Rep. Andy Jacobs, D-Ind., wrote to Dannemeyer: ``I
believe it is my duty to point out to you that you quite likely
violated a 1921 House precedent by inserting (into the Record) your
explicit descriptions of homosexual acts.''
Dannemeyer replied that Tom Blanton had been censured for using
language ``so indecent, obscene, vulgar and vile as to render it
unmailable had it been contained in any other than an official
Arguing that he had not used street language to describe how
homosexuals might carry on in private, Dannemeyer said he had no
more than paraphrased the AIDS literature being put out these days
by the government.
Dannemeyer said he was crusading against ``militant homosexuals
and their apologists'' because they have their own legislative
agendas and ``the public deserves to be fully informed.''
Jacobs found Dannemeyer's response to be outrageous, and now the
veteran liberal Indiana lawmaker has asked the House ethics
committee to decide if the right-wing Californian's remarks in the
Record violated the standards of official conduct of the House.
Assuring the ethics committee that Dannemeyer's gutter-like
account ``would not be published in a family newspaper,'' Jacobs
said the ``Congressional Record is America's family newspaper about
its government.''
Jacobs said that school children are assigned research projects
which require them to read the Record. And he informed the ethics
committee that his own mother insists that people can express an
argument without using obscenities.
``It seems a reasonable House precedent should reflect that
standard,'' Jacobs said.
Note No. 1: So far the ethics committee has agreed to
investigate Barney Frank, but has not yet reported what, if
anything, it will do about the froth of William Dannemeyer.
Note No. 2: The bound Congressional Records of 1921 in the
Library of Congress don't include Thomas L. Blanton's outburst,
because Blanton's words were removed from the Record after the
first copies came off the press. Shucks.


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