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Burning the Bible

Date: Thu, 27 Sep 90 15:22:45 EDT
Subject: ###-##-#### ???
To: "joel s. kollin" <>

} Date: Thu, 27 Sep 90 14:08:27 EDT
} From: joel s. kollin <>
} To: dryfoo@ATHENA.MIT.EDU
} Subject: ###-##-#### ???
} Is it against the law to say what people's SS numbers are?
} Or was the number you mentioned really not what you said it wasn't, like
} a vicious rumor or something, know what I'm sayin?
} Rev K

Dear Rev. "Special" K,

Nudge nudge, wink wink.

No. You entirely misunderstand. Awhile back, someone somewhere (here
maybe?) published or posted what was purported to be The Evel Dickster's
Social Security number.

Through an odd and not-very-amusing turn of events, I was able to
establish that the number published was probably not his.

Such double-reading suspicion will cause terrible Con-tact headaches,
and grow hair on your palms in such profusion that it can only be rubbed
off by excessive masturbation.

Relax. Slack off.

-- dr foo

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Date: Thu, 27 Sep 90 20:06:53 EDT
From: "joel s. kollin" <>
Subject: ###-##-#### ???

Actually, we can probably ascertain the SS numbers of the rich and banal
the same way they find out ours. Set up a credit bureau and buy a link
to TRW et al. While you're at it, why not put Phyllis Schafly and
Jesse Helms on a Frederick's of Hollywood mailing list?

Revvy T. K.

"Martial Law is now Nationwide..."
- Revolting Cocks (RevCo)


Date: Thu, 27 Sep 90 12:06:04 EDT
Subject: Burning the Bible
To: The network Clench <>

tried to send this last month, but it got lost during the fluxion.
Even without the event, there is still some good info here, like how to get
bibles. Anyone seen a poster (Mr ``srl-contact'' Rees, you still here?)?

If not, perhaps one should be made...

Send us your Bibles!

SF Chronicle, 14-Aug-90, p. E2

Bible Art Catches Heat

Mark Pauline, the South-of-Mrket ``machine'' artist whose
combustible performance art spectacles explore controversial social
themes---he cut his teeth blowing up dead cats---just had the plug
pulled on his September 1 show at ArtPark, a state-sponsored arts
festival in Lewiston, N.Y.

Upon learning that Pauline's performance would involve burning
Bibles, ArtPark president David Midland said he cancelled the gig.

``This is not the performance we contracted for,'' said Midland,
who beleived Pauline's Survival Research Lab show would involve
``machine violence as a commentary on the post-industrial age.''

But now, said Midland in a press release, ``the current proposal
is being billed on the West Coast as a Bible burning. We do not
condone the burning of the Bible, or in fact, any book. This is an
abhorrent act, even if symbolic . . . While ArtPark does not shay away
from controversy, this is not what we expected.''

Midland was particularly steamed about SRL's poster, which seeks
donations of Bibles.

``Ever Want to Burn a Bible?'' asks the poster. ``Bibles can
always be obtained for free from hotels, church organizations,
libraries, the Gideon Society, thrift stores, and your parents'
houses. Be advised that in certain instances theft is a moral

Pauline says the poster is ``a joke, a Dada-like prank that
shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with what we do.''

Pauline planned to turn one of his sputtering Rube Goldberg
contraptions into a spaceship, covering it with Bibles that would
server as ``thermal protective shields.''

The poster, said Pauline, ``was never distributed. We put some up
around our town for people who share our sense of humor.''

So, have their plans changed? Will there still be such a performance?


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