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Today's Topics:
New advances in computational theology

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Subject: New advances in computational theology
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 92 18:40:50 -0400
From: Michael Travers <>

From: (Jan van Neerven)
Newsgroups: alt.atheism,alt.messianic,alt.pagan,alt.postmodern,alt.prose
Subject: monograph on existence of Purgatory
Date: 7 Oct 92 14:12:41 GMT
Followup-To: alt.atheism


A mathematical proof of the existence of Purgatory is
claimed by a team of Dutch mathematicians from the Centre
for Mathematics and Computer Science and the University of
Amsterdam. Their results appear in a monograph entitled

"Das Fegefeuer-Theorem"

Eschatologische Axiomatik

published by Libelle-Verlag, Bottighofen am Bodensee,
ISBN 3-909081-55-X.
The authors are J.A.P. Heesterbeek, J.M.A.M. van Neerven
and H.A.J.M. Schellinx.
The monograph is written in academic German, with an
extensive mathematical Appendix in English.

We cite the English Condensation:

'This book gives the Deomathematical description
of Sinning. You, reading this summary in a book-
shop, should stare into your deepest Ego and
contemplate whether your Sin-load is bigger than
10 (jokes about the Royal Family (UK readers) or
Dan Quayle (US readers) already drive it above
25) while your Extensional Soulbalance is below
0. Do not contemplate too long though, the book-
seller has noticed you and wonders if you really
will buy. Your Soulsearch reveals that You, Reader,
are a Sinner. It is then good to know that we
rigorously prove that Purgatory exists. Buying this
book will favourably influence your personal

The 'Sommaire Prospective (1758)':

'Votre Altesse trouvera dans ce Trait'e des matieres
de Th'elogie, de Philosophie & de Math'ematique,
mani'ees aved beaucoup d'habilit'e & de d'elicatesse:
elles sont toutes de votre sphere ces matieres.'



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Subject: RANT-n-RAVE 2
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 92 23:58:21 -0400
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another one, just like the last one...

the Association for Consciousness Exploration

sat.oct.10 - 7pm - 4am

R A N T -N- R A V E


2 SubGenius Doktors 2 House music stars

Direct from Dallas! NY DJ Larry Tee
Rev. Ivan Stang of Love Machine fame
Rant down the house!
House Music
recording artist
Live from Little Rock! SIMONE
STERNODOX with 'Hey Fellas!'
and his dix! and her other hits

Live World Beat Drumming
plus by Repercussions
2 Famed Devil Biker Babes
Continuous barrage of
virtually twisted video
Rev. Mary Squared Au Contraire
will be there Cruise the Cosmic Corridor
(2 Muckin' Fuch!) 2 the A.C.E. Mind Spa!

Rant-r-Rave 2, because 2 much is always better than not enough!

info, call ACE: 932-5421, or Smart Bar at 522-1575
location: cleveland, oh - 1575 merwin, in the flats.

Last time there was a head launching & everything....


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