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Date: Wed, 17 Aug 1994 20:48:20 -0400
From: Michael L Turyn <>
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Uhhh...not to break this to you, but champion Not-Anne_Rice vampire novelist
Nancy Collins is none other than sainted Ste Nanzi Regalia, and Palmer Vreedez
is a main character in her third book "In the Blood" (her first is the
Cramp-tastic [a little Ackerman demon invaded my brain---it's out now]
"Sunglasses After Dark."

Actually, I'd LOVE to see all the New Orleans vampire novelists have
pro-wrestling style bragfests:

"OKAY Miss Anguished Goody Christian Bloodsucker, I'm going to show you the
REAL meaning of S&M and I'LL USE MY REAL NAME too---you're going to be
yesterday's andouille floating in the gutter, down the storm sewer, and all
the way down the DELTA."

"Someday my name is going to be in the lights/ Saying "Poppy Z. Brite Tonite""


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