Hour of Slack #1156 - Live 1-6-08 - The Most Unwanted Show


A live show with Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Princess Wei extemporaniizing with Rev. Stang, who reads from various alt.slack papers comparing the Church to Scientology and Rev. Stang to Hitler. Songlages by The Opponent Process and Rev. Shayne Caplain join the noises of Mister Fernandinande LeMur and Rev. Norel Pref.

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1     LeMur: HOS Intro #786 - Nuclear "Bob" 00:28

2     LeMur: PR Gnus #1408 00:45

3     LeMur: "Bob" Song #1023 - Neanderbob     00:17

4    Rev. Norel Pref: very very significant here     01:02

5    Rev. Norel Pref: peddling them reefers     01:24

6    Rev. Norel Pref: even if it's chronic     00:54

7    Rev. Norel Pref:  what is happening to human beings_     00:55

8    "Bob" Song #1023 - Neanderbob     00:17

9    The Opponent Process: "Beware Your Brain (Firesign Theatre Mix)" 03:51



Credit The Opponent Process, LeMur, Norel. Could use Dave's muttering as background muttering.. . recording from inside Dave's brain -- VOODOO CHILD cover by Earth Wind and Fire with DAVE voice-over - Wei-Dave nonsense over - Foreshort-loins - Stang creds LCD, EarthWind&Fire, our 'conspiracy music' policy - appropriate vs. appropriated: ruining great mixes by letting abject civilians dub over classics. Who controls the media? Media employees. Kooks, Media Ditch guys on Alt of Slack have demonstrated: Everything in the world proves that everything in the world is a pagan Masonic Satanic Jew. Kook letters...


pause good bg music, replace it with WORST background music: THE MOST UNWANTED SONG by Dave Soldier explained, plays in background throughout. Dave quizzes Stang - bad music techniques become new stage of Bulldada. The gradations of Bulldada. "It's so dislikeable!"


Dave strangeness - Ancient Folkie's Home - We want you to culturaly condition yourself - new tuba & bagpipes dance - could she forewarn those with foreskins on their foreheads? - Stang reads real news re: Rev. Chapin who ate brain of religious opponent and has been sentenced to death. JUDGE DAVE spaced out mess - Kook's List of What Hitler and Stang Have in Common. Kook belief that Maoist Chinese are Jewish-Masonic. New crop of all-purpose kooks we're getting. The gay Satanic Jewish Mason who lives next door. When you eat a SubGenius Brain. More similarities and differences between Hitler and Stang. The FreeMansons will free Charlie.


Seque from Charlie Manson rant to "POWER OF SOUL" (Hendrix) cover by Bootsy Collins and Rev. George Clinton


10   Rev. Norel Pref: bosom 01:07


11   Rev. Norel Pref: gravely immoral behavior     01:05


LIVE YAK: Credit Norel, Bootsy Collins & Clinton.  Dave pronounces PFUNK. Dave's Detective Dave music in bg with Stangration - Dave & Wei office scene -


Stang reads SCIENTOLOGY vs. SUBGENIUS rant by MOROSE aka Dr. Holocaust.


Credit Morose/aka Dr. Holocaust. Trying to get rich = Being Human. Anything works... Dave's Socialist Grandma singing. Popular Bullgirl Davina -- tuba playing rap opera singer with Xmas album - Dave weird interview with re: Chinese Lake Erie bowling resorts fondling, wisdom teeth - Wisdom Teeth vs. Wisdom teat - miasma of mortality - getting older - wish this show had subtitles - Intro to THE NEANDERTHAL SONG- LeMur's research


12     LeMur: "Bob" Song #1023 - Neanderbob     00:17

13     LeMur: Neandertal It Black     00:16

14     LeMur: HOS Intro #781 - Chinese Thunder     00:43

15     LeMur: PR Gnus #1409 00:10


Dave and Wei Chinese Lessons w/ Dr. Sinister - Dave apologizes to bound-foot Grandfather - The Most Unwanted Song ending. Learn the Secrets of X-Day! Annual Mating Migrations in their natural habitat - dentist nonsense - aboriginal god, learn more?


16   Rev. Norel Pref: I want you to be honest     00:16

17   Rev. Norel Pref: Let's give god the clap 01:07


Strange Dave Norel comments. Dave's North Sea Navy gunner experience with that guy Harry Bob Dobbs -- none of us will die, we're just gonna be tortured. His manic phase -- he was losing it. That was the end of me and god. I tried. Shoulda waited for him to stop breathing. Coulda saved god... YOU DO HAVE THAT CHANCE TO SAVE GOD, subgenius.com - Office Party at 7 am July 5, X-Day - We KNOW that we DON'T KNOW NOTHING - Dave on small Mayan village. Decapitation of Bob figure - rejoin ourselves at the knees - walk in path of "Bob" - Space Salesman, olium serpentum (Munchausen music) -- You Can Be Your Own Hero - Superior Mutant rant by Stang - better, only because different - YOU have the key to Bob's Wisdom teat - your lips are puckered. Suck on that stem of that teat we call the Pipe of "Bob." He'll share-- diseases, too -- we're all equal -- our diseases are growing. Everybody wants to - subgenius.com. EotW bit - Dave on What You Can Do. After you join, you can PROVE you do it, or THINK you can. This is the Nw Age. We love crybabies.

Yak over:

18   Rev. Norel Pref: maxed-out-world.aif      00:47

We cling to religion and guns.


19   hos-clip4 1-rev shayne caplain     02:41


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