Hour of Slack #1167 - Live 08-17-08 - Feet of Bigfoot Washing Up in Soviet Georgia


Mostly live in the WCSB studio with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev. Stang and Princess Wei -- our first live show in weeks. Much stored-up gas is released. Topics include The Bigfoot Corpse, SubGenius Funerals, Prehistoric Dave Men and Dave Women, The Pyramid of Dobbs, upcoming events. Rev. Norel Pref's collages are abused, as are those by that cut-up Fernandinande LeMur. New music by Mose Giganticus, The Flyin' Ryan Brothers, The Psycho Skeletons.

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2     LeMur: HOS Intro #803 - Yip Yap     00:21

3    20 Million Miles to Earth - Costly Move, from  Present to Future     00:10

4    Norel Pref: I don't have a problem     00:42

5    clip from Memento     00:15

6    Norel Pref: keep your eye on bob     02:04

7    Norel Pref: mary had a little slack 01:02

8    The Last Winter clip +noise     02:40

Cred Lemur, Norel - So COLD. The Last Winter, Global Coolness Deficit, mammoth ghosts, Neanderman ghosts. Mushroom heads, weird to stroke. It's weirdling me! I'm getting all Slacked Up! Is this Slack or the Frop? More Bob More! More them Kind-Pils. What has changed us? (It's "Bob" ) (over "It's Just "Bob" by The Large). The huge pants of "Bob". Dave in Blunderland (Psycho Skeletons do Capt. Beefheart in BG). Hour of Slack turns you into a Psycho Skeleton. The Exoskeletons - a chitinous band. If you feel chitty, you're an insect. Wei's fingernail integument. Dobbson flies in chocolate fed to kids at Dobbstown. Dobbstown rocks! (with Flyin' Ryan Bros. Bg music) We've been in Dobbstown so long -- swinging through jungles. X-Day, Starwood, Rumble in Jungle. #1167, alive, has a brain. The show show has a brain after a fashion. Fashionable brain flying w/ Ryan Bros, Ryanetics. L Ron Hubbard stole Dianetics from "Bob." Ryan Bros stole from each other. Scientology is a satire of Church of SubG. In 50s they were new, SubG old. That urchin over there -- what spines! Get poked. The massacre after X-Day? Opposite - dead brought to life, shuffling to music of Friends of Chas Smith band. The Branch Davidian reign. At Rumble, Chas came as a rainstorm. SubGenius funerals question -- the various Chas funerals. Baptism of Dead, concert at Tiki Banzai, and naked women "raping" Rev. Steve Scynic. Those Brushwood dames are forward... baptised Alison to prevent bestiality. Screaming of Pink piglets! (with old Mummy music) - Do SubG women grows new organs? - hidden ones, with barbs. They'll clench and hold until they have your money. Barb scars on my attachment -- pursuing "Bob" with torches, lighters, Time Machine bomb -- "Bob's" coming. "Bob" sells new shoes to Stang, punishes Stang - danger music!

What are those bloody clowns doing everywhere? (w/ Fellini CLOWNS music) - It was supposed to be a Bigfoot corpse. THE DEVOtional promo plug, Aug. 30, boojiboysbasement.com; Aug. 29, Jocko Dome-O art show in Cleveland; discussion of the DEVO Power Dome Flower Pot Hat, art by Winston Smith, KRK Ryden, Susie the Floozy, etc., benefit for Magdalen and Jesus. Our entry by us, Jerry Casale, St. Joe Riley, bust by Hellswami Satellite Weavers. If you come, you'll see "Bob." Listen to that clamoring for "Bob". Sure it's a joke - but is "Bob" ONLY a joke? No! Clouds of frop choking us! (Coughing) Show so exciting, got carried away. Origins of "Bob" swathed in mystery, and toilet paper, by teenage pranksters. The Turin Toilet Paper shroud, we'll sell that with the vials of water from Aug 8 - 8-08-08, "80" looks like B.O." -- must pause for PSA:

9     LeMur: Centers For Diseased People #01 - Turtles     00:47

10   20 Million Miles to Earth - Blast It, Bob - Come In Bob     00:24

11   Norel Pref: easy and free     00:45

12     LeMur: Eat More Pussy #3     00:29

13     LeMur: Gold #1     00:12

14   Mose Giganticus - "My Machine"     02:59

15     LeMur: Centers For Diseased People #03 - Unusual Animals     00:26

16     LeMur: PR Gnus #1424 00:53

Credit LeMur, Mose Giganticus, mosegiganticus.com. This station's outhouse has tiny writing on bathroom tile grout over urinal -- senseless radio jargon. What is mind? Is Mind merely the eructation of Brain? Slackpooey to You-ey.

WHEN DID THE DAVE MAN FINALLY ACHIEVE MIND? -- Narration about the early Dave Men and Dave Women. Tired of living in Daves. Ug and Ort, start fire by rubbing organs together. Had not discovered the secret of hardness. The Pyramid of "Bob". 10,000 slaves died to carry the lintel. The secret: more slaves. Such is the might of "BoAoab!" Other gods sit in the Waiting Room of "Bob," the OverMind of all Ensoulened Beings. Elder Gods vs. Younger Gods. Could move mountains and my bladder. "Cibilized man TFT quote." Old people quoting Monty Python, Simpsons.

A dangerous pose, not for the weak. (Indian guru Dave). The Temple of the Dobbs -- and tricky sex moves "The Monkey Proffers the Peach." A ticklish profferer. The Tickless Monkey we've been breeding for, but humans resulted. Hairless apes vs. Hairless Yetis. How do we make it clear? They have too much intelligence to understand the simplicity of "Bob's Word." The single note of Slack that "Bob" is playing. Each hears it different. As A-flat tire. Some feel it rising from between their legs. Like acid Reflux. Don't choke, but swallow the word of "Bob? Is he not the Sales Man? Dave's SubGenius Sales Seminal. Put you and urine on the map. Get out and sell! -- throw him in the Poor Sales Cell. Wei interrupts. Take a break and relapse in the Sales Cell.

The bigfoot corpse photo from the Atlanteans of Soviet Georgia. Half human, half opossum! Beady-eyed Possum-Man, still playing dead? Could crawl out of those poebuckers' freezer any second now. It had PERFECT teeth. Retouched? I was retouched when I heard another Bigfoot had died. So few Yetis left in Soviet Georgia. Don't know if they're dead or drunk. Old Russian ladies who look like Bigfoot in Cleveland Bluffs. Dave's ancestors - Eurovians, from Davemania. Russian ladies of sturdy stock.

We're forgetting something -- my grandbaby is due any second (August 17), to whelp first Stangie litter. "Not Man! Not Beast! But THING! THING!" Romulus and Remus' dad and 7 Hills. Dee-daw and Wei-maw. Grandparents named by baby-talk. I named my grandparents. Dave's grandparent names.

If SubGenius was LOST, Dave would be Locke, Man of Faith. Stang: Man of Science Jack. (I look so much like Matthew Fox.) We only DOWNLOAD TV. LOST can be used like the I-Ching, guided by the Blast Door Map. 4-8-15-16-23-42. We got nerded out. Watched The 400 Merriments of Satan by Georges Melies, 1906, the Star Wars of its day.

Must play recordings from 008-08-08 BOBOB Day, The Day of Connie's Ovaries. Church URL.  

17   Norel Pref: small and constraining   00:30

18   Norel Pref: spermon #73108     01:27

19     iDRMRSR, StangDoe live at Wheredy's: 08-08-08-Bobob Day     02:57

20     LeMur: Talk About Sufferin'     00:59

Background Music:

1     Flyin' Ryan Brothers  "Totality"     01:06

2    The Large: It's Just "Bob" 01:20

3    Alice in Blunderland -The Psycho Skeletons     02:05

4     Flyin' Ryan Brothers "Escape Velocity"     05:34

5     Mummy- Scary Music 01:50

6    Mummy Attack Music 01:11

7     Fellini's The Clowns allegro (Nino Rota) 03:44

8            Mummy Music2            05:28

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