Hour of Slack #1188 - Monsters and/of The Conspiracy


We were planning to do a live Cleveland show this week, but the weather and the gods conspired against us. Luckily there was plenty of Puzzling Evidence -- the puzzlingest, from KPFA Berkeley -- and a confusion of the senses in Synaesthesia, from WCSB Cleveland, to which Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Stang could at least phone in. And we were able to reheat leftovers from devivals of 2008 such as Starwood's and Baltimore's. Phineas Narco helped too! Twice! New manglings of old media are committed by LeMur, The Large, Sweetness McGee, and Hercules.

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Below, "PE" means Puzzling Evidence show on KPFA-Berkeley from Jan. 02, 2009, with Dr. Hal, host Puzzling Evidence, and Dr. Philo Drummond

"SYN" = Radio Synaesthesia from WCSB, the Dec. 15, 2009 show with host Dr. Sinister in the studio, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev. Ivan Stang and others phoning in.

1    It's Bob echo     00:06

2    The Large: Who's the _Bob_man - HoS Title     00:53

3     Baltimore 08 Stang k- Slack 101     01:05

4    STANG @ STARWOOD FESTIVAL '08 - v - 9-11 Conspiracies List!!! XX   03:06

5    cred intro monsters     00:13

6    PE 129db - Japanese Monsters     01:17

7     Phineas Narco: "Our Own Monsters"     02:08

8    cred Phineas 2 PE   01:09

9    PE 129fg-Overman Vs Alien - Smegnigma     05:40

10   "Bob" bit part in "It Came From Outer Space" (1953)     01:05

11   PE 129h - Hawaii - Luke Vs Darth 01:29

12   Syn 121508h-Meat Trees & Monster Love 07:54

13   PE 129j-Overman Vs Xist - Lost City! 2 news     02:48

14     LeMur: PR Gnus #1432 00:32

15   cred LeMur 2 Syn  00:19

16   Syn 121508j - SUVs - Big Country - Beef Tree     00:34

17   PE 129l- German Fake Trees - Rogue Robots     01:45

18     Hercules Aginst the Moon Men - X-Day rant     01:09

19   Rev. Sweetness McGee - DobbsHead Repair Man     01:15

20   PE 129n- Bad Movies -Aliens Vs Philo 03:04

21   Bob Walkenhorst: "Lakeview Man" live at Record Bar  03:44

22   cred Walkenhorst 2 Dr Hal     00:35

23   PE 129s- Women - Reality- CON - Jews     02:12

24     Baltimore 08 Stang  -If You Have A Pipe 00:07

25   STANG @ STARWOOD FESTIVAL '08 - w- Planet Of Crap - Human Future     02:57

26     Phineas Narco: "The Big Show (Part 2) (Maybe He's Right)"     02:49

27     Baltimore 08 Stang d- U Can B Alone with "Bob" 00:59

28     Burping Praise BOB SW08 copy 00:05

29   STANG @ STARWOOD FESTIVAL '08 - s-BoBama - FEITCTJ - bleeping     02:30

30     Baltimore 08 Stang j - Craven Gutless Wonders     00:16

31     LeMur: Homemade_Flame_Thrower   00:20

32   PE 129da- Saving the Universe     00:59

33   cred PE, url 2 PE   00:49

34   PE 129t- Things - X-day - End of the World - Too Quiet     02:50

35     something 2 B sed 4 silence     00:16


Background music: DEVO's "Beautiful World" performed by Rev. Wilhelm Stahlhelm

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Radio Synaesthesia: http://wcsb.org

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