Hour of Slack #1194 - Preaching to the Pagans / IGAZUM Brainwashing Videos


Along with the usual unusual collages by LeMur, and clips of the Puzzling Evidence show, this episode features much "New Age Bashing" taken from Rev. Stang's most recent sermons at Starwood and Winterstar festivals. By way of playing soundtrack excerpts, we also announce a new SubGenius DVD of short animations called "SubGenius IGAZUM Cerebral Reformatter." (Search "IGAZUM" on YouTube or Google Video and you'll find samples.)

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Below, "PE" means Puzzling Evidence show on KPFA-Berkeley from Jan. 02, 2009, with Dr. Hal, host Puzzling Evidence, and Dr. Philo Drummond


1          LeMur: Purely Accidental            00:25

2          The Large: Dinosaur Sphincter            00:35

3          Stephen Holman- "I'm Normal" from Liquid TV            00:55

4          Myra Breckenridge "Normal" clip (Mae West, Rachel Welch)            01:38

5          Stephen Holman- "Normal 2"            00:16

6          Stang at Winterstar '09 c- RUAbnormal? -Prabob!            00:35

7            Baltimore '08 devival: Stangf-FEITCTJ-Slack-Dumshit            01:05

8          Stang @ Winterstar '09 - "Deprogram Minions-alt.slack            01:48

9          Clip from "The Werebob" (1956) 01:14

10        Drink the coffee, eschew the sedatives. You don't want to be... NORMAL! --that clip was from the 1956 movie THE WEREWOLF. Before that, preachings from the Winterstar Devival of Ouhght-9 and from the Baltimore '08 one. And before that, some 1973 clips from the movie MYRA BRECKENRIDGE, and from the Liquid TV short called "I'm Normal" by Stephen Holman. Our titles were by LeMur and The Large. Now, back to Winterstar 09, .

11        Stang at Winterstar '097 WS09f - Valentine-1st Wstar -Dallas            02:10

12        Yes, here I am, lecturing to nice people that I consider superstitious. Here, then, are my comments to the large crowd at Starwood 28.

13        Stang at Starwood 28  - Starwood Sched - Pagan Dumbassery            07:18

14        LeMur: HOS Intro #823 - Here In Our Own House  00:36

15        Stang @ Starwood '08 - "More Starwood Sched - Politics Rants!            03:27

16            iDRMRSR- rte66_lsdtrip1            00:40

17        Stang @ Starwood '08 - Changing Clothes On Drugs  00:48

18            Puzzling Evidence  1-29-q6-PE Poisons Hal~            00:48

19            iDRMRSR-_lsdtrip2-Rte 66 - 02:49

20        40 Sessions... I've done 150 sessions. Thanks to LeMUR, and Mistar Sistar for the cuts, from Rt. 66., and to ACE in Cleveland, Which pits on Starwood every year. They also put on Winterstar in the winter, and coming up is some pagan put-on from what they put on at Starwood. And we also heard some Puzzling Evidence show from KPFA berkeley, with Dr. Hal. Now, back to Starwood 09 and my reviews of my fellow presenters.

21        Stang at Starwood - Paul Krassner -FairyRaces - End Quotes-SODDI xxx            02:43

22            Puzzlimg Evidence - 129u-The Way-Neuromanson call - Star Trek-Movies $$        03:36

23        Yes, YouTube is the path to stardom. For somebody. In the meantime, we at The SubGenius Foundation have made a bunch of new movies, or rather, in some cases, POSTED a lot of OLD movies. They are animated, and they offer mind control Over you by us. IF YOU DARE, YouTube account "REVSTANG" will take you there, as will any click on subgenius.com.  Yes, we did a bunch of animation and music.

But that is not the most important thing in life.

24            Winterstar '09 -IGAZUM intro - recreational drug & FuckEm X            01:06

25            IGAZUN #4 "The Fuckup of Gibbs  07:36

26        That is a cut from the video soundtrack of SubGenius IGAZUM Part 4, by Yours Truly, Lemur and Norel,  of which you can see a lot more if you check out the RevStang pages on YouTube or SUBGENIUS EYEGASM on google. These are soundtracks of videos.

27        Stang at Winterstar b-HowIGAZUM programs U            00:34

28        X-Day-Werewolf2            01:22

29        Stang at Starwood 28  - -Don't Wanna Live Forever - Singularity Vs. Ideogularity            04:54

30        Stang @ Winterstar '09 - "q-Grandpa Stang            01:18

31        A Man My Age Needs His Sleep   00:02

32        PE 129vwx - Hal's Comics-Radio-MindControl-slc        05:13

33            Burping Praise BOB SW08 copy            00:13

35        The Large-subøbGENius            00:18

Background music during credits: Rev. Ivan Stang, IGAZUM music

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