Hour of Slack #1195 -- Who Washes the Washerwomen? - Live show, 3-8-2009


Opens and closes with collages, Watchmen-related bits and a favorite old cartoon song, but mostly this show is live yak from the WCSB studio, with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei and Rev. Stang. We read some recent interesting letters to the Church, an ad for BeRock O'Boner male enhancement pills, spam for the upcoming SubGenius History Online Class, make funny jokes about the unfunny economy, and find ourselves unable to stop referring to THE WATCHMEN no matter how hard we try. Other topics include the Yoga of Fear, "Bob's" genitals, LOST, the New World Order, and SubGenius halal cuisine.

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1          LeMur: HOS_Intro826            00:28

2          The Large: Bovverers            00:34

3          clip from Bridge to Terabithia            00:54

4          The Large: It's Just "Bob" 3            00:06

5          Rev. Sweetness McGee: Phant0m Sh0             00:15

6          Alan Moore Does Rorschach 1            00:55

7            HappyHarry -Saturday Morning Watchmen            01:10

8          Alan Moore as Rorschach 2            01:07

9          LeMur: Soupman #02 - Good Thing It's Dark            00:33

10        LeMur: Get Rid Of "Bob"  00:26

Live yak: Credits and short commentary on The Watchmen. Dave calls in to weigh in on Watchmen. Way in. Dave was put in institution when he was a costumed hero, Smilin' Happy Uncle Dave, with big blue codpiece - fish and death.

Stang reads the letter from Bobby J Dobbs JR and responses.  Dave on pecuniation, Stang on peculiation in Dave's domicile. Dave building an Ark because the flood of Noah is in his basement. (He can get wood.)

Princess Wei reads BIOU's BeRock O'boner Pills ad.  Thanks to BIOU for sponsoring the Hour of Slack.

Hard work being a soldier or Preseident. Dave's wooden performance. Rocks have personalities. Church is full of rockheads… boneheads. Stonecutters. Masons. Staplers. Illuminati. And you can learn in SUBGENIUS HISTORY CLASS April 6 - May 31. Maybelogic.net & the Illuminatus audio book. A 2-Bob job. The pirate Captain 2-Bob and Quequeg. Giant sperm whales and secret messages in Moby's Dick.

 Dave intros Satang. The misconceptions about the way we store souls of Bobbies in the basement, checked for leaks. Every listener's soul is in there. Nice DRY SAFE Cleveland basements. Dave fighting basement flood, with pirates. The Man is on his way to your Pad to do you, Dad. He's done you the minute you're born, that's where the Con begins. Slappin' your Slack away. Or trying to.  The Hill of Foreskins dna smears. We said all this before… and don't remember, but we're not hurting anybody. "Bob" wiped our brains with rough European toilet paper.  

The Ecomony. Now everybody has to live like we have for years. $38 can of beans. Incomprehensible Cowboy Dave. Foreskin in the nose-hole. HOW does he do it? The Yoga of Fear. The prices of things in 1953 was one thirteenth of today's. 13 and 13013 as Magic Numbers. We will be playing recordings of Bob speaking later. "Bob" does not so much shift shapes as genitals -- he's ready for any animal, any gender. Except the chicken. Dave on chicken as pariah taboo. Wei on squid and squab, delicacies of love. SubGenius Halal cuisine -- inc. human flesh, and all must be smoked. Only smoked foods are halal for SubG are smoked. As orthodox stangian must indulge in everything we've been told not to. The 273rd Iman. For "Bob" to know and you to never find out. 13 years ago Membership was a penny. A  businessman right out of Bob's crotch.

Nixon in The Watchmen, seems more real than real. Dave's movie idea. Waiting for the comic book of the movie of Watchmen. MAD did that gag in the 50s. Devaluation of ideas like that of money. Speaking on not behalf but bewhole. Shall we fear the future? Obama arguing with The Amino Acids. People who pick on Obama for destroying the world in one month. Stang conservative imitation. Princess Wei's Disease! This show will make everyone sick. Sick is the new normal. "Get off my lawn" = "Make My Day" (Nenslo) - Clint Eastwood. Stang having to tell kids same thing. Now need defensive gun towers to keep people off lawn. Watch dogs, watch men, watch squids. Hire neighbors to man parapets. Bossing around minion Dave. His NOW uniform. What symbol? PO Eagle? Big X, crossed pipes? A gecko.

 Watching SubGeniuses of Lost Island. Not enough dinosaurs. The Smoke Monster is from the Giant Pipe! Reaching people through Message-Jizz. Dave on the media. NYES. The 4 Leaf Cloverfield Lucky Monster. Now one talks in pop culture references. IN THE ELECTRIC MIST with Pappy as Rorschach with a badge instead of a mask.

My earliest memory -- the blue turd in the diapers. Dave on reincarnation - higher self realized radioactive poo. RADIO- active.. poo. AA Milne's poo.  The strange sounds soldiers make to show approval. Respect for soldiers even if not the situations they're thrust into. I used to try to do good… but then. "Bob" was in the Navy. 2 Days after Pappy joined, the Japanese surrendered. Seaman Pappy.

 Must end show to play song and the recordings of "Bob". Dave gets recordings but only listens to HIM. We all do that. Band members all: "Listen to me." Chas hearing heavenly harps. Angel trumpets and devil trombones. Is Alex in Clockwork Orange based on my son? Soon to tolchock an old geezer for some pretty polly. Wei joke: PARROT JOKE from Dr. Dark. Dr. Manhattan makes me feel insecure. According to my doomsday clock, 5 min to midnight. Background is music from 70s porno music. Must kiss Dave goodbye.

11            Unknown singer: "Froggie Went A'Courtin' He Did Ride" (from old Tom & Jerry cartoon) (excerpt 1)            02:24

Stang intros old recording of "Bob," found by Byron Werner, and different-sounding "Bob" found by the Large.

14        BOB SPEAKS - Diseases of Layrynx            01:42

15        BOB young girl Ummm - The Large   00:45

16            Waiting for My Pipe -TheLarge            00:30

17        LeMur: The Loneger Again #3 - Follow A Boy            00:33

18        LeMur: Smoke Gun #3 - Mean Little Dog     00:33

19        LeMur: Rifleman - The Duel    01:06

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