Hour of Slack #1209 - All-Star New X-Day Hymns and B.O.


AMAZING! Some NEW X-Day hymns (including one sung, yes, SUNG by Rev. Susie the Floozie!) are intercut with about 50 of our favorite bits and pieces related to the end of all normal human reality, scheduled for this July 5. We're getting ready to head for Brushwood in New York for the big blast-off party, so from here on out, except for a live show next week, The Hour of Slack will probably henceforth always be in reruns, forever. Unless we're stood up again by the Xists and "Bob."  This is only the 12th time we will have gathered out there at 7 a.m., faithfully awaiting Their Arisal.

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1          The Time Travelers - 5 July            00:53

2          LeMur: Pause To Destroy             00:08

3          LeMur: Bob_Song1011          00:23

4          Call me Bob-JayTourney            00:09

5            DeadMan Cleveland 1            00:29

6          Stang, Media Barrage 2:  July5            00:14

7          Philo Drummond ON THE ROAD -- X-Day - Head Bleed   00:42

8          Hal Robins, DK Jones - ARISE! soundtrack - X-Day1            03:07

9          ESO Swamp Radio: Bob Seeks U 4 X-Day!            00:37

10        Credits ESO 2 Susie            01:04

11        Susie the Floozie - X-Day Collage-a            02:18

12        Media Barrage 1, Rev. Stevie Hambone UFOnut & collage 02:12

13            SubGenius Foundation Answer Phone -  Christian Vs X-Day 00:45

14            SubGenius Foundation Answer Phone -  Bernard X-Day Call            00:50

15        Susie the Floozie - X-Day Collage-b            01:25

16        Rev. Susie the Floozie: "Five Weeks"            02:56

17        credits Susie 2 ESO            00:31

18        ESO Swamp Radio - 9-2-20011/ X-Day Flesh = Grass   01:26

19        "love church" - norel pref      01:10

20            Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Wei, Mondo Retardo Band: "SubGenius Anthem" live at 8X-Day            01:09

21        Saint N and Hellena Handbasket: "It's the End of the World"            03:58

22        ESO Swamp Radio: X-Day on the Saucers!            00:59

23        Heart Ignition: "Special Saucer"            01:41

24        credit HI to QuietEarth            00:51

25        The Quiet Earth - JULY_5            00:27

26            Princess Wei and LC Dave: PlanetX-Angels Dream XDay  01:13

27        Rev. Orobourus Rex: "Getting' Off "    03:24

28        credit Oroborous 2 Razna  00:23

29        "Bob" Bullfrogs of 9X-Day - Razna  00:22

30        LeMur: Packed in Glass #2            00:34

31        Norel Pref: secret of x-day   02:06

32        The Abyss - Conspiracy            00:28

33        KPFA Puzzling Evidence/Over the Edge: SubGenius Retreat: X-Day Gun - Semper Tamper            02:54

34        cred KPFA 2 ESO            00:34

35        ESO Swamp Radio w/ Einstein's Secret Orchestra (HoSlack 569) -X-Day - Who Do U Luv!!            10:30

36        Ivan Stang at Baltimore Devival: Sub101c-End XX      04:13

37            Renfield-Man's Gone Crazy   00:14

38        credit URL to Norel            00:38

39            NorelPref - subgenius crack    01:13

40            Burping Praise BOB SW08 copy            00:13


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