Hour of Slack #1210 - Live 6-21-09 Pre-X-Day


Excitement, anticipation and severe brain damage mark this episode recorded live at the WCSB studio, as Stang, Lonesome Cowboy Dav, Princess Wei and numerous collagiasts and singers prepare for the upcoming end of Pink Human civilization on July 5. Includes a marvelous collage by Rev. Susie the Floozie about "Bob" Dobbs, X-Day and the Church of the SubGenius. Odd note: this particular show was videotaped by a director who was in town getting footage for an authorized documentary about DEVO. At least, the part that happened in the studio was videotaped.

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1          Stang-Charleston            00:21

2          Abyss-Can't Afford Slack   00:11

3          LeMur: HOS Intro #842 - Modern Racketeer            00:22

4            Raymond Lafferty - All Praise Bob"    02:08

5          Norel Pref - bob is my rosebud            00:39

6          The Large-BobBeat            00:11

7          Stang at Winterstar 08- 11-X-Day Vs. Bible             02:07

8            Mongoloid Chorale            00:26

9          The Large:  Stangbåb            00:29

10        Radio Synesthesia - Ken Lay Died July 5       01:09

11        Rev. Sweetness McGee and Rev. Adam Priest - "These Are Dark Times"-Sweetness            00:51

12        X-DayPopsongs collage 01:33

13        Stang, Dave, Wei:  Live Yak - 6-21-09   41:14

14        Susie the Floozie Collage -X-DayBob!            04:00

15        Dr. Hal - "X-Day Is Here"   03:32

Background music by Rev. Ivan Stang (IGAZUM UNMIXED)

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