Hour of Slack #1218 - 12X-Day G - ASK DR. HAL / Bad Girls with Dildo Valerie and Rev. Bunny Day


A chunk of this episode is some naughty sex advice from the brand new podcast of Reverends Bunny Day and Dildo Valerie, two young Connieites who made a big splash at 12X-Day (first heard there on DJ Shaver's ORKILLME Radio.) The whole last half is dedicated to the "Ask Dr. Hal" performance that took place at 12X-Day, with Priestess Pisces fielding the questions for Dr. Hal. The show is rounded out, or squred off, or disrupted, depending, by collages from LeMur and The Large, Puzzling Evidence, and the occasional pertinent movie soundtrack clips.

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Below, "HoS" means it's cut from a "live" Hour of Slack performed on stage at 12X-Day with Dr. Hal Robins, Rev. Susie the Floozie, Prieastess Pisces and Rev. Stang

"PE" means The Puzzling Evidence Show (KPFA Berkeley) from July 3, 2009 with Puzzling Evidence and Rev. Phineas Narco

1     LeMur: HOS Intro #846 - Outer Limits     00:16

2    The Large: Stupid     00:10

3    The Puzzling Evidence Show: Sex, Money, 'Bob' (with Bolex Bros. "Day/Brag of the SubGenius" and Drs. 4 "Bob" w/ Pope Sternodox     01:36

4    12X-Day "Live" Hour of Slack (Friday) - Ask Dr.Hal into - Beer-and-Wife-Swapping     01:11

5    Wise Blood cut: Started My Own Church     00:54

6    12X-Day "Live" Hour of Slack (Friday) - AskDrHal Intro 00:37

7    The Large-Mr. Dobbs 00:28

8     Credit Large, Intro 2 Orkillme     00:57

9    12X-Day "Live" Hour of Slack (Friday) -  Stang on ORKILLME Radio 2 crazy4bob     00:47

10   12X-Day "Live" Hour of Slack (Friday) - OrKillMe-intro 00:34

11     StangDoe mobil recordings: OrKillMe Radio SexTalk     01:09

12     StangDoe mobil recordings: OrKillMe Radio SexTal     00:46

13   12X-Day "Live" Hour of Slack (Friday) - Stang re: OR KILL ME XX   03:19

14     credit Interrobang intro     00:48

15   Radio Interrobang with Rev. Bunny Day & Dildo Valerie - Penis Question XX   03:04

16     credit bunnyday     00:42

17   12X-Day "Live" Hour of Slack (Friday) - Ask Dr. Hal prep     01:54

18     Rasputin The Mad Monk clip 01:21

19   Wise Blood clip - Trick On Bobs - Wiser Blood than Anybody     00:06

20   12X-Day "Live" Hour of Slack (Friday) - schedge - ask - 01:21

21   12X-Day "Live" Hour of Slack (Friday) - AskDrHal2!     27:11

22   Wise Blood: John Huston preaching - Jesus Traffic     01:05

23   Hal does Puzzling Evidence TV plugs     01:32

24     Fractured Fairy Tales clip: Pot of Pinks     01:07

25   Radio Synesthesia post X-Day: Dr. Hal Book Plugs 05:16

26     CreditSyn, URL, Face 00:33

27   The Large: The Face of "Bob" 00:25

28     Fractured Fairy Tales End     00:08


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