Hour of Slack #1221 - Weird Covers of DEVO, Negativland, Joni Mitchell (DEVOtional Report 2)


We attended and recorded the 2009 DEVOtional in Cleveland, devoted to all things DEVO. Part of this episode covers that, and features several novel covers of DEVO songs by various bands along with some unusually bran-splitting collages (largely by The Large). The bulk of the show was recorded live at WCSB-Cleveland with StangDoe in the studio and Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in. The subject matter for that part pretty much runs the gamut.

There are photos from the DEVOtional at subgenius.com (events section):


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1    Mark Hosler HoS ID 1 00:19

2    180 Gs - "Car Bomb" 01:24

3     LeMur: HOS Intro #847 - Top 10 Proofs     00:24

4    The Large: Ummm3 00:50

5    The Attery Squash: "Devo Was Right About Everything" (remix by Robert & Gerald Casale)     03:05

6    Stang On DEVO 1     02:12

7     Spudboys - Out of Sync (DEVOtional '08 live) 03:34

8     Credits intro -spudboys 2 180 Gs     01:14

9    180 Gs - "Theme from A Big 10-8 Place"     04:25

10     credit 180 Gs 2 Occupant     00:51

11     Occupant - "Planet Earth"     02:52

12   Stang on DEVO 2 - Bob & DEVO 01:13

13   The Burgee Boys - "Praying Hands"     01:13

14     FartBarf Song 2     03:37

15   The Ex-Monkeys - "Big Mess" 02:43

16   j cred Ex-Monkeys 2 Fyodor     00:39

17     Little Fyodor - "Death Sides Now"     01:32

18     Mutant Mtn Boys Intro 00:33

19     Mutant Mtn Boys revised intro 00:17

20     Mutant Mountain Boys - "Circle B Unbroken" (?) - excerpt     02:37

21   Mark Hosler HoS ID 3 00:15

22   The Attery Squash: "I Wish I Was A Nerd '09" 03:21

23   cred attery to rhema 00:31

24   Rhema - "Soo Bawls"     02:58

25     Lolita - "El Paso" 02:58

26   Rural War Room - "I'm A Potato"     03:35

27   cred Rural 2 Stang 00:58

28   Ivan Stang DEVOtional 09 sermon excerpt     03:55

29   The Weird Paul Rock Band - "Be Stiff"     00:59

30   Stang on DEVO - destroy music 00:22

31   Rev. Wilhelm Stahlhelm - "Jocko Homo" 03:10

32   cred Wilhelm-RonSlabe-End  00:37


Background music in credits:

Ron Slabe, Pyrosonics: http://myspace.com/pyrosonicmusic


The 180 Gs: http://negativland.com

The Attery Squash: http://myspace.com/theatterysquash

Spudboys: http://www.myspace.com/spudboys

Occupant: http://myspace.com/occupant

Ex-Monkeys: http://myspace.com/theexmonkeys

Little Fyodor: http://littlefyodor.com

Mutant Mountain Boys:  http://www.myspace.com/mutantmountainboys

Rhema: http://myspace.com/rhemascan

Rural War Room: http://myspace.com/ruralwarroomrecords


Rev. Wilhelm Stahlhelm: wilhelmstahlhelm@hotmail.com




DEVOtional: http://boojiboysbasement.com/devotional2009.html

Club Devo: http://www.clubdevo.com/

Spud Talk: http://spudtalk.multiply.com/

DEVO-Obsesso: http://www.devo-obsesso.com/

MySpace/DEVO: http://www.myspace.com/devo

KRK Ryden: http://www.krkland.com/

Spudboys: http://www.myspace.com/spudboys

Devo Dan: http://devodan.com

Rev. Robin Renee: http://robinrenee.com

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