Hour of Slack #1227 - Starwood Festival 2009 Pt. 2


We return to Starwood Festival with Rev. Stang's sermon to the pagans, an interview from Right Where You Are Sitting Now about Starwood, and several bits of location recordings. Little Fyodor and Babushka contribute a song from their new album, and the show is generally punctuated with collages by LeMur and others. Puzzling Evidence is represented. Our frequent caller Bernard is again featured, and we close with the late Prof. Chas Smith's classic "Jaguar Night," performed at Starwood by Witch Disco (the descendant of Chas Smith's band, Einstein's Secret Orchestra).

 Starwood 29 photo gallery:

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Below, "RW" means the British podcast RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE SITTING NOW, episode 29


"SW" means Rev. Ivan Stang's sermon recorded at Starwood Festival 2009, and/or location recordings at Starwood Festival

1          LeMur: HOS Intro #849 - So Ya Did Bust It            00:25

2          Aussie Bob HalleluiaA            00:42

3            Bernard call 08            00:52

4          LeMur: PR Gnus #1442  00:32

5          SW: Bonfire Drum Sample 00:32

6          RW - STARWOOD-bonfire-Occult Aisle            05:59

7            HoSlack live at 12 X-Day: Intro Stang STARWOOD            00:42

8          Stang at Starwood - ShorDur-Wiseacres-OnanRant            03:06

9            WaaWaaWaaaaa            00:03

10        Little Fyodor - The God Gripe Song XX            02:17

11        Credit Fyodor 2 Starwood            00:30

12        Stang at Starwood - Slack-Nerds-PASSING-X!            09:31

13            Puzzling Evidence - The Doktors in the Sixties            01:29

14        credit PE       00:34

15        Stang at Starwood - Fairness-Afterlife-Pull the Wool            02:17

16        Lord Gamblor- Death Is Not...            00:51

17        Credit Lord Gamblor            00:07

18        Stang at Starwood - Question - RANT 02:31

19            Bernard call 09            00:51

20        LeMur: PR Gnus #1443  00:26

21        Stang at Starwood -Connie Question - Marriage            02:14

22        RW - Flying Spaghetti Monster -$30-DragonCon            02:34

23        Credit RW      00:18

24        Stang at Starwood - Enzyte-Televange-XX            04:47

25        Rural War Room: Adult Pachyderm Stomp2            01:19

26        Credit RuralWarRoom-URL-Bernard            00:52

27            Bernard call 03            00:48

28        Lolita - "La Luna"            02:13

29        Cred Lolita 2 Swood 00:09

30        Stang at Starwood - Dinner-Slack-Mammy-BANDS            02:52

31        Witch Disco (live at Starwood) - Jaguar Nights            04:49

32        Credit Witch Disco Prabob 00:13

33        Aussie Bob Halleluia            00:28

34        LeMur: yOwl Gore Can Duz His Numbers            00:59

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