Hour of Slack #1267 - World of Drills (Live July 25 '10)


Half live show from July 25 with Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in, half collages plus one of our favorite moments from 13X-Day Drill: Pope David Lee Black's rant over the Sunday night jam band (6 Fisted Tails of Connie). Collages are by LeMur, The Large, Mr. Rection and Heart Ignition. Subjects covered in live portion: Oil Drill Spills as weapons; dentist drills; X-Day Drills; the Abortion of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs; "Bob" knows pickin'; "Bob" as a Nut Job; goats; ear hairs. Finally, a Phineas Narco "Bob" song.


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1 Mr. Rection - tapecephus 00:38
2 LeMur: HOS Intro #883 - Try SubGenius 00:47
3 LeMur: Short Songs #18 - Hot Rod Lincoln 00:10
4 The Large: LeMur 00:08
5 LeMur: Bob Song #1025 - Someone's _Bob_ 00:35
6 Heart Ignition: great BOB song thing 01:01
7 Heart Ignition: Bob Came, Nobody Interested 00:15
8 The Large-_Bob_eterna 1 00:21
9 The Large - "Bob" Slack HoSlack 01:17
10 LeMur: Short Songs #13 - Up To Me 00:04
11 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Trailer Queen 03:19
12 Heart Ignition: America Don't Panic 00:17
13 DEVO: Sumthin 02:46
14 Heart Ignition: Pink Tool & God! 00:37
15 LeMur: Short Songs #14 - My God 00:22
16 Pope David Lee Black with 6 Fisted Tails of Connie, Live at 13X-Day Drill ;
Stang, Doe & Lonesome Cowboy Dave live 2010-7-25 WCSB - "Bob" Urine14:38
17 Mr. Rection: cool aid 00:37
18 Stang, Doe & Lonesome Cowboy Dave live 2010-7-25 WCSB - Coming Events 06:09
19 Heart Ignition: BobCollage sexy 00:33
20 Stang, Doe & Lonesome Cowboy Dave live 2010-7-25 WCSB - Subs Among Pinks 13:33
21 The Large-Con-Nay-BOB 00:27
22 Stang, Doe & Lonesome Cowboy Dave live 2010-7-25 WCSB - End 09:05
23 Phineas Narco: Here in My "Bob" 01:34
24 Credit Phineas 00:08

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