Hour of Slack #1307 - Audiobook: The Agent and Mr. Dobbs Pt. 1 (Live May 1, '11)


After a mere 10 minutes of collages and fellow Show-mongers (Puzzling Evidence, Susie the Floozie, Firesign Theatre), Stang reads Part One of Rev. Teeters LaVerge's ongoing report/short story, "The Agent and Mr. Dobbs." Rev. Angry Larry covers DEVO (SubG-style) and then Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in to discuss his tumor, the theft of his thunder, his cousin's panties, Princess Wei's tail, modern health care, "Bob," and The Conspiracy. Stang reads a revised, updated version of Martin Niemoller's "Then They Came For The . . ." and reveals secrets of Doktors 4 "Bob." Part 2 of Onan Canobite's classic "B.O.B." closes the show.

We will attempt to read the rest of "The Agent and Mister Dobbs" on subsequent shows, because it gets better and better. (Teeters has translated and delivered up to Part 6.)

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1 fatherslack revised 00:21

2 Psycho Wilco Title 00:52

3 Kids BobBobBobBob 00:05

4 Artemia Salina - bobwants 00:30

5 but_now_at_the_beginning 00:47

6 World Coming 2 End - Get Smashed 00:11

7 Polished Ears of the Modernist! 00:25

8 Droopy - GRUESOME 00:04

9 Story Of Man 5 - Who Speaks for Man? 00:20

10 Puzzling Evidence 7-11-03 - Good SubGenius Ads 01:34

11 The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour #1-OilsSnailsFestival 01:52

12 Rev. Susie the Floozie: Bush collage, Susie & "Bob"! 01:46

13 LeMur: "The Wings of a "Bob"" 00:46

LIVE: Stang wishes Happy Birthday to Dr. Philo Drummond, Onan and Azo; reads THE AGENT AND MR. DOBBS by Rev. Teeters LaVerge, Part 1

(Background music: soundtrack from LUCIFER RISING) ~20:00

14 Secrety Agent Man - Rev Angry Larry 02:31

15 Classic Warner Bros EYIYIYIyah-e-e 00:03

LIVE: yakking with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei R. Doe, Rev. Stang - secret agent story previews - sniffing the panties of cousins, now approved by Standards & Practices according to The Onion - Dave's confessions - Dobbs: "Life is pain for those who do not pay." Don't suck the yellow blanket - Dave's infected, incomplete third eye tumor and self-medicating by Jenkem compress - cyst popping - Queen of Outer Space - too poor to go to doctor - parking lot safer from infection than hospital - 500 rich mean and the rest all poor; Stang reads Martin Niemoller's "They Came For Theā€¦" and then modern updated variation by (unknown) (but sent in by Zafod) - Dave's thunder's been stolen - watcha gonna do, run for President? - Trump imitation - Wei's ka-ching thing at the end of her tail - your thunder is one of your most precious bodily fluids - "Bob" does "#3" as well as #1 and #2, in Teeters' story - the Pink idea of Church of the SubGenius - silly kook quote from alt.slack: "I hate people who think they're better than everybody else -- that's why I'm better than all of you." Dave & Stang philosophize re: the Con, the Combine, The Man, the You Know. To learn more of the Word of "Bob" ASAP since all Internet could go down forever overnight - you'd be forced to THINK; no one to tell you what you most want to hear - like we are doing now! - Why SubGenii ARE better - "Bob" has us and doesn't have them - "Bob" and money - close enough for SubGenius work, that's what SHE said - the memorandum already memorized and shredded - (switches from Twlight Zone background music to Drs. 4 "Bob" instrumentals) - URL suggestion - Drs. Recorded in the Twilight Zone - why we can't quote "Can't Hide" lyrics due to unpersoning - Doktors 4 "Bob" band and banned members - Onan's birthday song coming up - The Cult of the Living Bull year Zero birthday - PO Box - the big O between the 2 blessed Bs - Onan song intro. 25:00

16 Uncle Dr. Onan Canobite - "B.O.B. remix pt 2" 03:14

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