Hour of Slack #1310 -- May 21 End of the World Special (live 5-22-11) plus AGENT Pt. 5


Harold Camping and his July-5-Deniers suffered only their SECOND wrong end-of-days prediction the day before this was recorded. What AMATEURS! We've been having End-of-the-World parties annually on July 5 for 15 YEARS. Needless to say, we have a more mature perspective -- for a bunch of professional MOCKERS. The show starts and ends with truly ancient (1980) SubGenius recordings (including our very FIRST TIME on any radio show), plus a little 1970 Firesign Theatre. Stang reads THE AGENT AND MR. DOBBS by Rev. Teeters LaVerge (Part 5 of 7) and then Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in to join Stang and Wei in discussing false prophets, upcoming devivals, the general vanishing of Stang's Texas accent, and other subjects of dire importance in the modern world. The rocker "Nature -- I Hate It" by The Swingin' Love Corpses climaxes the show.

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1  Stang: Ugliness Starts 00:07

2 Media Barrage 3(1980):  Mockery Talk,Stang-Drummond on Mr. Opinion show 00:31

3 LeMure: HOS Intro #588 00:13

4 Media Barrage 3(1980):  Door Of Day - Sterno' does world's first MOMENT of NOISE 00:28

5 "The "Bob"" - James WatsonXXX 03:14

6 Media Barrage 3(1980):  Stang: -Jimmy in THE HOLE 03:10

7 Media Barrage 3(1980): SickestSickestSickest 01:27

8 4 TFTRHH2m-TV Guide 02:23

9 Media Barrage 2 or 5 (1980): Puzzling Evidence: MudTribes;Size of OurGod 00:26

10 Media Barrage 2 or 5 (1980): Stang- "Bob" Will Be a Fool Again! 00:38

11 Einstein's Secret Orchestra, live at 1999 Starwood (Pufferdome): "Wilderness of "Bob" 02:25

12 Live at WCSB Cleveland: The Agent and Mr. Dobbs Part V; May 21 prophecy fail; misc. chatter 39:16

13 The Swingin' Love Corpses: "Nature - I Hate It" 04:59


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