Hour of Slack #1314 -- Live 6-19: X-Day/Starwood Weirdos; Agent & Dobbs End; Connie specialx


This episode is half-live (with a short half-life) with Stang/Doe and Lonesome Cowboy Dave covering many subjects, especially the weirder aspects of the upcoming SubGenius festivals (and of Dave). A quarter of it is new collages from Ministry of Slack, The Large and others; and the first quarter is Stang's reading of the finale of "The Agent and Mr. Dobbs" by Rev. Teeters LeVerge. We somehow managed to fit in yet ANOTHER quarter of a show featuring ACTUAL RECORDINGS of Connie Dobbs herself, and some more rare Firesign Theatre, also from the olden days.

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1    The Large: The Subgenius Hour of "Bob" 00:26

2     CardinalTaper: Bob Is Bob 2    00:32

3    Stang reads "Agent & Mr Dobbs part 7" by Rev. Teeters LeVerge XX     15:48

4    Rev. Sweetness McGee - let's go visit bob     01:55

5    The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour 2: Trailer Accident     01:38

6    The Large: There's that Connie     01:21

7     CONNIE COMMERCIAL found by Onan Canobite     02:24

8    St. N and Helena Handbasket - SISTER CONNIE     03:53

9    Rev. Sweetness McGee-This Island Tooth Brush 01:02

10   0DFX - By the Day  00:40

11   6 Live 11-6-19   28:38

0DFX will be at X-Day in a few more days. Dave rant re: who is worthy. Bob, Connie all messed up -- like most SubGs. CREDITS: Ministry of Slack, St. N & Helena, Onan, The Large, Firesign Theatre, Rev. Sweetnes McGee, Card. Taper. AGENT & MR. DOBBS all out of order for Cleveland listeners. Future-shows - reruns for X-Day/Starwood. Only the Saved will hear Agent & Dobbs in Order -- all rest of world doomed not to hear it in order. Burrough's excellent vs. exquisite corpses, distributed among rich and poor alike; Dobbs vs. Burroughs; "Get Even in Heaven" -- Onan; reality colliding for many people, but not everybody. Wei on Starwood - Stang on visit to Wisteria subSITE report; Shanghai Devival plug -- SpoLR can then dig way to Wisteria. Athens Ohio college town -1973 looking, like Wei, vs. Austin - Texas heat and our Texas wedding trip. The youths at the Texas bachelor party not dumbasses, but like X-Day youths. The old people dying or getting deaf or broke. But Legume and Susie will crawl or float there. Dr. Hal here next week in studio. Dr. Dark and Grindhouse. 14 X-Day band names list. Stang's auto-erotic fantasies-- what SubG is all about! Franklin I. Dungivadam, my buddy on Facebook. The wind turbines coming to Cleveland, and our Texas giant wind farm experience in the dead of night. Animals killed by turbines OR each other. Dave as a non-mammal. A platypus duck. Stang on FaceBook and advice from Legume. I hates THEYM and all their THINGS that they stand for, and on, like each other. A mighty dog-eat-dog is out lord. Firesign Theatre still on air via podcast. My sister: a 20-year-old- is only 10 years older than a 10-year-old. To them a long time; to us, nothing. To Pappy, a nanosecond. People in Japan wish a half-life would go faster. My fingers grown together into a crossed position due to lying so much, while praying to "Bob." Father's Day today -- talked to grandson who can say "Taco" better than anybody else, but nothing else. "Burrito" vs. "Enchilada" vs. "Envelope." Wei on Starwood and all the Starwood speakers: Stang, Joost -- Neurogram and Neurolinguistic Program; Brad Warner Zen priest (of 0DF) - chaos magic, Church of All Worlds, Halim El-Dabh, Harvey Wasserman. All lies except Wasserman and Halim; all music is a lie, all words. Platonic belief that music & speech were The Devil. Littal iDRMRSR might achieve that purity of experience. Our heads are cluttered with words, images of naked women, that time we all were Pukers on That Bus, Pukers All the Way Down. Firesign and old X-1 radio show influences. As we grew up on Firesign, Firesign grew up on radio plays. (Dave and Psycho Pathfinder wrote radio plays too.) Wei on Starwood speakers vs. speech therapists. Starwood bsnds great, unlike X-Day. Audience Elimination techniques -- invented by Drs. 4 "Bob" - Wei lists Starwood bands. Would a pecker seek wood? ESO and Starwood and Pufferdome. News of Sterno of Drs. 4 "Bob", learned sax on freak sax. Free Sax. Stang ends show -- subgenius.com - "NO 'O' in SUBGENIUS" -- Dave blows his one word of goodbye by saying "Jeez," introducing competing diety.

12     Ministry of Slack: bob show pt.02     01:51

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Boron Nuzzle, Twilight Zone, Stang, Drs. 4 "Bob"


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