Hour of Slack #1317 - Live 6-27: Radio Synaesthesia, Dr. Hal, Pisces: X-Day Approacheth III


Firstly, both the 14th X-Day Drill and Starwood 31 went off beautifully. Attendance was up and so were countless tent poles. We recorded so many wonderful and terrible photos, videos and audio clips that future Hours of Slack will reflect the culling process for a dozen episodes to come. This week, however, we are in both physical recovery and unpacking-mode, so we are lucky to have this easy-to-assemble final hour from the June 26-27 heroic all-talk 3-hour intermingling of Hour of Slack and Dr. Sinister's Radio Synaesthesia on WCSB in Cleveland. Live in the studio were Dr. Sinister, Rev. Ivan Stang, Dr. Hal Robins and Princess Wei 'R.' Doe; on the phone lines were Priestess Pisces, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Gov. Rocknar and someone called Wombat. Three very old collages by LeMur are included, but mostly this is uncut talk covering almost everything plus a little about 14X-Day. Next week: the first of many editing-heavy 14X-Day (and Starwood Festival) audio "best-ofs." We hope to have a photo essay or two in gallery form on subgenius.com in the EVENTS section fairly soon. The 23 hours of video may take more time to edit and transfer. Then there was the 3D documentary crew that shot much of 14X-Day; they had better recording gear than ANYBODY, so we can only imagine what that project will eventually produce. (P.S.: Last week's show was uploaded and put online from a coffeehouse in Athens, Ohio during Starwood festival #31.)

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1 LeMur: HOS_IntroA 00:19
2 LeMur: _I_saw_Bob3 00:13
3 On the Road to Athens, OH - Stang Intros #1317 01:34
4 Radio Synaesthesia 6-27-11 Part 2a with Pisces, Dr. Hal, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Dr. Sinister, Ivan Stang, Princess Wei, callers 24:26
5 Lemur:Tell_Bob4 00:13
6 Radio Synaesthesia 6-27-11 Part 2b with Pisces, Dr. Hal, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Dr. Sinister, Ivan Stang, Princess Wei, callers2 30:01
7 PO BOX 181417-url Xday 00:21
8 Stang on the Road during Starwood: -End of X-Day 01:49

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Part 2a

Non-Sausage party, w/ Pisces & Wei - Anthony Sowell, Cleveland's serial killer, and sausage and Sweeney Todd. How the Bible was written, also Book of SubGenius. Olive jokes. Hal promos X-Day "guffawing, howl-arious" ticks, mosquitoes, spiders etc. Mounds Culture in S. Ohio, spooky driving down there at night in those small towns, hollows. Pisces on Appalacia. Discussion of Virginia, West Virginia. Hal on Puz Ev and his military school visit and crazy-man dinosaur park owner showing dinosaurs helping Confederate soldiers win the Civil War. Alternate histories of Civil War; Dr. Hal on Custard's Last Stand. Stang knows Lakota who have preserved Custer's penis. "Son of the Morning Star" recommendation. Gnadenhuden, Ohio ("Jinaydin-hutton") history. The Nameless Mission. Must keep the Sleepers back until the very last minute before X-Day. WCSB as "numbers station." 4-8-15-16-23-42. GRANDMAs of the SubGenii. Rev. Nickie's 101-yr-old spry granny. The secret: smoke cigars, and scrubbing floors. Groundhog = Woodchuck. Hal's essay on how much wood a woodchuck can chuck. How many licks does it take to get to the center of the Earth? Nuggets of nuggat, knowledge. Slo-Pokes and John Birch Society; Welch's boycot; Kellogs anti-wanking. Everything you know is true somewhere in the polycosmos. Polycosmos and polyamory. Poly Chrome in Oz books. Skunks, polecats discussion. The large animal with the terrible stink: the human being -- skunk of the old world. The catamount and Sarah Palin's turkey beheading. Sarah and Paul Revere. Dave on Words of Power -- "Bob" a master of that. "Yes We Can! We can CAN you like tomatoes!" Some pay extra for small fish to eat their toes. We'll all be burned clean on X-Day. Cranial implants in Dobbstown -- detailed suggestions re: tune-ups. Pomeranians from Pomeroy… Last Days of Pomeroy. Sinister does disclaimer.

Part b
Dr. Sinister intros everybody. Strange Dave talk. Saran Saran Wrap. Killer of RFK. Mixed up irrational oddness time. Dave strange talk. Magdalen hidden in burka for X-Day due to court order. My burka vs. Chris Lee's everything. Chris Lee the SubG, the horror actor, and the congressman are all the same person. Worst songs ever by Nancy Sinatra. Nonsense talk. Pisces decorates the set. Green AIDS and Ham discussion. Sarah Silverman. The hot pastrami sandwich suicide-prevention procedure. Reasons not to commit subicide. Leave it to the pros. People who try to kill themselves by driving into the Grand Canyon, or I-480 right over the Cuyahoga Valley. Hydrogen sulfide for suicide. X-Day drive-in and Grindhouse - Big Man Japan. Grindhouse schedule. Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster, not too bad a movie. Last Man on Earth/OmegaMan/I Am Legend. Beast of Yucca Flats. Radiation was responsible until quantum foam. Lost Skeleton movies. Brain-eating The Brainiac & late-night Mexican movies on Tucson TV. -- Movies who really believe in vampires and monsters. Arizona changing Spanish names to Anglo. Mexican English. Music of X-Day: Phat Mandee, Tommy Amoeba, Andrew the Impaled, Boron Nuzzle, Cult of Zir, Duke of Uke, 6-Fistd Tails; Zero Defex, Ministry of Slack, DJ 2B etc, Fat Free. WEAR EARPLUGS. Evolution Control Committee. Late calls re: X-Day to my answer machine. Pisces & stupid questions -- no more after June 28. June and Juno = Gyno = Connie + cuntry matters. More daylight causes more eggs and babies. Sic semper tyrannosaurus. The dumb show "Dinosaurs" with Tyrannosaurus censored for tiny arms. The Squaladon. Hal on larger carnivore dinosaurs. Allosaurids vs. Tyrannosaurids vs. Godzillasaurus and Cloverfieldosaurus. Dobbasaur. Stang recreates Marsh naming "Brontosaurus" and faking the skeleton. Camarasaurs vs. Apatosaurus. GTOsaurus vs. Firebirdsaurus. Stang's son's script re: Marsh-Cope bone wars. All we were told was wrong? Or just fads? Warm-blooded? Feathers? Hal starts to wrap up show. Rerunning out of here. Believe everything and something will be right. Dr. Sinister promos Puzzling Evidence, radiovalencia.fm Hal podcasts. "Ask Dr. Hal" live shows and Hal's guided tours of the New York Museum of Natural History. Pisces leaves - see you on the saucers. Sleep deprivation: secret of improv radio. He Man Behind the Curtain.

The Church of the SubGenius Radio Ministry seeks to brainwash you totally into abject lifelong subservience to The High Epopt and Living SlackMaster, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


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