Hour of Slack #1323 - Secrets of the Church (14X-Day 6: Dr. Hal, Father Joe Mama, Ivan Stang, live 7-1-11)


We pick up exactly where we left off last week, continuing a detailed discussion by Dr. Hal, Father Joe Mama and Rev. Ivan Stang of the porta-potties or chem-toilets at Wisteria Campground Community in Southern Ohio, where the Church of the SubGenius held the 14th (actually 16th) X-Day Drill.  The discussion meanders all over the place, from that fearlessly detailed discussion of the campground toilet facilities to the nature of consciousness, quantum mechanics, Buddhist philosophy, global climate change, abortion, 2012, and even "Old Sequa," the monstrous thousand-year-old snapping turtle living in the depths of the Wisteria Bobtismal Pond. Every subject of any possible interest to nerds, scientists, religious fanatics, professional athletes, monster fans or highly attuned New Age Secret Masters is also covered, albeit sometimes in code. The important thing is that this was an hour that I, Stang, didn't have to edit much, thus granting me an entire WEEK of Slack to spend on experiences entirely unrelated to any of the above, such as the laundry.

Photo & Text Report on 14X-Day Drill

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1 The El Queso All-Stars: Welcome to the Hour of Slack (short into) 00:17

2 Stang Intro 02:39

3 Dr. Hal, Papa Joe Mama, Rev. Ivan Stang: \

Hour of Slack_live at Wisteria - July 1 Pt. 2 26:16

Chem-Toilet Zoology; Secret Power of Puzzling Evidence; Drug Dogs and Mr. Smith from Ohio; Travel Security in Modern America; How the Con Keeps You Off Balance, and Control. The Right of The King and SubG weddings. Horror of Having to Do Hours of Radio Shows While at X-Day. Show Host Syndrome. We provide distraction to ease the pain of thought: religious ecstasy. "The pain of being a man." Pain of HoSlack-listening. Stang's family and HoS. UnPersoning Pinks who posed as Subs. Too dumb for Church of SubG?!? "Average Person" quote attributions problems vs. synthesis vs. credit. "Life is a Sexually-Transmitted Terminal Disease." - (c) K. Kuersteiner 2011. Trendiness vs. profits. Russian False Alarm tactics and X-Day. Boy Who Cried Wolf Was a Werewolf. Hal on Silver Bullets.

4 Hour of Slack_live at Wisteria - July 1 Pt. 3 30:12

The SubG Book Club and Finnegans Wake. Extended discussion of Jack T. Chick Christian comic books.


Dr. Hal recites a Romantic poem


5 Sign Off            00:15

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