Hour of Slack #1330 - Ask Dr. Hal @ X-Day Drill 2 (14X-Day Pt. 14)


The second and final round of Ask Dr. Hal Show live at 14 X-Day Drill, intermingled with Large collage and music by The Rudy Schwartz Project, Jonathan Coulton, The Psycho Skeletons, Fabrizio Fulvio Fiale (whoever he is!), Girl Talk and others. This one has four (4!) poem recitations by Dr. Hal as well. I, Stang, am lucky these various arteests are so good, because on my end this was an assembly-line-produced episode. (And even those, like reruns, are a pain in the balloon-toots in terms of sheer technical fiddling and linking and reformatting and so on. NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING!) Thanks and praise be to everyone who has continued to donate to the show, and also for the extremely supportive letters. Everything is looking up. Way up.

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Photo & Text Report on 14X-Day Drill

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1 The Large Con Titles 01:23

2 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - poem Leviathan 03:47

3 3 Trollhunter sfx 00:29

4 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - Hal Lap Dance? 00:56

5 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - Mayan Calendar 00:41

6 The Rudy Schwartz Project: Puncho The Clown 06:09

7 cred RSP Sluggo The Clown 00:28

8 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - Viking Baby Smoking In Valhalla 02:05

9 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - Throbbing Sensation - SubG Reborn - Trip to Venus 01:44

10 Fabrizio Fulvio Fiale 00:52

11 cred Fabrizio Fulvio Fiale 00:31

12 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - Tennesee Williams Poem-! 01:59

13 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - animals on saucers! 01:28

14 9 the Psycho Skeletons - Study In D Draft 00:51

15 9credit Psycho Skeletons STudy in D 00:21

16 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - Viking Baby2! 01:44

17 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - How Many Tootsie Pop Licks 01:26

18 Trollhunter SFX2 00:53

19 credit Trollhunter 2 00:20

20 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - Day-poem! 01:21

21 Jonathan Coulton: "Skullcrusher Mountain", The Large - The Con X 13:41

22 ecredits The Large-The Con 00:22

23 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - Day Of Dinosaurs! 01:45

24 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - LAST, End - Anal Sphincter Prolapse 01:38

25 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - The Skeleton In Armor 06:30

26 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - Turtle Mound 02:05

27 PO Box DK Jones 00:53

28 Girl Talk from Large - Broke Ass 01:33

29 Ask Dr. Hal, Live at X-Day 14 - The Owl and The Pussycat 01:33

30 Tacked-on 2-minute Donation Plea Rant/Collage #1

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