Hour of Slack #1331 - OCCUPY TIME & SPACE Special - Live Oct. 23 2011 plus National Cynical

59:39, 60:28 or 01:11:26, depending

We don't usually do a lot with topical, current news, because we are more concerned with eternal verities. Also, there's too much lag-time between show production and most stations running them. This time, however, some collages by Phineas Narco of National Cynical (most of them shortened for this show) give the first half of this show a (twisted) political twist. Also, we enjoy teasing our friends who are more conservative than we are. Wei coined the term "Slackreligious" for the song by Popess Pantiara Evokavitch (with Rev. "Suds" Pshaw), "Feed the Stangs," although the term fits the whole show and in fact the entire Church. A new "Bob" hymn by The Cryogenic Strawberries, some recent Puzzling Evidence and a song by a charming "little girl band," ShiSho, are also worked in. The second half is mostly live with Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in, and like most live shows jumps erratically from subject to subject, mostly recent news. There's some great background music from The Flyin' Ryan Brothers' new CD.

The cuss-free broadcast version of this live episode ends at 59:39, but the Internet version goes on for another 11 minutes -- for Dr. Sinister, the host of the show following ours on WCSB Cleveland (Radio Synaesthesia), ran late. Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei and I, Stang, were thus suddenly "the foxes in the henhouse," left to our own devices. We used the time to make ourselves an Hour of Slack promo for WCSB, an intro for Radio Synaesthesia, and to discuss The Flyin' Ryan Brothers, an oddity among SubGenius bands in that they sound like pros instead of SubGeniuses.

Note for Clevelandians: WCSB Masquerade Ball/Halloween party next Saturday Oct. 29 at Cleveland Public Theater, 9 PM; station Open House on Nov. 20 -- see http://wcsb.orgTO DONATE: http://subgenius.com/ts/hos.html




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1 LeMur: HoS Intro2 - eotw 00:19

2 Puzzling Evidence clip (from Rev. Bob Nelson's collection) bn44 01:42

3 bob (is the man) 01:27

4 Puzzling Evidence clip (from Rev. Bob Nelson's collection) Philo rant1 01:20

5 Puzzling Evidence clip (from Rev. Bob Nelson's collection) show112010g 00:43

6 National Cynical Radio: Clusterfuck Blog Entry X 01:49

7 National Cynical Radio:  Noam Sayen Part 2 (and Whatnot) 04:13

8 ShiSho: "America Will Punch You" 02:11

9 National Cynical Radio: Noam Sayen Part 1 03:26

10 National Cynical Radio: Slack Change Part 1 (Extended) 03:59

The Psycho Skeletons: "Brazil"

11 Live with Dave, Stang, Wei: Gadhaffi, Cain, 999, GPS shoes, Wei's Wii, etc. 30:01

12 5  Feed the Stangs 03:48

13 Live End of Show 07:18


14 Donations Plea 1 2:19

15 Live continued: Killing Time for/with Dr. Sinister 8:38


Background music: Philip Glass "Koyanisqaatsi"

The Flyin Ryan Brothers, new CD "Under the Influence": http://ryanetics.com

ShiShow: http://www.myspace.com/shisho

The Cryogenic Strawberries: http://cryogenicstrawberries.bandcamp.com/ or http://cryogenicstrawberries.bandcamp.com/

The Psycho Skeletons: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=90719


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