Hour of Slack #1332 - Live 2011-10-30: German SPIEGEL Article About the Church - Translated by babelfish and The Dave Device

1:01:23 min.

Best Quote: "Bob" can take any shape he wants and stuff it into his wallet somehow.

Three Main Things: 1) Great new collages from The Large and Rev. Royal de Capitater.  2) Live sections wherein Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Wei and Stang take turns reading an incredibly bent babelfish computer German-to-English translation of an article about The Church of the SubGenius published in the big German news magazine, Spiegel. 3) A new song by The Rudy Schwartz Project and an old one by Warren Zevon. 4) Puzzling Evidence. We found a 1943 Tarzan movie about Connie and Jaynar, heard here. There is some sexist and exploitative talk with Dr. Sinister of the very successful and sexy WCSB Masquerade Ball.

Detailed WCSB Masquerade Ball pictorial and text report:

Charleston Okafor, the host of the reggae show that precedes Hour of Slack on WCSB, African Abstract, touchingly discussed the annual WCSB ball, station staff and much more with us for a few minutes before our show started, heard here:

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Photo & Text Report on 14X-Day Drill

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1 Rev. Dr Royal_de_Capitator-Bob's Standup 00:54

2 Stooges Moe - Oh, A Slacker 00:01

3 Rev. Dr. Royal_de_Capitator-Slack 00:35

4 Puzzling Evidence 10show22011xg 01:09

5 Moe- Superstitious, eh? 00:02

6 RevDrRoyal_de_Capitator-The Dirt on Bob 00:40

7 Moe - Spread Out 00:02

8 The_Large-The Town where _Bob_ Was Born 09:40

9 LIVE - on party & German article 21:17

Clumsy Dave entry; credits re Large, Warren Zevon, and Rev. de Capitater. Time control: it's Halloween E'en where we are and we went to WCSB Masquerade Ball -- pics on subgenius.com http://tinyurl.com/wcsb11 -- great costumes --  stalking masked ladies who turn out to be neighbors -- our gay bar experience -- family oriented gay bar -- credit DEVO music background from Fresh -- reading the German article in Spiegel about SubGenius, computer-translated through babelfish. "Vas der Holle?" - Stang, Dave, Wei take turns reading computer translation of German article.

10 Rev. Dr. Royal_de_Capitator-Bob Related Stress 00:33

11 Puzzling Evidence Show - Dr. Hal - King Memnon 1g 01:26

12 Janor & Connie - Tarzan's Desret Mystery (1943) 00:42

13 LIVE -german article 16:44

Credits re: Puz Ev, Dr. Drummond, Dr. Hal. Back to reading computer-translated German article on the Church and Bevilacqua child custody case. The Dave Device translates this even more. "Prairie Squid" = "Kraken."

Dr. Sinister arrives, sees photos of self at WCSB party as Security Man. Sinister's German counting pun, and translation adventures with research papers. Stang gives credits in advance. "Bob" can take any shape he wants and stuff it into his wallet somehow. Misc. juvenile blather ending show.

14 RevDrRoyal_de_Capitator - Conspiracy 01:28

15 The Rudy Schwartz Project - 07 - Hoppy The Sheetrock Bunny X 03:24

16 Rev. Dr. Royal_de_Capitator - Bobsturbation  01:25

17 WCSB promos: Rob-BustUs 01:06

Background music by DEVO -- the instrumental tracks only from their latest album, "Fresh" (thnks to Rev. Abnorm Nihil)


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