Hour of Slack #1350 - SubGenius Family Vacation Pt. 1: Typhoid Ivan, Penn Jillette Vs. God


While Princess Wei and Rev. Stang made their trek from Ohio to Texas, L.A. and San Francisco, and back, spreading disease, climbing rocks in national monuments, and breaking limbs all the way, they recorded daily road reports for HOUR OF SLACK. While these too-honest reports admittedly required strenuous editing, interspersing them with "regular" abnormal SubGenius material (such as rants about religion, stupidity and conspiracies) has made them at least seemingly more seemly. Other contributors include Mr. F. LeMur, The Large, Rev. Penn Jillette, Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw, Dr. Sinister, Dr. Hal, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Puzzling Evidence, The Firesign Theatre and Dr. Philo Drummond. Incidentally, the March 11 episode of the NPR show "To the Best of Our Knowledge," we are told, will feature interviews with Rev. Stang along with Howard Stern, Camille Paglia, Jack Abramoff and others. The theme is "Scoundrels!" ( http://ttbook.org/ )

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1 StangDoe Trip Report: Packed But Sick 01:48

2 Firesign Theater Hour of Slack ID 01 00:36

3 StangDoe Trip Report: Too Sick to Leave 00:42

4 The Large - Brainwashing Cult 01:19

5 Stang does credits-Intro 00:31

6 LeMur: PR Gnus #1491 00:38

7 StangDoe Trip Report: About to Leave 01:46

8 Radio Synaesthesia: Typhoid Ivan's infectious call 02:17

9 StangDoe Trip Report: Leaving Pater & Petal Nostril's 01:11

10 StangDoe Trip Report: Redneck Cannibal Land and Jack the GPS X 02:46

11 The Ask Dr. Hal Show: Old Xday - Old Stang - Pagans and Chimps 03:27

12 StangDoe Trip Report: DIERKS! 03:01

13 The Ask Dr. Hal Show: Gingrich the Moon Man - Atheists Only (Pete Goldy call) 04:53

14 Penn Jillette Bob line from audiobook, "God No" 00:38

15 cred Penn 2 Syn 00:32

16 Radio Synaesthesia: Echo-Philo - Atheism - TFT talk- XX 07:03

17 StangDoe Trip Report: Dierks 2 XXX 01:23

18 Radio Synaesthesia: Christians - Atheists - Mormons - Dirt Is Feces! 13:01

19 StangDoe Trip Report: Dairy DeQueen XXX 00:42

20 StangDoe Trip Report: Charlottesville Walk 02:30

21 Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw: Sermons With Suds part 6 X 04:23

22 End Credits, URL 00:57

23 StangDoe Trip Report: Leaving Charlottesville 03:29

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