Hour of Slack #1363 - Live 2012-6-3: Past Vs. Future / Easter Island


Right after a short opening about Recent African Origins by the host of the show before ours at WCSB, Charleston Okafor, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon reveals the meaning of life -- seriously! -- in 2 minutes. That one rant justifies the whole rest of the show. Opening collages are mostly by Rev. Royal de Capitator and Ministry of Slack, with a nice instrumental by The Psycho Skeletons. (The Deadwood sound bites sound a LOT different on the broadcast version, by the way.) The next 46 minutes are live studio yak (Lonesome Cowboy Dave on phone) with a lovely background "rug" (as we sound people call background music) from The Flyin' Ryan Brothers' new album. The conversation rambles all over the place, although the subject of history repeating itself, well, repeats itself in various ways. There's a lot about Early African Origins and recent DNA-related advances in paleoanthropology connecting Neanderthals and Denisovans to modern non-African humans. Stang provides a brief history of Easter Island, which suddenly captured our interest the day before this show. The swiftly increasing superstition and gullibility in mass media and its audience is addressed with disgust disguised as humor.

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1 Stang/Doe at Afrofest 00:41

2 Charleston Okafor's AfroFest African Origins rant 01:44

3 Dr. G. Gordon Gordon: The Reason for Life 02:10

4 The El Queso All-Stars: Welcome to The Hour of Slack 00:35

5 Invasion of the Aluminum People clip: Doug Smith Sez We're Diffent! 00:32

6 Deadwood: Al on Telegraph 00:41

7 Rev. Royal de Capitator: Debt Solution 00:16

8 Rev. Royal de Capitator: Project Cameltoe 00:23

9 Rev. Royal de Capitator: Lizard Friends 00:12

10 Rev. Royal de Capitator: Busted 00:10

11 Rev. Royal de Capitator: Peanut Butter and Slack 00:17

12 Rev. Cozmic Debris: pr_nooz_lumpy_0014 00:45

13 The Psycho Skeletons - Moon Pollution 256 02:23

14 Ministry of Slack: SubGenius readiness PSA 03:56

15 LeMur: Stang_Sez_Bob1 00:13

16 LeMur: Stang-p-p-raisebob-mirror 00:02

17 GGGordon: All Stang'sFault 00:03

18 Deadwood: Jane - Drunk Rant X copy 00:54

19 Live at WCSB studio with Stang, Wei, Lonesome Cowboy Dave 46:03

Dave calls - Stang Vs. Legume re: blame - we're always moving, time machine problem - Charleston, Wei & Stang are all Festival-Runners - We slacked off yesterday - Post-X-Day plan for Starwood hippies - credits - Flyin' Ryan Bros. "too good" - Philo's Punk collection & Lps came back - Hippies came back - History repeats, including Dark Ages - The Galactic Barrier, Finite Universe - Idiogularity Vs. Singularity - The Future that didn't come - retro spaceship equipment in movies - History of Thinking and Talking; Tool-Using as the Beginning of the End - Early African Origins and paleoanthropology advances; Neanderthals, Denisovans vs. Aurignacian human culture - first figurative art: porn & farts - GONE TO CROATOAN - early American explorer/settler ignorance - the bodies under the Easter Island Heads - Easter Island tragic history (in some detail) - the war on Easter Island: Ancestor Cult vs. Bird Men - Peruvian slave trade - the 2010 "Wounded Knee" on Easter Island - Stang and Crow Dog's Paradise and the FBI in the 1970s - "Only Aliens (or slaves) can build Pyramids and Giant Heads" - Iceland & hydroponics & thermal underwear - Norway, no way - Imperialist Sausage - History Repeats, horribly - the Team America explanation of society that can't be paraphrased on broadcast radio - The Big Lie: TV - Letter from dumbass TV producer re: Church of SubGenius - SubG vs TV & radio blled-n-lead dumbassery - Stang's encounter with richest/dumbest man ever, his insane sexism - the Cleveland DJ dumbass & why we turn down drive-time radio jackanapes & TV fluff - "I spent $400 on a haircut to prove that I don't care what people think of how I look" - "antiqued" and "pre-distressed" consumer items, even phony fart stains: Chinese kids force-fed beans? - Dave's Kampf - We no longer want to rule world, just find good space - shit in one hand, puke in other, wish you had another hand ("Bob" via Onan) - Thinking Sucks; our Slacking Off - Stangor & Monster Hunter Tri - 3 weeks til X-Day - live shows to come, Dr. Hal coming for live shows - Starwood - our van breakdown Luck Plane Score - end: URL, Flyin' Ryan Bros. Credit - radio rules re: bad words vs. obscene concepts.

Ends with 2 minutes of Flyin' Ryan Bros. Instrumental: "When We Left Earth"

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