Hour of Slack #1367 - Old School X-Day Media Barrage/Live Special


NOTE: We are releasing TWO shows this week, because the world ends next week.

This show is a real cross-section of SubGenius audio history from 1980 to the present, almost all of it concerned with the upcoming WORLDWIDE X-Day event (not the campout). Toward the end we describe how deceased Mormons such as Joseph Smith and Brigham Young have been turned into due-paying SubGeniuses, postmortem, by Rev. Just John. Mostly, it's "media barrage-style" cuts, hundreds of them, from things like Dr. Legume and Rev. Stang preaching at devivals, to unidentifiable but somehow classic monster movie soundbites. Most impressive of all are some clips from the Futurams of LAST WEEK (S07-E01,02) with uncanny correspondences to both X-Day and the Canobitian research concerning the secret 1953 switch of "Earth" and "Mars." Stang preaches from that chapter of THE BOBLIOGRAPHON. Two songs each by THE AMINO ACIDS and HANK FLOYD are played through, but there are bits of many songs we can't identify now because they came from collages created by the late Prof. Chas Smith for his ESO Swamp Radio show. Near the end, Rev. Stang provides a few survival tips for those Left Behind in the coming Rupture. In other words, this show covers a LOT of temporal ground. Recorded June 24, "2012" at WCSB Cleveland.

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It's hard to do an accurate cut-by-cut log of this one, because it was produced in a VERY old-fashioned style. To the best of our knowledge:

July 5 PeScriptures line

Maury Povish on Slack, 1998

X-Day collage from HoS 534, using Media Barrage #11

Saint N & Hellena Handbasket: Slogan's Run excerpt

Very creepy/good X-Day rants by Stang & Dave on ESO Swamp Radio - 6 minutes

Stang (live) reads from THE BOBLIOGRAPHON re: Earth and Mars switched

Excerpts from FUTURAMA "X-Day/Mars-Earth" lines from first 2 episodes of Season 7

Stang and Wei (live) speculate re: Futurama

Alien Montage (Media Barrage 11?)

Stang rant at Indyvival - end

Hank Floyd: First Class on the Mothership

Stang and Pope David Meyer on NPR show "All Things Considered" (Not Rolling Stone although that may be later)

ESO Swamp Radio - X-Day Intro

Pope Meyer's first rant (1980?): What's Gonna Happen

Aliens and End of World montage from Media Barrage 6 (?)

The Amino Acids -- 1st 2 songs off 1st album

Stang and Wei (live) discuss X-Day, Starwood guests, ranters, bands, weddings

Pope Phred at 3X-Day: "Bob" Down in the Saucers-O

Evil Plan

Puzzling Evidence movie clip: Mutated Life from Space

Chas Smith collages: Stang on Church as "High School from Hell;" rock song by ? re: Hell; X-Day misc.; Legume rant clip; unknown song about fucked-up kids growing into fucked-up adults; more Legume rant; misc. aliens/X-Day collage

Stang, Wei, Dr. Sinister (live): Making Dead Mormons into SubGeniuses (Rev. Just John plan); survivalist tips for those Left Behind; end of show

Hank Floyd: I Saw Them Lights

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