Hour of Slack #1615 - 2017-03-26 Live - Make "Bob" Great For Once

63:47 or 59:28

Oh, CRAP! The scribe forgot to type up a paragraph-long blurb loosely describing what’s in this show! DAMN! And none of us remember. We’re sure as hell not gonna listen back to the show AGAIN, either. It has some music, but not much, we remember that much, and it has Lonesome Cowboy Dave, and Stang and Doe all going on and on about something. It was recorded Sunday night March 26, when everybody should have been in bed because we all had to get up early on Monday. Darn this old stupid show.

This is a fun one with new rants, new music, old Lemurian collages and one very funny classic from "1998": Stang's short stint as a guest on Bob Larson's evangelical Christian radio show. Stang also reads a killer rant by Rev. Roger NA, "I Have No Ass and I Must Shit," and that's followed by a very inspiring song from Xposed 4Heads' upcoming album, "Push Me." Then, a live (if incomplete) recording of Rev. Baby Bear's clever new "SubG 101" sermon, delivered at The Winterstar Ball in February, an instrumental by Robert Are, and Rev. Watt de Falk as Satan taking a call. Back at 19X-Day, Stang and Dr. Hal unveiled the new "Bob" Balls board game and describe the contents of the game box (and the CD that comes with it!). We rerun The Rudy Schwartz Project's pre-election Trump song, some excellent collage work by LeMur, and Dr. Hal recites a grisly poem about a child eaten by a lion. A recent composition by The Psycho Skeletons closes the show, although the Internet version has an extra 3 minutes of Stang exhorting the listeners to get real and "man up."

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Have to call Dave and find the Dave inside the Dave. Dave answers in Russian. Cartographing and flyballing - bachellorrette party on the moon, flyballing needs (tiny "Bob" with tiny red straps). Dave Deniro. DEaf people conversation. Not cool enough for me to already know about. Stang reads letter from The Cornered Pharmacist about insanely overpriced simple medicines. Dave's experiences with overpriced medicine. Stang's $40,000 bill for being helicoptered to the hospital on morphine. Morphine might be cheaper on the street. When get final bill, get another heart attack! Socialized medicine overseas. RSP moved from Texas to Canada for health and thus lived. That Invisible Hand guy. Mean anti-Trump headlines that made the little conservative snowflakes cry. They're oppressed by girls and sissy and libtards! Bullies hate bullies. All crying and weeping. Big gas CEO got offended that Reporter Dave questioned his facts. They saw it on the fake news from their own fake reporters! 90,000 flack-hack reporters 4 Bush. Stang's night in the hospital -- and the bill and the heart attack. In good shape for 90, so why does Stang have to exercise with old people. Dave's friend's master's thesis on Mussolini - Trump's slogans are the same! Make Rome Great Again. Make America Great For Once. Little Rock banning Howard Zinn's alternative history books. All the dumb states - 50 of 'em, sterile and hostile. De-aboriginate? Already did. The Lakota bowling team trying to win over the Big Oil bowling team? Dave, no Bob, is look a warm jacuzzi - "Bob" rant by Pope Missopan. Don't trust "Bob"! He's a PREACHER! Stang questions the rant. Animal rant wolfman frop talk. Lon Chaney Jr.'s awful history. Fritz Von Erich and the sad Von Erich saga. Kevin von Erich's Slack. Fritz as villain; sons as heroes vs. Iranians. Wisconsin has always been like Florida - death and murder. Deep state of mind. Exiles on Main Street like that Twilight Zone with the Stones in it. Trump talks just like a real person! Except we don't. Not in mixed company, around humans. Tried to warn 'em! (Starwood rant preview.) Sometimes things really do change, and change FAST! "Until they came for the mutes." Dave calls Stang names, get confused. Cut to music: AND NOW THIS!

"TARBABY OF "BOB"" by Gary G'Broagfran

Need variety and contrast. Another song : "_" BY "_". "PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE RADIO" by The Pink Boys

PEOPLE LIKED THE SHOW BACK WHEN I EDITED IT INSTEAD OF FEEDING MY FAMILY. Had to pick music for the documentary people - the doc about the Church, unlike the flame-outs. Songs like "SubGenius Anthem."


Dave agrees re: fumigation of smelly aspersions. Should give 'em Witch Disco. Giving them RSP and Psycho Skels, other great cartoony music. ESO "Best Cleveland Electronic Music," then band changed shape. Noise made by Subs which they define as music.

Getting near end of Hour, but listeners have to quit. Know all at subgenius.com - none better looking than Princess Wei. Stang rant on Wei's beauty. Seen lots of porn, she's purtiest. (Constant reassurance.) She's prettier than any plants or animals, even invertebrates. Flyballs and manly chestnuts. Kids and Subs - "Hey look there's a butt!" Our new Yeti statue. Manly P. Chestnut. LePetomaine corrections. Stang describes LePetomaine's carreer again. Hottest show in Paris in his day.

END OF SHOW! But even better than LePetomaine, during goat birthing week we saw a goat head sticking out of a goat - the pushmepullyou. 34 new goats on Stang Ranch where we sell religion and goats - Destructionist evidence museum! URL. "END"

Background music credits - Jeff Beck, Vangelis etc.

Now the $35 part - Membership pack details - PO BOXES - SO RIGHTEOUS RANT! Let "Bob" give ya a haircut. GREAT SLACK RANT w/ Amazing Grace !!

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