Hour of Slack #1623 - Rerun of #890 - Droggz that Refused to Die


One of the more insane episodes, in terms of straight out bizarritude. We might recommend headphones and towels for this one. It is possible that you could be hurt mentally by the stereobrainsplitter effects. Heavy on the Lemur, Puzzling Evidence and ESO, there's also an IMPROVED mix of John Trubee's "A Blind Man's Penis," Bongwater, Steven Hawking reading Revelation X out-takes, and much more more. We hadn't heard this since 2003 and as we listened we stared at each other with our jaws hanging open. Weirder than usual, and it's NEVER "usual."a bootleg, and music by DJ John K, Steve Earle and Rev. Cobblestone. The theme is "Back to "Bob."

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1 "Count" - Artemia Salina 00:25
2 LeMur: "Tonight The Clock" 00:15
3 I'm Late! 00:08
4 LeMur: "13013 Bob" 00:46
5 LeMur: "Give Me Slack" 00:07
6 credit Lemur-Salina 00:08
7 ESO RADIO 5-9-03 "Show In Braille" 00:48
8 PUZZLING EVIDENCE 4-4-03 Show Intro Hal 01:36
9 Know Your Drugs 00:07
10 ESO: All Slacklustered 00:34
11 Slackful Bob-BobbyVee 01:01
12 PUZZLING EVIDENCE 4-4-03 The Show That Refused to Die 03:39
13 Stang: Trubee Penis Intro 00:23
14 "A Blind Man s Penis" -- John Trubee 01:33
15 ESO RADIO 5-2-03 "Wobblies & 70s Drug Bros" 00:53
16 LeMur: "ONDCP0" 00:15
17 LeMur: "rifleMath" 00:47
18 ESO RADIO 5-9-03 "Red White & Blue Pil1" 02:01
19 "rhymes with pill" -- Rev. Two Beans 00:32
20 Credit 2-beans 00:04
21 LeMur: "ONDCP08" 00:27
22 Buck Ritchie - "The Slave" 02:26
23 ESO RADIO 5-9-03 "The Other Half!" 02:28
24 "the Void" -- Rev. Cobblestone 00:46
25 Credit 00:10
26 Dr. Howll and Philo Drummond: "Dreamtalk/Frop" 02:38
27 ESO RADIO 5-9-03 kl-RedWhite&BluePils 04:26
28 LeMur: "Drugz 4 Citizens" 00:31
29 LeMur: "Give Me Slack" 00:07
30 LeMur: "More Goodness 00:08
31 LeMur: "ONDCP13 00:16
32 LeMur: "See Another Dimens#87E81 00:05
33 LeMur: "See Another Dimension 00:02
34 Cred By Fern LeMur 00:03
35 LeMur: "Uh Uh" 00:30
36 LeMur: "xmasWithBob" 00:15
37 ESO RADIO 5-2-03 "Other Half/ "Bob" Is Sated By Fate 02:48
38 Revelation X Out-Takes, read by S. Hawkings - Memory Editing 01:08
39 "Dazed & Chinese" - Bongwater 03:43
40 PUZZLING EVIDENCE 4-4-03 f-The Song Killed All the Good Songs 02:09
41 ESO RADIO 4-18-03 "Gillions Of Gilligans" 01:01
42 LeMur: "Get Back Gilligan1 00:28
43 Stang at Winterstar 03 -- "Evil Do-Gooders" 05:02
44 "listen to slack" -hindmost 00:09
46 LeMur: "Feud" 00:18
47 Credit FernLeMur 00:03
48 PUZZLING EVIDENCE 4-4-03 "Show That Refused to Die" end 01:37
49 ESO RADIO 5-9-03 "Bob's" Irish Maple Syrup End" 03:14
50 ALL PO Boxes 01:46
51 Bongwater credit 00:09
52 LeMur: "Give Me Slack" 00:07

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