Hour of Slack #1629 - 20X-Day Drill Show #1

June 30, "2017")

63:12 (Radio version 59:58)

This marks the first time we have ever posted a show without listening to it. It was recorded on Friday, June 30, using Tarzan's Radio Station aWisteria Event Center on the first day of 20X-Day. Dr. Hal Robins and Rev. Stang were the only ones awake. It was an ironically laid-back first hour of what climaxed in possibly the most exciting, if disturbing, X-Day Drill to date. The subject matter? We still haven't heard it. Stang's new heart, ears, brains and courage. The Thumbnail Mixing Board. Jobs versus X-Day attendance; Conspiracy vs. SubGeniuses. Art Bums and jobs. Self Amusing Personalities or "SAPS." The handful of dirt. Armadillo problems. The Glyptodonts will be brought back on X-Day. Under Trump, all science is forbidden, so it's all forbidden science. A laid-back X-Day, almost somnolent, like a dream. Stang's X-Day nightmares, often realized. The Search Dream. The Nude at School Dream -- a memory for Stang of an interesting X-Day Drill. Waking dreams of "Bob," Freddy Kreuger. Bulldada Auction - old sf magazine cover art. The Stark Fist and "A God Named Smith." Rev. Garrett's Mystery CD Stash donation to the auction - inspecting the first of 9 boxes. We can be stupid in the new world if we want to be. We can live like sf nerds or like cave people. Stang's good karma regarding wasp and ant afterlives. Stang in Wasp Heaven. Ant wars and horned toads and The Wall. The problems of dealing with varmints and the occasional necessity to kill them - Stangor vs. the copperhead. Hal on "SEVERED," a book on severed heads. History of head launchings and as trophies. Keeping the head and brain alive. Stang's brain being kept alive to tell "Bob" stories. X-Day and heads. World peace within our grasp. We're The Mind Your Own Business Police. Secrets of Masonic slogans on money, and the giant eye. Triangle-with-circle was the Atlantis logo. Hal and Stang on Atlantis history, Atlantis ruins on Stang Ranch. Atlantean connections to Skull Island, Monster Hunter. Stang Ranch is site of final battle between Atlantean cultures -- the "eye-opened" versus "eye closed" factions. Ugabalas, one-eyed god of Atlantis. We'll restore it all on X-Day. California and Atlantis like a see-saw. Hal does Clarke Ashton Smith poem re Atlantis - Incredible Shrinking Man music, hope for remake. Richard Matheson! Giant atomic monsters of the deserts. Hal on pulp comics, sf etc. Last holdouts of scientific knowledge. Prattle re Monster High. Stang severely critiques the Monster High reboot into Pinkness. Why Stang, Hal now avoid using curse words unnecessarily. Screaming, griping as painkiller. Hal's dad's seargeant's profane grace prayer - "Dog is great" - Discussion of the "Ant Man" movie. The horrible discovery of how mean we've been to bugs unwittingly. Stang's Slackful approach to the Rupture, his relative lack of vengeance. Coming to end. Slow show but Slackful. Monster movie music's survivability. Future kids' demands. Colorized 3D version of Beast from 20,000 Fathoms - and in Feel-a-Vision! Details of cop-swallowing scene. John Goodman swallowed by Skullcrawler while his flash camera is still going off inside his stomach. The new Kong surprisingly enjoyable. Stang on the Peter Jackson version. End of show.

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