Hour of Slack #1642 - Ejerkulation Compuncture in NEIGHBORWORLD

Live 2017-09-24


Lonesome Cowboy Dave's sci-fi novel NEIGHBORWORLD has been published! By us! It's at subgenius.com now as well as Amazon and the CreateSpace store! Paperback or Kindle! Other topics: the DELETE button on your forehead, delivery by drone, the Seizure Post, Goat Simulator, college radio station ettiquette, and scrote-scraping. Music: El Queso, The Walk-Ins, Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger, DK Jones, The Rainmakers, XPosed 4Heads. "Bob" Dobbs is the subject of MOST of the music.

Order NEIGHBOR WORLD and/or THE BOOK OF THE SUBGENUS (signed): http://www.subgenius.com/scatalog/books.htm

This show is from two weeks ago. We didn’t do a live show this week because, well, our old hound dog and co-host Dammett suddenly decided to board the saucers early and we had to say goodbye to him. He is with Pappy now, and we are looking for a Treeing Walker Coonhound puppy.

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1 El Queso All-Stars - HoS Mix 4 00:52
2 The Walk-Ins - Praise Bob -Walk-Ins 03:02
3 The Swinging Love Corpses - Pick a Booger 06:48
4 Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger - "Bob" Is My One True Savior 01:55
5 Credits and recommendation that folks look into the fiction of Seth Deitch, aka Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger 01:38
6 DK Jones and Ivan Stang - Jim-BobJoycespeaks 03:38
7 Live WCSB 1-Hearing Aids and Records 03:44

Stang and Doe muse upon the quirks of hearing aids and what they reveal about how LONG one has been deaf. When we switch eyeglasses or hearing aids. Sorting our old LP vinyl records bef ore move to Texas. Dave is late.

8 The Rainmakers - Dogleg 02:55
9 Live WCSB 2017-09-24 32:43

The Rudy Schwartz Project - The Last Temptation of Dabbs Greer, becomes background as Dave calls in. The Church of the Knuckleheads vs. the Uber-Idlers, Praise Rob! The Uber-Idler must be lax! Dave's navel-gazing. An Unh-huh sort of thing. The ejerkulation compuncture from Aahhh to Ayayaya. Mandarin, Cyborg and Belly Jar. The DELETE button on everyone's forehead, and the Delirium and Desperate. The D for Desperate that only girls can see. D means poor. But if a guy is rich the D doesn't count. A book called "Clones" about clones falling in love. The point of this show is the sci fi novel by Dave NEIGHBORWORLD is published! Paper and Kindle version. Createspace store. Hear the 218 pages. Stang reads his synopsis of Neighborworld, describes the CreateSpace publishing routine and synopsis-writing hints. How to order Neighborworld on subgenius.com. How fun it is to print a book! When the Conspiracy sells your book for $20 you get $2. Next book, Eyelash. Planning to reprint THE STARK FIST OF REMOVAL. The graphics of STARK FIST. Half art, half text, no white space of design. Now that I'm 65 I understand the complaints about the small print. Discovered a rip-off SubGenius book - darrel b cobb with "Bob" rip-off - must invoke trademark. We're authors and publishers again! Print-on-demand. 1000 CDs in your closet. Robots now can make Neighborworld and drones or wax mustache. Delivery by drone. In Euro model all power lines are underground, in US all on poles. Microwave towers and goat yoga at the ranch. Goat Simulator. Witch Disco music in the background; talk of ESO. Dave is off the hook tonight. Should we call the hospital? When ESO would play in the studio while ranting AND SMOKING! The people who live in college radio stations. Student radio more of a crash pad than for the listeners. Non compos mentis. Scraping the scrotum sac of a very old man like Dave. "Scrote" DeLuca. Peas smells like pees. The seizure post, where you strap in and have a seizure or two. Like lobotomies. There are 41 online listeners! KPFA and Puzzling Evidence power. I feel sorry for the 39th online listener - Hour of Slack and headaches. CoSG- A NO BRAINER.The show is over.

10 Xposed 4Heads - Next Thing 03:07

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