Hour of Slack #1647 - Endless Slack & Syn Without Dr. Sinister

Dr. Sinister Post-X-Day Radio Synaesthesia Show with Dr. Hal, StangDoe, Dave -- PART TWO

Live 2017-7-9


This one's a Radio Synaesthesia show without Dr. Sinister, with Stang at the controls, Princess Wei and Dr. Hal (with yet another new song!) in the studio, and the Lonesome Cowboy on the phone, recorded July 9 "2017." Many Church secrets are revealed including the history of SubGenius transgender weddings. Pretty much everything important is discussed, followed by discussions of everything else. Hopefully we will have Tarzan's Radio Station fully cranked up next week.

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Stang intros Dr. Hal and Princess Wei. Joining the Church as a Minister, doing weddings. Stang's three transgender weddings. Things have changed a bit during our lifetime -- b&w to color TV, men on the moon - expected a wonderful Internet but it is terrible; brought not knowledge but misinformation. Dave calls in, urges Hal to see West Side Market. Dinosaur meat in Glen Rose market. Attractions in Cleveland - R&R Hall of Fame Technology Section. Rock stars were tiny. Any giant rock stars? GWAR. Rev. Angry Larry. Village of the Giants. H.G. Wells' The Food of the Gods. Trump - The Amazing Colossal Ego. The Ivan Stang Twitter account. Carter LeBlanc learned from alt.slack - political discourse is Internet flame wars. Stang only reads the news, and goes straight to the unwashed comments. Dealing with kooks and Jesii on the Internet. CoSG as Kook Flypaper, and a Monster Magnet. Hal draws monsters. The word Monster. Dave news report on Iwo Jima. Hal critiques the 60s movies style; Stang describes inventing musical notation for the Jason and the Argonauts theme by Bernard Herrmann. Filming Harryhausen movies off TV in Super 8. Jason score all percussion and ancient instruments. Bernard Herrmann's history with Harryhausen, Hitchcock, electronic music. Saturday Night at the Movies. Herrmann's last night and taxi score. The Twilight Zone and Harlan Ellison. Richard Matheson and Charles Beaumont, Rod Serling. Gotta have a Moe. 18th Century English style Herrmann theme for 3 Worlds of Gulliver. The sad Jack Black Gulliver movie. Gulliver's peeing on the flaming palace. Racists of the past and the present.


Looking at list of online listeners. 2 German listeners for 12 days. Background music (Brandenburg Concertos performed by Wendy Carlos) is appropriate because J.S. Bach worked across the street from Buckky and Tanja in Liepzig. You lose a lot when you pick on weirdos and immigrants. DW Griffith and Hitler. The restored 4.5 hour restoration of INTOLERANCE. Progress is gradual due to dumbasses. "The stupid ones won this time." Room for everyone on this planet except for Pinks. Somebody has to clean up after those elephants. The kitty kat circus called Church of the SubGenius. Witchhunter Dave Deluca Sr. No Slack for power brokers. We'll take the hobo easy way. Emergentile art bum hobo. Univ. of Arizona, Hal's home school. Now all science is forbidden. Talk show host weatherman. Fake news and Naked Fuse. The juicy feeling of moral outrage and pushing SEND. Will X-Day happen May 7? The subicide of Drelloid of Drs. 4 "Bob." Stang's old job as a wedding videographer of rich weddings and debutante balls of rich Dallasites. The most deadly creature on the planet is a drunk rich person. Dave's story of rich people on horseback. Next show Crap Radio? No he's drove the truck down to Starwood festival. End of show, Thank Yous.

Wendy Carlos Brandenburg Concertos

Drs. 4 Wotan 1980 - "Do Something Creative"

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