Hour of Slack #1650 - THERE'S A TRUMP UNDER MY BED!

59:09 broadcast; 64:11 Internet

First live show from Stang Ranch! Well, they're prerecorded, but we do then at 9 pm Sundays just like at the station in Cleveland, and we strive to PRETEND it's live so that we don't have to do much editing. The discussions veers all over SubGenius Creation but the theme to which we keep returning is the timely one of sexual harassment by old rich fat men. A couple of Church secrets are even revealed! Two songs by The Rainmakers from the 1996 album SKIN are remarkably pertinent this particular month: "Different Rub" and "Good Sons and Daughters. The first 10 minutes however is solid Rudy Schwartz Project from a remastered version of their classic album DON'T GET CHARRED, GET PUFFY.

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1 Lemur - HOS_Intro5 00:33
2 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Pre-Game Hormonal Treatments 01:01
3 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Bacon for Tomorrows Breakfast X 04:41
4 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Sextet-Lucia Di Lammermoor 01:36
5 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Frank 02:05

6 Live at Stang Ranch with Lonesome Cowboy Dave by phone 2017-11-26 17:34

Dave can't hear but Dave IS here! Rudy Schwartz Project. Current background music is music from porno movies, a counterpoint to the serious subject of sexual harrasment. Franken on Rudy Moore's horse. Mister Potus the Boogie Man. Seeing Trumps under the bed and in the closet, it's real fake news. Planet of the Trumps. The Tangerine Nightmare. Tangerine Dream and the soundtrack of SORCERER. Tomorrow Dave will be in his 50s but we'll be in our 70s. Darned dam went and broke. We saw trucks in the river. Dredging scrum and dinosaur bones from the Paluxy river sludge. Stang vomits into the Paluxy, where Noah's Ark sank. We have the wreck of Noah's Ark. Creationists keep going to Turkey looking for it. Two SubGeniuses of every kind -- impossible, thus none on Noah's Ark. We've moved in with the Destructionist Evidence Museum. The skeletons will be insulated with blown foam. Adam and Steve. While in Post Office, couldn't get into recycling bin because Creationist charlatan was standing there showing off on his cell phone. Better not try that in Cleveland Hts PO! The fondling of cell phones and street schizos. In Cleveland and Glen Rose you see "R. Crumb characters" all the time. Human cartoons. Will we be accused of sexual harassment? Dave was harassed.
Senator Dave and the 12-year-old 85-year-old - the faked photograph of Dave and the Billy Clinton Goat. "I'm glad I never did that" vs. "I hope there's no proof I ever did that, if I did." "Senator, you're not wearing any pants! Baillif, bring jail clothes!" It's horrible and disgusting, let's run him for President! He's even worse than Trump! Moore moore moore. Intro to Rainmakers anti-sexist, anti-racist decades-old songs.

7 Rainmakers - Different Rub 03:24
8 Rainmakers - Good Sons And Daughters 04:57

9 Live 2 23:16

Credit The Rainmakers from album SKIN. Rudy Schwartz Project credits - album DON'T GET CHARRED GET PUFFY. Texas town names and the new little dog Buddy, who doesn't want to have anything to do with this monkey-people show. molesting puppies and 12 year old girls -- talking about Trump; fat old white men. Stang recollects that time an old country boy asked how an ugly feller like Stang could be with such pretty girls. Boy scout perverts. We'll weather this world war and these concentration camps. Stang as William Burroughs. Dick Cheney can shoot lawyers any time he wants to. Fake game hunting. Real hunters lease Stang Ranch! The grossness of deer hunting and chicken killing. The Age of Giant Birds makes it okay. The Black Hole in listener minds where Dave's sentences go. We didn't do enough sexual harrassing to be Presidential. Stang's secret history of kicking people out of the Church for being sexual predators. Yet Stang gets blamed for allowing dumb jocks to post dumb pictures on the Internet every time it happens. "I've been harassed and unfairly treated by people who feel like they've been harassed and unfairly treated." Bad words about Smith. Stang having to grapple with his human street name. Tenacious D and Rock-Em Sock-em Robots. Our new address and failed attempt to get PO Box "808". End of show. 37 years of 9 pm Sunday nights.

10 Live Extra - Neighborworld ad-movie 04:59
Dave's book NEIGHBORWORLD is available! The SubGenius Movie fundraiser made its goal! Stang and Matt Groening on front page of subgenius.com. All the little movies we made for the fundraiser. Signing the first edition Pamphlets. Book of the SubGenius. (This is the Internet version of show.) You'll squeak out wheezer sound in joy when you spend that $35 and become a minister. End of show AGAIN.

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