Hour of Slack #1669 - FUNDRAISER! The Eye of the Bewilder

Live from 2018-04-08


This episode is partly a fundraiser show. Some SubGeniuses are currently Slackless. We can help because in some dim way, we actually are a kind of a, well, er, "church." There's some wonderful musical and bulldada weirdness at the beginning by our old buds Fernandinande Le Mur and The Rudy Schwartz Project, and then some Media Barrage by Cool Hand Chris. There's a killer segment of Podcrust from last 20X-Day Drill, recorded in the wee hours of July 5 by host Rev. Anna Maul, with guests Rev. Benard and Rev. Redacted. Then we call Lonesome Cowboy Dave in Ashtabula, Ohio, from the MegaFisTemple Lodge in Glen Rose, Texas, and wildness ensues. There's even a discussion about wildness in general.

FUNDRAISERS announced on Show #1669:


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1 Le Mur: HOS Intro #918 - Bird Communication 00:37
2 Le Mur:PR Gnus #1931 00:50
3 Le Mur: Sympathy For _Bob_ 00:28
4 The Rudy Schwartz Project - (from Salmon Dave CD) - Chick Coreas First Oijah Board 01:19
5 The Rudy Schwartz Project - (from Salmon Dave CD) - Condoms #2 02:25
6 Credits RSP Lemur 2 CHC 01:18
7 Rev. Cool Hand Chris Media Barrage - Track 03 07:18
8 CredCool Hand HChris 2 Anna Maul 00:46
9 Rev. Anna Maul and Rev. Alan Benard at 20X-Day, July 5 wee hours: The Great Leader 06:34
10 Le Mur: PR Gnus #1932 00:50
11 Le Mur: Short Songs #18 - Hot Rod Lincoln 00:10
12 Le Mur: World Without Slick X 00:25
13 Le Mur: Sorry Blues #2 00:52
14 Cred Lemur 2 Anna Maul 00:43
15 Rev. Anna Maul and RevRedacted at 20X-Day, July 5 wee hours: X 06:12
16 Le Mur: Three Separate "Bobs" 00:13
17 Le Mur: You, You Butt, You're You #02 00:24
18 Jimmy Ryan-02 02:14
19 Cred Jimmy Ryan - Lemur-Anna-NowThis 00:48

20 Live 2018-04-08 38:06

Stang hoping to go film THAT in Portugal. Dave's sweaty chunks need a chair. Urinating fabric. Wildness is in the Eye of the Bewilder. Stang reads poem by Rev. Cool Dirty. The Last Jezebel. WAY below a genius. Dave has been nipple-centric lately. Been playing stuff by Rev. Anna Maul and Pope Sternodox, who have fallen on dark days and need help. Fundraisers for Anna Maul, Sterno, Stang's niece Claire. Sterno and the V.A. ; Sterno's Mexican lawyer girlfriend deported: "Frankly I don't like Mexicans." The generals and the Man are not demonic but instead STUPID. The STUPID forces. The bad think they're good and vice versa. Dave rant on not enough cave space. Sgt. Swift and Gomer Pylon. If you can remember the psychedelic days you weren't there! False titties and false mammaries. Dr. Jeckyle and Mrs. Hyde. Trying to fix the future by changing the past always backfires. Anteater Dave. The tiny emerald green beetles on raccoon shit. The venomous bees of Stang Ranch chased Stang. How bees tag their target. Paper wasp sting. Like most giants they can afford to be nice. If we were oligarchs of the former Soviet Union, Stang would go for a nice long walk. Buddy should be used by Trump to test The Wall. Bud's escape into the 70 MPH highway. Stang's little sister and Buddy. Buddy gets sexually turned on when he's captured. Showing off his equipment. The dog's penis. Buddy's first kill, a crippled finch. Fulfilled his destiny. Buddy's escapes. Like a SubGenius looking for Slack. Gonna grab Slack by the neck and taste its blood. Shrimp Scampi. Dave may not have heard the dog feather definitions. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Discussion of EDS. Sterno's ailments. There was even a Dr. Hal kickstarter. Dave's restless leg. The reservation for opioid addicts. Stang smoked cigarets for years, quit. Still fighting the cold. Stang hasn't snorted yet. Doing the secret Internet part of the show.

21 Le Mur: PR Gnus #1930 00:31

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