Hour of Slack #1708 - SEXY! (rerun of #776)


A rerun of #776 from 2001, when we were all still alive. (MOST of us still are.) With a general running theme of, well, Sex SubGenius Style, it's a mash-up of the old ESO Swamp Radio, Puzzling Evidence, and rants and music from the Winterstar devival, plus an amazing live recording from an Austin devival of the SubGenius supergroup Booger 9000 (members of the Swinging Love Corpses, The Rudy Schwartz Project, and Homicidal Briefcase) performing an amazing medley of Neil Diamond and "Dancin' With a Hard-On" by The Swinging Love Corpses. (Oops, sorry, that's "Dancing with a Heart On" for the broadcast radio audience.) Thus, the all-star old-time SubG Dinosaur cast includes (in their younger days) Dr. Philo Drummond, Colonel Sphinx Drummond, The Rudy Schwartz Project, Puzzling Evidence, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, the late Prof. Chas Smith, Rev. Ivan Stang, and more, from a time when they all talked faster than they do now. Also featured are some keen media-barrage mixes by various lords of alt.binaries.slack, such as Lemur and nu-monet. J. R. "Bob" Dobbs himself is heard briefly, albeit not in human form. CAN YOU SPOT THE SECRET CLIP? Contest winners will be announced next week.

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1 Joe Newman Guit Loop 00:14
2 ESO 2 16 01 LCD Kids Show Title 01:38
3 Stang explan (2019) 00:35
4 ESO 2 23 01A-Blue Velvet Open, Squid 02:23
5 GunGood,Penis Evil 00:20
6 Stang at Winterstar -- Take Selve Seriously 02:19
7 thebrain-thecar-thelift- 00:50
8 KPFA Show -- Philo Drummond, Puzzling Evidence -- POLYGAMIST KINGDOM! 03:41
9 Diving Board effect 00:02
10 ESO 321 Clean Yoourself -- Dave's Head Condom X 02:04
11 Credits 04:19
12 BOOGER 9000 live in Audtin devival - "Cracklin' Rosie / Dancin' w/ a Hardon" 13:01
13 ESO 3 2 1 Lords of Acid group sex; Prairie Squid 06:05
14 KPFA - Mata Hari Poon 00:50
15 ESO 3 2 1I - Merely a Vessel for the Squid 00:55
16 Einstein's Secret Orchestra live at Winterstar "I Put a Spell on You" 02:09
17 Connie'sSpewings2 -Protec copy 03:04
18 Stang at Winterstar -- Trust "Bob" Not Yourself 01:35
19 ESO321A-Starving Gerbil!! 00:53
20 Robot_Monster_Bride2 02:52
21 Satanic Jamboree 2 01:19
22 ESO 2 23 01 Saturn Lovesick SubG Groupies 04:18
23 You creeped her out 00:06
24 Stang Winterstar Nerdliness of SubGs; End! 02:23
25 PO Box w/ MC KevRock 00:42
26 End of "80 3D Squids" live 02:10
27 Joe Newman guitloop 00:17
28 Gotta Make A Stang 00:23
29 Love 2 Make a Stang 00:15

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