Hour of Slack #1712 - "It's Gonna Be a Bummer, Man"

59:25 (broadcast); 60:06 (Internet)

We got some new music for you. Fresh! Hip! Swingin'! Well, maybe not hip. And the musicians themselves are not especially fresh. But the songs ARE! For instance, Massive Hotdog Recall -- with a name like that, and the only trombone solos that I know of in the rock genre, how can one go wrong? (The band leader is Al Mothersbaugh, cousin to the Devonian Mothersbaughs.) We also excavated some Rainmakers/Walkenhorst that we scraped off the sides of some lesser-known Bob albums, and we're re-exposing one of the many incredible fossil pieces mixed by Kings of Feedback (aka Bill T. Miller/O.B.E.) back when SubGenius Musicians worked REALLY HARD. Rev. Ivan Stang reads some shiny, sparkling new rants from Universal Uncle Onan Canotbite and Zigmunt Figment ("Yes, Promiscua, There Is a "Bob."). Stang and Lonesome Cowboy Dave ramble around by phone for a mere 25 minutes total, sticking to important subjects like the new "Bob" rubber masks and UFOs (Unidentified Floating Objects, this time). There's even some ranting about "Bob" himself, just like in the olden days!

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro895 01:15
2 LeMur - PR_Gnus2008 00:22
3 Kings of Feedback - Normal 04:15
4 Stang reads Promiscua rant and Onan poem 10:08
5 Massive Hotdog Recall - $150 Bill 02:53
6 5 Credits to Dave-call X 01:13

7 5 Stang & Dave A -Bi Vs. Polar 05:11
A) Stang calls Dave. Dave's cervix removed. You can damage your wings. Listeners wings clipped, others FLY. The depressed vs. the manic SubGs. Stang's shoulder blade fed to dog. The stepladder between manic and depressive, bi and polar. Surrealist pancakes - offal dust on Stang's mixing console. Surveilance of the blind. No pay raise because They shut down the Conspiracy. Wasn't that great stuff we played? Getting the show to one hour is HARD. The 59:30 spot.

8 The Rainmakers - Reddleman Coming 03:51
9 Credits to Now This 00:38
10 LeMur - PR_Gnus2009

11 Stang & Dave 2019-02-05 C-credits-dogs-bummer 21:40
C) Credits out of the way... News items, 1st depressive and 2nd manic. Farhad Manjoo in NY TIMES on how the Internet makes everyone feel worse. Dave is immune to digital false progress. Buddy barked "Get back to work." Strange good news: humanity in general had the best year ever in 2018, with hundreds of thousands a day gaining electricity, clean water, much better wages, Good to remember global progress! Turn in your shoes and march into tomorrow. Lines stolen from the Firesigns. Clam cakes and groat clusters. Want to punch people who quote Firesign or Zappa. Lights in the distance in harbor of buoys, but really Unidentified Floating Objects. Dave's famous David Buoy name. Dave rolled in "Bob's" smell... it really clings to you. Dogs want to roll on "Bob" and eat cookies and puke on each other. Medical cookie puke eating. Needs to be regulized. Pound of butter and herbal philosophy. The scary thing about those cookies -- everything changed rapidly. Stang understands by third hearing of show recording. Vaginas and ten nipples on some dogs. Dave babbles. Stand used to play mysterious cassette with old man talking about dogs. "Dogs has always been my friend." -- turns out that was LBJ on an obscure LP record. The Romanov bloodlines and how "Bob" took the Tsar's family to Argentina. Sin-washing. The Tsarina is Stang's great-great-great-grandmother. Gregor Rasputin was the the great etc. grandpa. Rasputin's prophecy and when the Romanovs got machine gunned. Tsar was Lenin's brother. Dave on two classes of Russians, aristocrats and peasants. People "owned" by the rich, Stang rant on USA being exactly like that. Good thing X-Day coming. "Bob's" promises vs. FAITH in the FACE. Dave's Christian past. Stang counts number of "Bob" faces in his living room... too many. The "Bob" mask and the poster art show dobbshead. And the sikrikmasks.com mask. Description of the "Bob" rubber masks. Stang not paid in money. The dead "Bob" mask, Dobbsferatu. Can't rob bank because everybody in Texas is a Good Guy with a Gun. Hell and High Water. We have to stop the war quicker to make it go faster, says Dave. Wars with everybody at once. Brazil now fascist. The Brazilian Trump. Brazilian Indians with bulldozers outside the hut. All jungle owned by lumber companies. But there's GOOD news! -- for the people with no drinking water at all! Where's my clean drinking water? Agua Fracka. Water flavored with Fracking Juice. Sealed off the country? What would "Bob" say? "It's Gonna Be a Bummer Man." Self-fulfilling prophecy if "Bob" says it.

12 Bob Walkenhorst - Broken Down 02:08
13 Credit Walkenhorst to MHR 01:07
14 Massive Hotdog Recall - Goat in My Car X 03:37
15 z end creds, Al Mothersbaugh and URL, PO 01:31

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