Hour of Slack #1714 - Stang N' Dave SuperBowl Party


On X-Day, we'll get all our brain cells back, and our hearing, and eyesight, and maybe even our judgment. In the meantime, enjoy these Old Doktorz while they're old and not either dead or repurposed. This is one of those OLD-old-fashioned shows with Lonesome Cowboy Dave and a few new old bands, in this case Massive Hotdog Recall and Walkenhorst covering Cash. There's another glimpse of Philo and Bleepo in the Hour of Slack Rest Home,

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro893 00:20
2 Media Barrage 5 - Pope David N. Meyer - what Takes AwayYour Slack; Philo Physician 01:43
4 Cred Onan-MBs-Lemur 2 MHR 00:43
5 Massive Hotdog Recall - Peep Hole 03:01
6 Cred MHR to Call Dave 00:18

7 8 Stang-Dave 2-5-19 06:30
The Super Bowl party. Dave's bizarre party. Stang's son's party all about commercials. Making commercials is real conspiracy job. Dave on commercials. Stang' helped make commercials but not as well as his son. Dave wrote jingles. We all have to pass. Self delusions make Stang feel like a swell. But everything's really covered with dust on all the recording equipment. Stang sucks the equipment. Blowing the machines. The Teac 4-track reel-to-reel sound-on-sound recorder. Waitresses don't wear underpants when serving food. Stang flabbergasted. Stang wouldn't know anything cool without friends like Dave that know the cool stuff. Didn't know about #MeToo.

8 Baby Stang - UThinkJesusHaditBad? 02:01

9 Stang-Dave E - Neighborworld 15:34
E) NEIGHBORWORLD needs a glossary. Dave's future-slang, luming and the unhouse. Top SF critic GGGordon loved Neighborworld. Stang's sister didn't get into it. Wei just finishd it. Stang describes NEIGHBORWORLD, glowing review, future-words, like Clockwork Orange and Anathem. CLOCKWORK ORANGE remisniscing by Stang and Dave. Velocet and Moloko. Ultraviolence. Wei says NEIGH "really weird". Does hero get what he wants? Happy ending like Brazil. Food for thought -- chew on it like rawhide strips. 15 minutes per page, need Cliff Notes. Either so bad it's amazing or so good it's amazing. Those with eyes to see 10 point Garamond. Stang's eyes shrank, needs magnifying glass or Book Pill. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea book pill just now starting to come on. Ripe for a movie remake -- add a woman. Kissinger as Nemo. Has Mandela's disease, where you only remember the things that didn't actually happen. It's all Mandela Effect combned with Butterfly Effect again. NEIGH is challenging like ANATHEM by Stephenson. Should send to famous authors but Stang doesn't know any any famous ones. Pratchett and Adams knew of "Bob". You gotta just pester JD Salinger. Stephen King's MISERY. THE STAND is Great American Novel, like NEIGHBORWORLD. Have to teach 'em how to read all over again. They use pictos instead of words. Machine fills in the graphic of the word.

10 Massive Hotdog Recall 06-Vanity Plate 03:08
11 Cred MHR to Philo-Bleepo 00:21
12 Philo-Bleepo2-D-Facebook probs - college stations XX 02:58

13 Stang-Dave F-G X 05:31
F) Ever dream your nose smells like Cyrano de Bergerac? Listeners, you're not alone but with Dave and Stang, your friends! Want to lift you up into our mundane confusing world. Mean comment about Stang on Facebook -- "Stang's 20 years older than Les Claypool but one twentieth as creative." Probably a Soviet troll. Stang learned the hard way to do it the easy way -- ignore it. Jealous losers. Les Clapool stole gag from us! "Excremeditation chamber." Waynes World also had
THE SHITTY BEATLES tip o the hat. Every movie has one rip-off of CoSG if you know where to look. Music credit, Quest for Fire. Caveman movies. Trump is doing the SOB speech.
We've recorded 54 minutes - two shows. This next song will have you dancing with your fingers.

14 Bob Walkenhorst - I Walk the Line 03:03
15 Cred Walkenhorst to NeURL and news 00:47
16 LeMur - PR Gnus #2004 00:38

17 Stang & Dave 2019-02-05 08:00
So we have to wrap it up. Been a wonderful experience, Dave ramble, Stang did two radio shows yeaterday - Austin one about SXSW showing SubG doc on March 10. Lights camera Austin -/// professional one. Then Time for the Show show. But you need a computer, for Discord. Philo and Bleepo show used Facetime Audio, cause all have iPhones. Discord sounds bad. Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall. Central time vs Central Nervous System - explains why pills mess me up so bad! Makes you remember Christ but he's too beat up for our sins. Don't nail me up on that thing. Bob selling popcorn to the end of the world special. Selling the last 10 hot dogs, made of poor people. We should go, but Neighborworld and SubG at subge.com -- and big Austin party on March 10. Hard to find a venue during SXSW. Told her I'd preach from an apple crate at the Walmart parking lot. SubG .com, we'll be famous for a month, It'll be on Netflix. "Wow, it's not like anything I thought." $35, prices go up, send it back in time, July 5 coming up. You MAY die but may not. "May I die?" Standing on the running boards of "Bob's" car. Dave ramble. On that note, let us drift slowly away like bubbles in outer space. The end of all things except this show.

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