Hour of Slack #1725 - 11X-Day, "2008" (Rerun of #1170)

60:14 (radio 59:16)

Live recordings from 11 X-Day, "2008,"PUNKtuated with DEVO covers from that year's annual DEVOtional collection, "Not Necessarily Beautiful but Mutated." Yakkers on the Brushwood live Hour of Slack stage include Dr. Hal, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev. Ivan Stang and Rev. Susie the Floozy. Robert Anton Wilson speaks at length from the album "RAW Explains Everything." Also, some classic Rainmakers, good for any election year. Phineas Narco, Fernandinande LeMur, and Norel Pref do everything else!

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1 LeMur - HOS Intro #787 - Silence Of The Dogs 00:29
2 Dracula ST - I Bid You Welcome 00:01
3 The Joker_WhateverDoesntKillU 00:14
4 The Rainmakers: "Government Cheese" 02:50
5 credits Rainmakers 2 Hal 00:27
6 HoS7-4a-Live Brushwood Intro 00:15
7 The Joker - And I thot My Jokes Were Bad 00:18
8 HoS7-4e-CircleofLife & Bob$!XX 05:15
9 Occupant-You Got a Problem 02:33
10 cred Occupant 2 RAW 00:35
11 Robert Anton Wilson - The dumbing down of America 04:44
12 The Rainmakers: "Rainmaker" 04:21
13 credit Rainmakers 2 Aunt Berthat 00:24
14 HoS7-4f-RichManVsOldLadyX 00:53
15 Joker - Why So Serious copy 00:33
16 Dracula ST - Children of the Night 00:16
17 Dr. Hal & Phineas Narco: Billy & Timmy Go to Hell 04:13
18 credit Aunt Beryha 2Live 00:13
19 HoS7-4h-Lucifer poem 01:03
20 Dracula ST - Who Wants To Eat Flies 00:17
21 HoS7-4l-3 Hal Questions! 04:32
22 Rev. Norel Pref: falling into a deep sleep XX XX 00:42
23 The Joker- now I'm Always Smiling 00:58
24 HoS7-4m-2 Questions-Shatner-Bob 02:56
25 Rev. Norel Pref: I am with that 00:40
26 EW&Fire clip Voodoo Child - 00:23
27 Lemur - Karl Rove 00:41
28 cred Norel 2 Hal 00:17
29 HoS7-4n-!EotW-LuckPlane-X-Day 07:39
30 Lemur - It'sBob 00:03
31 Phineas Narco: Speven Spielberg 02:20
32 cred Phineas 2 Hal 00:11
33 HoS7-4o-Aliens&WhyAUniverse! 03:28
34 cred Hal, URL 2 Devo 00:28
35 The Transistors - Beautiful World 04:29

Live X-Day stage recordings by Pater Nostril

Background music in credits: Speed Cave (doing "Peek-A-Boo)

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