Hour of Slack #1726 - To Inspire the Arch-Slackers)

Radio: 59:21 Internet: 69:02

Stang is back in Ohio and this is the first show produced back at WCSB-Cleveland, with Princess Wei in the studio, in almost two years! (Save one, last July.) Their microphones sure are better than the ones at Tarzan's, and the telepathic connection with Perennial Guest Star Lonesome Cowboy Dave is vastly improved by closer proximity to his lair in Ashtabula, Ohio. In this Internet version, there is some banter with outgoing DJ Brother Love, as he welcomes us back to the station, and then there's the standard completely nonstandard twenty minutes of canned but utterly new (to Stang anyway) music and Lemurian collages, plus a new "media barrage" recipe from Rev. Elvis Martini. Rev. Uncle Dr. Onan Canobite delivers a killer Brag at the beginning, and he also suggested the music: a song about Jack Parsons by The Claypool Lennon Delerium, and a Slack-centric song by Big Audio Dynamite II. At the very end are instrumentals by Jimmy Ryan and Onan. Four of the tracks in this show had the word "dog" in the file names. Sample sentences from the live discussion: "If we were sick enough to think of it as a joke, somebody else was already sick enough to actually do it." "The voices you've been hearing aren't ours." "Sign away the memories of whatever you're signing away, so you don't miss it." "Praise the Holy Goats."

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1 Brother Love WCSB intro 05:38
2 LeMur - HOS_Intro879 00:22
3 LeMur - Go_Down2 00:35
4 Rev. Dr. Uncle Onan Canobite - BORN ON A MOUNTAINTOP 02:49
5 LeMur - Door_Man2 00:23
6 Elvis Martini - Pete and Pete Kill "Bob" 02:12
7 LeMur - Dog_Opera_02 00:53
8 The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Blood And Rockets 06:27
9 LeMur - Dogfight_Song2 00:16
10 Big Audio Dynamite II - Rush 04:17
11 LeMur - Dogumism2 00:26

12 Live from WCSB 2019-05-12-Stang-Dave Wei at WCSB 39:08

Stang on dog communism and catching Dave in his mucilage. The theme: Carmelized Onions. Stang frets about dogs' first night alone in the Slackermansion. Princess Wei back on the show, Stang back in Ohio, Brother Love in the studio too. Imperialists have us by testicles. Stang does credits. Song we played about Jack Parsons the crazy rocket scientist OTO kook. Some Parsons and OTO history. Crowley - Imperialist or nut? The killing "Bob" collage by Elvis Martini, and the target on "Bob's" back. Trivia facts about Onan's new brag. Stang's gift from the Xists: allergies. Dave's nostril hair forest and breathing noises. Apple Slapple in the Sky. "Bob" is real but a crazy guy on the roof in New Orleans in a shack, and venomous nose holes. Typing Dobbs easier than typing "Bob" - same number of letters but extra keystrokes. Bobbies on FB who never noticed the quotes. People who marry love dolls. Documentary about love doll lovers. Dog meat? Stang now a "dog person" -- short saga of Dammett, Buddy and Claudia. New hobby is just being good service humans. "I gotta go see a penis about expelling urine." Fillet, or felate a dog? Dogs sleep 18 hours a day, otherwise keep Stang running. ESO album "Witch Disco" in the background. Dave's Potemkin spew factually incorrect -- facts don't matter. Successful businessman President. Rich people make money by losing money. Dave recites some Russian names that sound like dirty words. Dialectical Materialism - the voices Dave's been hearing aren't Stang and Wei. Commies who play golf at Trump Towers. Stang doesn't remember much of 1980s and 190s -- learned a lot from that doc movie. Dave heard some prof say we're more religious than religions. Christian director said we behave more like Christians than Christians. And she acted more like a SubGenius than most SubGeniuses! "Like IRON SKY/She-Wolf" - the Con ripping off "Bob's" ideas just like we did. Not sad for "Bob" unless he's in the mood to be sad. When "Bob" gets drunk and maudlin. The grin and pipe and fires of hell never stop. "Bob" as Robert Johnson, selling soul for sales gift -- but he probably ripped off the devil. Sold him a sock instead of a soul. Baritone erection? Perverted Dave and animal pie recipe to be delivered on knees. The fund-raiser for Dave and how terribly written it is -- no teaser. "Loser copy written by client." George Washington wrote commercials for wooden teeth and hemp. Philo. like Washington, ready to grow hemp in Kentucky. Dave on Council Meetings as Nazi meetings. Stang erased old tapes and photos of those days. THE MEMORY CAMP -- you can't remember what you're guilty of. "TrumpStop" as a repetitious "bit." If we were sick enough to think of it as a joke, somebody else was already sick enough to actually do it. We're here to inspire the Arch-Slackers. Sign away the memories of whatever you're signing awayÖ so you don't miss it. The devil deal at the crossroads, when X-Day comes, you'll be ready to go somewhere else.

Facts about X-Day at Wisteria, and Starwood. ((Stang audibly fighting allergy.) Pres. Vermin Supreme will be at Starwood. Vermin as a woman? Looks like a LotR wizard. Long white hair on men. Celebrity guests at X-Day: Dr. Hal, WeiMawMaw, Amino Acids-like thing; superstars invited but still have to pay. Earth air wind and fire in strength -- lots of weather. Good lately, but two heat waves -- WE ALONE HAD POWER in the weather disaster - the Subs had ice and Internet, and nobody else did. Avid reptiles thrive in intense heat and humidity, not hairy mammals and marsupials. SubGeniuses have pouches, clothing-optional old folks need pouches to hold their car keys, phone chargers. Young folks stopped going nude when smart phone cameras came along and Grandma was on the Internet. Police checking out the nudity. We did really get FBI looking into X-Day -- 30 terrorists in glasses playing Magic the Gathering. Diminished sexual interest afterwards at 22 - feel like you're 92. Near end of show - HoS and church description and URL. PO box in Texas; but old Cleveland PO box is good through July. Stang has to mend fences and rope goats. 114 new kids at Stang Ranch! Praise the Holy Goats. Goodbye Dave.

13 Rev. Jimmy Ryan - Pipedream 01:57
14 Rev. Dr. Uncle Onan Canobite - ROSWELL DOGMA 03:31

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