Hour of Slack #1734 - The Day Before X-Day


We're still at the Wisteria campground for 22X-Day, recording new shows, but this is an unreleased (and very WEIRD) show recorded two years ago at 20X-Day. This one features (in order of appearance): Rev. Faux, Rev. Peas, Mother Miller, Rev. Anna Maul, Rev. Shoggoth, Rev. Eggplant and finally Rev. Stang, eating the hell out of his one annual summer hamburger.

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1 Lemur - HOS_Intro872 00:21
2 Susie's X-Day Collage Pt. 03 11:30
3 Podcrust 3 44:51
Podcrust 3 - Rev. Faux - Rev. Peas - Mother Miller - Rev. Anna Maul - Shoggoth - Eggplant

Faux reads something about crabs and Rev. Peas. Ladies in the house. Struggle with background music. Stang reads monster movie music list. Radio trouble spouting. We blunder well! Beer is growing from the ground. Planted beer for X-Day. Salting the earth. Uberfemmes concept. Man down! Peas replaced by Rev. Shoggoth - destruction and fire, we've sown the cir butts - frop butts are fatter as X-Day get closer - enjoy what little time you have left. Books bought by Subs, left on stage: Miller reads Children of the Chronotron from some old paperback. Rewritten as they go. Frop demons. The planet once known as Earth blasted into a great nova… You're from Big Pharma! Conspiracy pills. The Robot Stang listens and malfunctions, advertising… robots can type faster than hippies! Stangbot- a hippie robot. ((SHIT 15:18)) Robots ain't pink. Stang breaks in: Sales Table will close at End of Time, Everything must go by 1998! Final rant. Open wallets wide! ((Good swag bit)) The Mitten State, Michigan. Rev. Eggplant joins panel. We need hamburger buns! Eggplant's apocalypse. The countdown has begun. Masturbate furiously or watch the clock. The evil of Fidd Chewley - glad he's missing. There is a door under the stage. I don't have any rocks left to get off. Not even the third rock. 23 - oh no that stupid other religion number! Counterfeit pennies. The end approaches. In on the joke. Miller reads more sf - Stang suggests and Shoggoth plugs NEIGHBORWORLD - he put it in the blender. Smiling skeleton face with slicked back hair in book by dead people by dead company found at yard sale. WAKE UP and come BUY! Anna Maul turns on doohicky with voices of angels. Auctioning item that hates you and will run away from you. Rev. Somebody and Dr. Whatshisface. Selling this great device, esp. hot dog buns! Bring your buns! The robot wants to see your meat sacs! Plenty of burgers but no buns! Dirty website buns kazoo portajohn fetish jenkem. Peas brought BREAD not BUNS!! Robot John Lennon code numbers. Shoggoth does killer PO Box -- Cleveland one. Beatles backwards make good album. Haiku or high spew? Where's Peas? Dinner bell sounds. Podcrusty dinnertime. Crazy argument, bad sound. NEIGHBORWORLD plug - Shoggoth reviews fonts, margins, font size. Just another robot. Watching SubGs eat hamburgers. What I found when I looked inside: Bazooka Joe comic. Strange musical performance. Legume comes with sacrificial poisons. 7:am right after Blue Thirty. Shoggoth's personal matter. Shoggoth slept on the stage or didn't sleep. Stang eats his annual hamburger.

4 Lemur - PR_Gnus1893 00:34
5 Lemur - Worst_Folk_Music4 00:17
6 URL 4 those of you on drugz 00:46

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