Hour of Slack #1741 - Is Your Face on Fire?


Almost the next-to-last live Hour of Slack from WCSB Cleveland, as Stang/Doe are nearing their final move to Texas; this caused Stang to become quite sentimental. Killer new or revised tunes by Liberty Tubes (St. Andrew the Impaled's "That Ain't Cool Man"), John Shirley ("Pigzipper"), and The Slot Rods ("Night of the Living Tiki") preface an unusually honest live conversation with Lonesome Caller Dave. There is a long discussion about the late Rudy Ray Moore and other heroes of yore.

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1 LeMur - Short_Songs03 00:30
2 LeMur - HOS_Intro868 00:35
3 LeMur - PR_Gnus1982 01:19
4 Liberty Tubes - That Ain't Cool Man 04:31

5 Credits and Stang rant 06:47
Stang (possibly a bit, er, emotional) gets all serious and verklempt and reminds everybody to tell their loved ones that they are loved, and tells several folks, and Cleveland and WCSB in general, that he loves them. First-ever call from a False Dave! Describes John Shirley's psychedelic science fiction books.

6 John Shirley 01-Pigzipper 04:15
7 LeMur -Short_Songs05 00:05
8 Slot Rods 12-Night of the living Tiki 02:45

9 WCSB live 8-18-19 38:07
Credits for Rev. Angry Larry/Dave Taylor. Stang gets all seriously emotional and verklempt again about how lucky he feels to have so many great friends -- and update about moving to Texas for good. This is the end of Stang living in Cleveland. Fond memories of Chas Smith's great WCSB show Swamp Radio and band Einstein's Secret Orchestra, radio plays of Dave and Psychopathfinder. Homage to Chas, WCSB, and listeners. The wonders of being live compared to canned shows. Dave calls in as Stang's translator. Stang reads vivid fan mail to Dave about NEIGHBORWORLD by Rev. Watt de Falk. Dave's review of Watt de Falk's review. Stang found a New Age music CD by "Doug Smith" --clones of Doug Stang. Being busted by Facebook and being Doug instead of Ivan. Telling a person if their face is on fire, or not wearing any pants. Whatevs. BG music by Mayan Ruins, Christian Hartman. Stang expresses his appreciation for listeners letting us USE YOU. You let us have our ways with the holes in your head. We enjoyed putting things into your holes. New BG music: He Himself. Sounds like 1980s John Carpenter Casio synth score. Stang admires John Carpenter as director/composer. Nancy Collins and John Carpenter and SubG. We sent stuff to Stephen King, Philip Jose Farmer, and Philip K. Dick -- who died! And L. Ron Hubbard! And Bill Hicks! L. Ron Hubbard and Stang not in competition. We're an inoculation against cultish fanboy behavior. Stang is a nerd sci fi comic book geek fanboy. But the Church is here to free all enchained butts from their chains! Like Danaeris on G.o.T. George Clinton did better than the Church did. We sing the praises of the giants upon whose shoulders we squat! Such as RUDY RAY MOORE! Rant about "DOLEMITE IS MY NAME." Moore recorded some great albums in his apartment. Stang could mimic Rudy Ray Moore but can't in public because of uptightness about race in this country. Eddie Murphy might redeem himself. Rudy Ray Moore's low-budget movie. His albums are genius but super dirty. He's dead but Stang got to work with him on the unfinished video game DUELIN' FIREMEN. Ed Wood, Palmer Rockey and Stang's announcement that Rockey's "SCARLET LOVE" is again going to be available on a DVD! Rockey is the Ivan Stang of bad filmmaking! Rockey's wife COOKIE ROCKEY, according to the guy writing the book about Dallas badfilm, mentioned "Ivan Stang" several times! But it's 10 pm, Dave's bra is chafing, the dogs are lonesome, Dave needs to oil his parts. Music: He Himself. We all have to go! Where's Synaesthesia? Dave leaves. Ads for Church of SubGenius. Forgot to duck? Excrecitement! The horror of flatulence retention! The zen of terror! subgenus.com

10 Lemur - Short_Songs04 00:23

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