Hour of Slack #1746 - Uncle Onan and Dr. Hal Put the Odd in Audio


We got back to our Texas HQ with all our final wave of stuff last week, but were so busy unpacking and rearranging and reinstalling ourselves that ol' Rev. Stang plumb forgot to post the canned show on Wednesday!

"What wrestling is to violence, and what pornography is to sex, The Church of the SubGenius is to religion." -- Onan. This is one of those rare episodes that proves that smart SubGeniuses actually exist, or at least SubGenii who SEEM very smart. That's because it's mostly Uncle Onan Canobite and Dr. Hal, although Stang and Rev. Fanboy have important bit parts. The discussion is much loftier than listeners might be used to. This "talk show" part was recorded in 2017 at the 22nd X-Day Drill, known as "20 X-Day." (The SubGenius Event Numbering System can be challenging to beginners and geniuses.) At the head and tail of the brainy discussion are brand new experimental (or just plain mental) earhole-kissing songs by The Liberty Tubes, Fat Little Bastard and Superhornet.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro862 00:24
2 Superhornet - The Wicked Truth 03:57
3 Credits-Intro 01:15

4 Hal-Onan-Stang-Fanboy-X-Day-2017_7_4-Pt2 44:15

Film crews who film X-Day Drills. Onan's PAYCHECK! The Cure for Wellman and the auctioning of Puzzling Evidence's teeth at a Drill. GGGordon's amputated nasal septum (with a hole in it) was auctioned for a strip show; the LIES painting of the septum. GGG in Portugal. When Onan met GGG in 1985. GGG being dissed by young hipster idiots. He helped "Bob's" dream of being shot come true. Stang performs Jimi Hendrix's magic trick. Stang mimics David Apocalypse's voice. Onan's problems with clown apologists. Lord Rock God and Rev. Angry Larry guitar jams. Stang doing more "face time" with SubFriends this year. Offers mic to Rev. Fanboy. Onan does great Onanian Intro of Rev. Fanboy. Put the aud in audible. Rev. Fanboy on the pros and cons of X-Day. Triggering is free; trauma rehearsals. All inconveniences and challenges in one single price package. "Anything that does not kill you makes me sorry." -- Onan. Hal on imprisoned mice overcrowding experiment -- mice committed atrocities; pathologies of caged animals and people. Captain Spalding and the apes who spoke like men. Onan and Dr. Hal philosophize about the difference between Work and Slack. Lofty Hal speech about X-Day. Toast-Writers in Disguise. Hal on astronomical wonders such as exoplanets and Pluto's Cthulhu Regio. (Pluto = Yoggoth.) Hal on Dopin' Dan comic question. Last Gasp vs. Rip-Off Press. Dope smokers in the Army. Ted and Terre Richards' comics. Underground comics' contribution to the comics biz. Rev. Fanboy on cartoonists. Hal on "swipes." Fanboy on history of printing tech advancements. Richard Corben, the movie "Den." Time Travel of age. The Aegean Stables washed downstream. The lion cloak of Hercules -- its fate? The early Popeye's struggle to control his own strength. Hercules as early super-hero. Shazam, Superman's sick game with Lois. "What wrestling is to violence, and what pornography is to sex, The Church of the SubGenius is to religion." -- Onan GREAT RANT! Great 3-way rant about Church! "There's no U in our pool, let's keep it that way." Hanky-panky and hugger-mugger and chest-buster and face-hugger. Hal on post-code Superman; his isolation and inhibitions! Eerie Kryptonian science. Superman and the fascist ideal. Chuck Jones vs. superheroes. Jaime Hernandez universe. Dr. Solar, Man of the Atom. Herbie Popnecker! Drinks are offered to the show hosts. X-Day Public Service Announcement.

5 Credits 00:16
6 Liberty Tubes 10-The Happy Stick 04:08
7 Credit LibTubes, intro Fat Little Bastard 00:50
8 Fat Little Bastard - I Praise Bob, as I Dream of X-Day XXX 04:30

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