Hour of Slack #1753 - The Masks of Insanity in Trumpty Tumpty Time

59:10 (Internet version 5 min. longer)

It's half a Lonecow Dave/StangDoe "live" SubGenius show from 11-17-"2019," with Dave in an especially surreal mood, and half canned Trump-bashing: hilariously stupid collections of our President's actual words (!), songs about the idiot monster including a Rudy Schwartz Project original right at the start, and pertinent collages, some of unknown origin, some from Puzzling Evidence. This Internet version has about five extra minutes added on that the broadcast version doesn't offer, including a mash-up called "Grab 'Em By the Pussy." Hey, he said it, not us. Or, if we did, it was to make fun of Pink jerks like him.

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1 LeMur - Love_Me13 01:33
2 LeMur - HOS_Intro858 00:16
3 LeMur - PR_Gnus1395 00:36
4 credit Lemur-intro-toRSP 00:54
5 Trumpy Frye 00:10
6 The Rudy Schwartz Project - It's Time For Trump X 03:17

7 DAVE11-17-A-Muttering-X-Day All Life - 4 nukes-Instability Dept. 04:29
Stang mutters, tangled in wires, cyber armor - Shpongle, can't remember what to say - call Dave, if this is HoS - Dave's diggin' it - well as it could be, short of perfect - fissionable device to relocate arctic ocean - Stang's X-Day dibs on ALL NON-HUMAN LIFE ON EARTH - sounds crazy, but it's X-Day. You just have to be free to THINK of it.
Dave's fissionable devices - Unarians and Church interested, we only have 4 nukes. Pretend we have two more, the instability department.

8 LeMur PR_Gnus1394 00:28
9 TrumpCollage+ - XDay Puzzling Evidence 03:19
10 Donald Trump quotes said by Zapp Brannigan (Billy West) 01:49

11 Dave11-17-B-Buzz-TENS-Chinese-Trump 07:43
Hearing the buzz?! Dave downloaded thw wrong device and his cell phone is dead. Call Dave back? Out of character? The buzz is still there. Stang has his own buzz-on, with TENS unit. Forbidden scientists sent unit that electricates the spine. Telemagical Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation. Feels like tiny insects biting. The buzz is gone? Stang's tinnitus defeated by hearing aids and electrostimulo and neck bolts. Pacman Crunched Stang's backbones. Can't turn head - does the Batman turn. It's the indignities. Shrivel up!At least we're not dead electrodes keeping Stang alive. The Chinese made the pillows, socks, condoms, made EVERYTHING!But people think it's a joke. Trump the buzz! Trump is perfect name for dolt.

12 The_Word_TRUMP 02:36

13 Dave11-17-D-threaten inmates-Asbergers-WalmartGreeters-America 06:52
Have to threaten the other inmates and patients. Stang's sister in prison tells fellow offenders a fake but convincing story about how she killed her ex-husband. Wants everybody to leave her alone, so she tells them she has Asbergers. "Oh, you're not a snob, just mentally ill!" Like in that Breaking the Big bang show. Dave nonsense. Makes people uncomfortable when they hear the prating of crazies on the radio. Thank goodness we aren't like that. Dave surrealism. Stang tries to be kind to the mentally ill who pointlessly use up our time. The offending of idiots. Stang as nice Walmart Greeter. Dave as mean Greeter. Swear like a behemoth goat! Stang judges Walmarts by the greeters. Angry and sullen greeters vs. happy and helpful ones. No thieves because of good guys with guns shooting people who pick up a gun in Walmart without paying for it yet. It's insane. Welcome to America.

14 Puzzling Evidence - Our Glorious New Leader 00:49
15 Unknown Trump Collage 00:53

16 Dave11-17-EAmerica-Wei home-Hand Vs. Han 02:43
Dogs greet Wei coming home. Ready for Wei. Went to the Gypsy Market. Glen Rose's convention center and horses taken to the Chinese restaurant. Lothar and the Hand People vs. the Chinese Han people. Han versus hand people. Stang in China - first they looked alike, then started to look like Chinese versions of friends and relatives. All related, only enough genes to fit into our pants.

17 Dave11-17-C~StangsBack-Buzzkiller-Stalin-Ohio 02:45
Can listeners hear the crunching in Stang's back? Like starting a lawnmower. Street car conductors? If Stang can understand Dave, ANYONE can. Don't move - clip the green wire! No the red one... the buzz is gone. Buzzkiller, teed, dude. Is it broh or dude or Man? Dave nonsense - Stalin was Georgian. Like saying that crazed Texan Dave, or crazed Ohioan Stang. Former half-Ohioan. Round on the ends, high in the middle...

18 Ten Stupid Things Donald Trump Actually Said during Presidential Announcment Speech 01:06

19 Dave11-17-G-Maks of Insanity-BobMasks-InsaneSmartGirls 04:04
Easier to beat up large people if you're small. No, you have to act COMPLETELY INSANE and then big bullies back off. "Kill me!" Stang glows with red evil when he gets angry, keeps him from getting butt kicked by larger people. The Masks of Insanity are the only way to get by in the Normal world. Take it to all the parties -- that mascot is "Bob"! The DOODAH parade will have "Bob" parade thanks to Hellswami Weavers. Bob masks and banners! 3 girls in miniskirts and 30 sausages with glasses. In a y group there'll be three hawt smart girls -- why are they in SubG? - cuz they're INSANE. Dave on insane mom.

20 Puzzling EvidenceE - The Program banned-sad immigrant 00:23
21 College Humor - You're A Mean One, Mr. Trump 02:39

22 Dave11-17-H-Wei comes-lower back and poles 04:43
Talk louder Dave! Killin' my buzz! Wei comes in with a scrap metal Triceratops. Stang a bit confused. Can you hear Dave's buzz? Makes you want to throw up in Dave's face. You CAN throw up in your own face. Electyrodes stuck to RoboStang's exploding underpants. Telephone pole in the back of his pants to make his back straight. Could use a popsickle stick instead of giant poles. The family pile of useless poles. Ask Mr. Sister about Poles. He's a Lower Slobovian, not exactly Pole. Polish swear word "Cueriva". In Texas that's "curvuh." Dave's Polish subfriend. Life is a conundrum of knots, or not. Found some great stuff when untangling the Utility Room. Surprises and mysteries.

23 Credits-end-URL to Psycho 02:02
24 the Psycho Skeletons - Apology 02:47
25 Stang Internet ad 03:17
26 Rev. Neil B. Forme - Grab By The Pussy XXX 02:37

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