Hour of Slack #1853 - Wars and LeMurs of War (rerun of #853)

Internet/Broadcast-safe: 59:51

YET AGAIN, AGAIN! This episode #1853 is really #853, which, being from 2002, is ONE THOUSAND SHOWS OLD! And yet the news it carries could have been ripped from tomorrow's headlines. It's all RADIO SAFE also. This was the first of many shows which HEAVILY utilized the audio cut-ups of Fernandinande LeMur. We'd been using 'em all along, but he'd been on such a tear that we organized the next 3 shows around his contributions. (854 would be "Drugs and Drunks" and 855 would be "Love").

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1 Welcome 2 HoS Titlesong - El Queso 00:35
2 LeMur: "BobBuhBob" 00:22
3 LeMur: "ashcroft2 02:50
4 David Peel & the Lower East Side "Ballad Of Bob" 02:06
5 Credits 02:11
6 "Bush Selections from Waco" collage - Codini 01:53
7 ESO Radio 8-30-02 "War Woory, 1st Bobbie" 04:49
8 "freebobber" by ? 00:19
9 LeMur: "rumsfeld2" 02:23
10 LeMur: "nuclear force isnt Cheap2" 00:49
11 ESO Radio 8-30-02 "Conspiracy Dinosaur?" 01:54
12 LeMur: "Stangs Mental Illness1" 00:45
13 credits 01:13
14 "War Is Nawt Our Friend" collage - DJ Epoch 04:48
15 ESO Radio 8-30-02 "WAR_Country Implodes" 00:35
16 LeMur: "He_Can_Deny" 00:10
17 LeMur: "hurrah2" 00:24
18 Minute of Slack 17: "The Devil Owes You Money" 00:44
19 LeMur: "Bstupid" 00:23
20 LeMur: "chapter 94" 02:00
21 LeMur: "did Bob Call You?" 01:16
22 ESO Radio 8-22-02b- "Dream Plague Graves!" 05:31
23 Futurama "To Be Thusly Boned" 00:37
24 LeMur: "killTheLord1" 00:52
25 "its_not_nice_to_b_evil" - Hindmost 00:07
26 ESO Radio 8-22-02 "Authorties InYr HEAD!" 04:43
27 LeMur: "Conservationists2" 01:28
28 ESO Radio 8-22-02 "Body Politic Puppets -War?" 02:00
29 David Peel - "BalladoBob2" 00:46
30 "protect_and_survive_2" - IMBJR 00:44
31 ESO Radio 8-30-02 "Bush, song "Bob the Revelator", JFK, End 08:41
32 End, "Bush Selects" - codini 00:18
33 Credits, POs 01:21


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