Hour of Slack #1857 - Great Preachin' (rerun of #857)

Internet: 59:02 Broadcast-safe: 58:59

TIME TRAVEL IS POSSIBLE! For instance, Rev. Stang practices severe Time Control to buy himself extra Life Time by exposing new audiences to these classic recordings, rather than breaking his back further by sweating over a hot hot-splicer (or digital editing system, as the case may be). This way, the new generation of adults -- that is, people the age of Stang and Co.'s great-great-grandchildren -- are privileged to hear the kind of wisdom of the ancients that is normally prohibited now. Don't believe us? JUST WAIT ANOTHER 20 YEARS and you'll see: everything in so-called "current events" and "the news" repeats itself! -- just a little worse each time.

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1 i_hurt_you 00:08
2 ESO Radio 9-20-02 g "Open - PreacherMan, Prayer WARyahs" 01:17
3 Welcome 2 HoS Title song - El Queso 00:17
4 I have No Time - Tesla Coil 00:08
5 ESO Radio 9-20-02 d "What Is Meaning?" 00:28
6 LeMur: "bd_WigglePuppy" 00:09
7 Minute of Slack #18: "Live in a Cave" 00:51
8 "John Walker's Blues" - Steve Earle 03:32
9 Credit 00:44
10 ESO Radio 9-20-02 "Bombing Iraq; NuMonet News" 04:17
11 Stang Improv Rant End, with ESO, Blind Lemon 2001 Devival 04:06
12 "B.O.B. Remix 2" excerpt, Dr. Onan's Wotan Band 02:32
13 Credit 00:22
14 LeMur: "bd_stylizedsnakes2 00:48
15 ESO Radio 9-20-02 "The Purpose of Life is to Squirt!" 04:08
16 Deputy Dawg-Eyiyi- 00:25
17 "Brag of SubGenius" part 1d digitized by Philo-Stang 00:40
18 The Bran Flakes -- "An Electric Cantata" 00:47
19 Credits 00:19
20 "Hellslack" Heart Ignition 00:58
21 "Nature, I Hate It" -- The Swingin Love Corpses, Live St. Louis 5-19-91 04:59
22 Credit 00:19
23 Legume "John Mahalchek" Rant, Akron Devival 2002 09:28
24 Unholy Legion of the Undead (Brother Theodore) 00:12
25 ESO Radio 9-27-02e "Whale Pain Primal Yolk! 06:18
26 Ina Bobba Da Vida - Mothersbaugh 00:12
27 Hunter S. Thompson - "Leary's Fatal Flaw" 01:09
28 Broken Circle Gospel Deluxe "Spirit in the Sky 01:49
29 LeMur: "bd_ThisIMarlow 01:35
30 Credit 00:13
31 ESO Radio 9-20-02 "3-WayOozSquirtEnd! 02:28
32 Seen The Other Cages 00:02
33 Credit & PO 00:43
34 They Have Their World 00:05
35 You Must Believe 00:13
36 Heart Ignition "Unto Bob" 2 00:40
37 cred 00:05
38 LeMur: "bd_FropDemention4 01:11
39 3cheers.wav 00:06


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