That's what I've been working on, and TWO NOW EXIST. Two DIFFERENT ones. There should be a third by the time you read this.

We also finished three new audio CDs. The DVDs aren't in the catalog yet (we only have one copy of each so far!), but the CDs are. SEE HERE!

I have not been dead or hiding from the war, nor have I been lost in a haze of PHP SubSITE-improvement and day jobs as I promised I would be. I have been lost in video editing and DVD mastering arcana. You see, last week The Borrowed DV Camera became briefly available to me, and I had to take advantage of that window of opportunity while it lasted. I will have to relinquish it at Winterstar this weekend, and I am ready to disarm, lay down my cameras of mass instruction and flee Bobhdod. For instead of sleeping or protesting or fighting, I TRANSFERED and EDITED and RENDERED and COPIED and BURNED.

DOBBSFILM SHORTIES, the 2000s follow-up to ARISE, with work by everybody, has been revised, with some crap removed, titles and subtitles added, and a lot more of Champion Jack Codini's amazingly fucked up shorts. SMELLY they are.

I started "excreting with joy" yesterday morning when I put in the finally-burned First DV and saw how much clearer and better everything looks on the big TV than on VHS -- even the stuff that was originally MADE on VHS. (The VHS version which is currently available is likewise improved -- and already available.)

Cordt Holland has been working on an ARISE DVD and hopefully we can make that from the 1" master tapes. I am about to finish a majorly revised PREDOBBS STANGFILMS and "AS THEY SEE "BOB"", a revision of the old "SubGenius Interviews". In theory these will actually be available at Winterstar in tiny quantities.

Because of this time limit on the Borrowed DV Camera, and because this video work and DVD dubbing ties up my main computer for long stretches, I haven't answered ANY email or returned ANY phone calls or paid any bills or halted ANY world wars.

I wish I could have gotten some of the fine war related art and pics up on SubSITE by now, but we sure as hell got LOTS of war-related HOURS OF SLACK done.

HoS #882, which is up now, is one of the best shows ever. These shows are MY MAIN CONTRIBUTION to the WAR EFFORT so far. However you want to take that. I think this whole thing is a filthy gigantic rip-off by rich assholes. I think soldiers are COOL and because I think they are so cool I wish they were not involved in this idiocy in any way.

I have believed for a long time that "The Conspiracy," i.e., the conspiracy of normal people, always wins by definition. I did not always believe that the smaller conspiracies of whoever has the most guns and money ALWAYS wins, but, now I do.

While I feel bad about not doing anything to educate the masses against the war besides distributing our strange underground radio show, I feel GLAD that I have been able to move our precious old media that existed only on magnetic tape over to an optical based storage (DVD) BEFORE THE HIDDEN NUKES WIPE EVERYTHING VIA ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE.

Not that I'll live to see the DVDs played again, but it'll feel good to know that somewhere there's one copy of Dobbsfilm Shorties that wasn't blanked by the EMP.

I say this as a child of the 50s who grew up expecting world holocaust but hoping for atomic monsters. When the power died in our neighborhood last week it served to remind me of the all the bugaboos of The Day After.

Should be an interesting Winterstar. Plenty to talk about. I dread all the praying they're sure to be doing, though.

See the CATALOG for the new CDs, alt.binaries.slack for all the latest War Satire Art, alt.slack for ongoing commentary, and The Hour of Slack for downloadable protests about everything.

STANG 3-19-03