Sunday Jan 20

Clyde Lewis's radio show, GROUND ZERO -- guest Rev. Ivan Stang

8 pm PST
10 pm Central
11 pm EST

Portland, Oregon station KOTK

Streamed nationwide live on the Internet,
in RealAudio and another format -- see Clyde's Ground Zero site:

To call in and join the show: 1-800-727-5955

Ground Zero is Clyde Lewis' great Portland-based talk show, specializing in the conspiratorial, the paranormal and the otherwise spazzed -- somewhat like Art Bell's show in subject matter, but with a hell of a sense of humor. Clyde, a Good SubGenius, has had me on as a guest every year for many years, usually just before X-Day, and each session has resulted in really useful recordings that I later rerun in edited chunks on The Hour of Slack. Clyde is the perfect kind of host for this kind of free-for-all call-in show, and we've always had good callers. Local Lemurian Dr. Onan Canobite and Dr. Legume have also been involved in these annual SubGenius Ground Zero specials.

This one happens to follow the Sunday Night SubGenius IRC Devival, so perhaps several of us can switch from the chat room over to Clyde's show.

Clyde's show lasts 3 hours, so there's plenty of time for many callers.

((The ESO Swamp radio show on WCSB Cleveland continues with SubGenius call-ins every Thursday night-Friday morning (about 12:30 am to 1 am) -- for the info; it also streams in RealAudio. Rev. Nickie Deathchick was the live in-station guest last night; Rev. Bleepo Abernathy and Dr. Legume called in.))


Other Event News:

Feb. 28 - March 3
Atwood Lake Resort, Delroy, Ohio
Stang Rant w/ Chas Organ, plus all night Space Jam Cabin with ESO, Ron Slabe
$80, $90 at the door -- this is part of a whole weekend neo-pagan convention at a ski resort in Dellroy, Ohio, sponsored by A.C.E. of Cleveland. See their website for list of many other speakers and guests.

March 15
Cleveland, Ohio
The Beachland Ballroom
15711 Waterloo Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44110 tel: 216/383-1124
Rev. Ivan Stang
Einstein's Secret Orchestra
Sister Melodious Chopps
Hopefully, a new video brainwash show by then.

April 20
Indianapolis, Indiana
Radio Radio
1119 East Prospect
Indianapolis, Indiana
(317) 955.0995
Reverend Ivan Stang
Reverend Papa Joe Mama
Saint N and Sister Hellena Handbasket
CrimsonMane with fetish performance art ...
Pope Phred as your Master of Ceremonies ...
DJ Selly-Out spinning collage

May 13 - June 3
Pope Black's SubGenius Tour of Europe
Numerous devivals in various countries
IN AMERICA CALL POPEBLACK TOLL FREE AT: 1-877-380-9191 ext. 430 and leave a message!
(Note: the European Tour is a Pope Black project, not one of our company trips like the Amsterdam trips of previous years.)

July 4 - 7
Brushwood Folklore Center, Sherman, New York
World Ends
Members Only

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