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Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 19:07:48 -0500
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<x-rich>At last, here's the revised/updated list of stuff available from Brother Russell, now go and tell a lost and dying world... thanks.


Weird, obscure, & spiritually electrifying audio & video for discerning freaks.No salesman will call.Will not stain most fabrics.It takes one to know one. Compact Discs titles featuring our beloved pastor, founder & overseer... Brother Russell's Radio Jihad (1996) Starring Melba Jackson. Talk radio crank-call terror from deep in the heart of Texas, captures the Religious Right hysteria following Clinton's election in '92. Features "Monkeying Around With America's Future." $12 Melba Comes Alive (1997) The less political but more harsh and perverse side of Melba and her friends, features infamous calls to Kristian shock-jock Bob Larson. If you only check out one of our items, this is the one to get. $12 Here Is Melba (1998) "The Lost Melba Calls" and "the QVC Calls" cassettes were combined to make this 70+ minutes of sickness for the die-hard Melba fan. Hear Smegmah Fhondueueh trying to order rollerblades from a home shopping channel, Melba interrogating a Mormon salesgirl, and much more. $12 Sonic Damn Nation (1998) By Melba's Phone Militia. A psychich hotline impostor degrades gullible callers, a smartass annoys Rush Limbaugh, a Klansman supports Christian long-distance peddlers, and Brother Russell gets in a few good shots, too. A real mixed bag by a loose collective of pranksters in several cities. (On Mind Kontrol records, limited quantity available.) $10 "Filled" (1998) A CD "ep" with two live cuts recorded at a club in Austin and two great cranks that didn't fit on "Melba Comes Alive." Not a full-length CD so we are giving them away real cheap! $5 Compact Discs on our new TRANCE FORMATION RECORDS label(more to come) Worldwide Living Death Frankenstein Slavery A dramatic reading of the mind-shatteringly paranoid and schizophrenic conspiracy flyers of the late Francis E. Dec. A CD version of this extraordinarily sad and hilarious classic was long overdue. Get yours before someone makes us stop. $10 Prank Call Grab Bag (Various Artists) Crazy jingles and the vocal stylings of a blind and retarded man are just the icing on the cake. Hear the Cambodian Refugee calls, the Lou Merkert thigh cream call, two gay Asian brothers buying a Mazda, and "Michael Jackson" arranging a shopping trip with his little "friends." Truly hysterical underground material. $12 Batman A-G-Go (Various Artists) More nutty covers of the Batman theme than you can possibly handle, by both unknown and popular bands of the 60's through 80's. Beautiful topless Batgirl cover image by Vargas. A perfect party CD and a weirdly hypnotic experience. $12 So Groovy Inside (Various Artists) The Jesus music of the "now generation." Forgotten treasures from the love and bell-bottoms religious crowd of the early 70's. And you thought Kristian rock was a new phenomenon! We are extra proud of this one. $12 Video Holy Ghost Hysteria (2 hrs) Insane "holy laughter" shenanigans by Rodney Howard-Brown and Kenneth Hagin, satellite hillbilly healers and much more. You may get too freaked out to laugh on the first viewing. $15 Mondo Tilton (2 hrs) The definitive collection of Dallas tongues-talkin' televangelist Robert Tilton's crazy rants, screwups and scandals, compiled in his money-mad lates 80's/early 90's heyday. Includes the notorious "fart videos." $15 Jonathan Bell Does Dallas (2 hrs) Canadian hairdresser and pedophile-turned-preacher Bell did two disturbing Dallas cable shows, snippets of which are used on Comedy Centrals' Daily Show. Go to the source with this tape. $13 Faithful Freaks (2 hrs) Tommy Barnett's three-ring circus of disabled disciples, Garner Ted's massage adventures, Mike Evans' holiday in Cambodia, much more. This stuff is just plain WRONG. Not for the sensitive or squeamish. $15 CNN/Houston News Bloopers (2 hrs) A tasy combo of embarrassing moments compiled by CNN staffers in the late 80's, including a bizarre interview with a totally wasted James Brown, plus Houston news channel screwups. $12 How To Order All prices are postpaid. Specify title(s) desired and make checks or money orders payable to: Russell Media Underground 9090 Skillman #182A-167 Dallas, TX 75243 If sending cash, wrap carefully to prevent theft. Questions? Email Brother Russell. Back to Salvation Central.

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