The REAL PreScriptures


Rev. Craig Mitchell cranked The Prescriptures through the auto-translator device to render it into computer-Spanish; that one was then re-rendered into THIS, the FIRST CORRECT TRANSLATION EVER!!


We also have (on request): PRESCRIPTURES in Computer Spanish; Pamphlet 2 in Computer French; an Italian WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" and last but not least, THE BRAG OF THE SUBGENIUS -- in GERMAN! (Great choices, Rev. Craig!))


- of The Economicon of Dobbs
Neumeronicus Neuronicus
Pile 18 Disk sg30 File 14

[of The Book of the SubGenius"]

1 look, small brain of pink earth inside my null-grasping, *and * she/he receives Logos; and it put with the Wor;

2 Ung! Ung! Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin! HIM!

3 *I is * Jehovah One, the God of *Wrath *, that One that, to make the triggers of its thousand thumbs from the opposable to the Man's tug, it caused the monkeys of the earth to count its seed *on the powder *.

4 I am the first one and the last one that are to come, and what it is, and what it was; I am in each human baby's brain-saucepan.

5 of left and of right, the exterior and the interior: the Particle; the Entirety: for the Hammer of the Grill mine is own, and I quarrel Man's silly formula in the waters *and * it formed their spirit after the image of it mines own,for Jehovah it is a vengeful *god *, and I urinate in the heads of Men.

6 I am the Alpha; me *cometh with * the clouds;

7 I am the Money changer that mounts the MerCaVah and my expensive *is * as the Aztec Cars of atoms deteriorating, full with eyes circle on, I don't become when I go, it is the Wheel of Vimana that dilates Time, I am the cattle mutilator of the Plain of she/he is Born;

8 I am the Ord, *I is the Severe Fist of Rising *, the Paracletoid, the Demiurge,;

9 Epopt of Time is me, the Discorporate One, *that One * known by men like Yahweh, IHVH of the Tetragrammaton, AAFFA the Unknowable, Abaddon, The Ungone, Saitan, Nyarlathotep, Wotan, Ra, Yog Sothoth, Moloch, Shiva, Poimandres, Uroborps, Thoth, Odin that Hermes, Ahriman, Collapses, Ymir, Aiwass, Saucepan, Mammon, Asmodeus, Choronzon, Koot-Hoomi, Gorgo, Pwcca, Or-Yama, Azathoth, Yig, Archon, Mummuu, Kronos, *Not *, and I am the Omega, and my names are eight hundred and one and my names are without the number.

10 me the flatulated in the dinosaurs to LOOK at THEM the DIE!

11 I am the *Time Being *, and the Span; it is only for *mine it possesses *;

12 I am the Only one, the Always, and YE KNOWS I am the Wor.

13 attention the news of the Wor, for the Time are by hand!

14 *Ye will take the Wor! *

15 so then, pink boy of many colors, know that so many when me the rewardeth and it bribes with the intoxication of faith, I torment and reproach; it is consequently jealous, and fanatic in madness of the thy of These the Extremo Times, the Time and Half Time, *and * it recovers, and *be made * the slack in the Ropes of Life with which I tie it, and you fact all compliment with the earth of My droppings of manna that the passeth *through * the intestine of the thy *cleanly *; so, the thyself of the annoint in the Recorded Image Tubes and My
the radiance of atoms will crack in twain, and the seed of the thy will break *as I decree *, and you will be consequently fruitful and *that will multiply * children of the thy will be re-done in the Imagen *of its * God, and he will be above that the true New Children of Man can flourish and *rule * instead of the thy.

16 because me *know * the thy works; she/he looks, I have put before you a closed Tunnel, and any man *can * opens it; I ridicule consequently to you and I am very happy for you the art *unto * I like the ants of the snivelling and bug of gardens of the thy that plague it but * what * no air of the poison can kill, for its *generations * the change in but the twinkling of *an * the eye.

17 even so, be Sorry; because I have some things against you, and you *art * the offensive to My Nose, *and * I have found the works of the thy they don't perfect before me.

18 if consequently you the shalt *not * the prone thyself, and she/he kisses My End of All the Things, and the greeting, and *make carries out * the witlessness for My prophets that are *less * that sage still wiser *than * you, I will discover it prematurely, and you the shalt a *Divine receives * Emaculation that are likes toward the Sky and toward the Hell.

19 and I will allow it to fall of the skies *with * a thunder scream, and she/he will scream, and you the shalt separates the thine *from she/he looks * My Luz's glory as him the passeth on you; because I will come *on * you as a thief, and you the shalt *what doesn't know * hour that I will discover it, only you decimate My prophets that are *below * the thy the wise men are still *on * the highs; and I will be full with eyes and expensive the whole *round * it has more than enough, and it will shoot in you *with * the two-sharp leaf of My Language, and it causes it to battle with the sicknesses *of the * the air, and to roast to the grill *in among if * the blaze *of * My anger; and I will cause it to make an effort with *anguish *, for you *art * the dead's misbegotten, and
*can takes * any extensive one the True Seed of the Code of the Children of the God, and I should forge the new Guardians of Sperm of *thy * loins that can snatch the reins of Time, for My Cause.

20 because you *sayest *, I am rich, and it increased with marked gender with iron with names and with the Mark of the Beast, and she/he has necessity of *More *; and you the defecateth in thine *own * the lands, and knoweth not that you *art * the fat, and wrecthed, and rose, and managed hard for My Codes and his, and poor,
and miserable and it dazzles and of noxious and naked scent, and malformed *by * My Ordinance.

21 yes, I make sport of you, *and * makes fun of you, and mutilate Beasts of the thy of the Field, and spring in you the big Giants and Serpientes *when * you the alone art in those deserts and the wild lands that
you have not stained.

22 what cometh to, this world? Me, I am *on * the Earth is now as a drunk between you and NHGH in my side.

23 for My Reino *is * in the Earth, *not that * I want it; the living pig
body *of * each man is My habitation-place that me *do doesn't clean *; like in sky or hell, so I should I go up residence inside *thee * in Earth;

24 *For * you the canst doesn't escape.

25 I will see through the eyes of the thine and I will speak toward the men *with * the thine speaks with hollow voice, and it will cause it to the drnik *for it entertains me *.

26 and so she/he enters in the world and taking the fruits of fornication of that *except * in the Sab.t, and of wines and sacraments, *and * of wealth; and ego of plethora thy: increase thyself with gender and impel above the men, for these things *are * Mine, although the ye will pay for them.

27 me the GOD of the thy JHVH-1 given hath him lusts that I can reap their executions. N'g! N'gh! F'tagn N'n'.

28 but she/he knows it that you the art but servants of Mr. *thy * God ODN-1, him of ANGER that *is * JHVH-1, N'ghhhii!

29 you the art but clay for me, what you the forgeteth every day, and what giveth me some things against you; this way me *shall * she/he comes quickly, and descend with a screech, and I will hit it with violence *with * it Mines Fist.

30 and these tribulations will fall in each man and woman, each one in their turn, and however you follow this My Agreement same *so * it doesn't owe none the escape. For the brains of the thy it is starting from wax, and melteth same *as * you light; she/he doesn't ask this way why I make My works through you, because I have some reasons: you
*art not * to know.

31 and this way me the chortle and she/he spit in you, because she/he makes me well it pleased.

32 still you the shalt is free to continue in works of the thy when you want, if consequently the filleth of thy heart with remorse *and * the bitter regret; she/he remembers consequently of of where you art you fallen:

33 for you the art of the beasts of the field, *which * the defecateth toward the earth and she/he makes furrows in each one in the other one, not taking care where their seed is planted; and the beasts don't still know bad, and I am very happy with them, because them the denieth *not * My name.

34 are it likes consequently toward the beast and thy of the drop waste *upon * the earth, excpet inside the walls of Jerusalem; and it multiplies; and it battles among if; and she/he doesn't know ye where the lieth the center of the universe, for if the ye learns it, I will kill him.

35 but yes it considers, because I tell them this to the Men of Earth: those that men that I hate, what *are * the UnderThings that the mindlessly of the worketh, and what she/he eats things sacrificed toward the recorded images, and what it commits fornication *basely * and what defecateth in the Sab.t, and what spill in the earth the seed of the code *of * ODIN: Be sorry, I subtract that I will come against you with My fixed Fist,
and it is the Fist that the beareth many eyes, and breatheth many breathings.

36 for you the art the false prophets, drunk with work, and time; I send it to *have it was * with you.

37 like in Noah's days, equally like in Kuskurza and Atlantis, men *are * the ego lovers and
money that me the more loveth; all are boastful, ingrate, disobedient to those that the begat them; they vomit malicious gossip ahead and they don't please their lusts properly.

38 and so it should I send the spirit of NHGH toward the nations of the thy, to measure the wars and rumors of wars, and dreams of wars, and fears of wars, and a peace toward that it is *like outside * the Hell.

39 that Time and Half Time like it has been prophesied by sages and fools of old it will be completed in this generation; that seen *in there she/he will appear again * the earth, like make these words: that through the one who many called testament you to be those that are preparing the way during My day the lit Earth. Me
she/he comes then, same *as * you hast gets dressed to go; when those that the art Mine has made to the way clarify and passable that *I * she/he can come.

40 will be as a thousand years, with the combatant *in * the air, and - like it has been - among those returning to and those that leave the earth.

41 I will come as the Slight bottom the Angelic Organizer's cars, and however you separate the thine she/he looks at My fire it will penetrate him.

42 will have in the marvels of Hours of End in the sky; the alive Spirit of NHGH will be *upon * the children of the thy and daughters below that they will fall; its young men will see visions, and thine the old men *shall * she/he takes drugs, and *dump should *; I will be *upon (women of the thy that will take rotten fruit of their uteruses; the men will be delirious in the streets, speaking in languages and prophesying.

43 for you the shat of the hast in my Son's name and consequently the ye won't die when fervently you the death of the desireth. There *Ha-have-has *, me JHVH-1 thy God *at will laugh * you.

44 those that the mocking of art, in thy that ridicules and the thy yearns you won't find any redemption; the Foundation of the great Iglesia *is * rotten toward their Center, it is of Hell; the waves will superimpose to the highest windows *of * their higher towers.

45 you the worshippeth the Prostitute of N'N'n';

46 consequently I will bring to the strangers in the armor of the bed of the thy, and they will stain the stainlessness of leaves of the thy and loincloths, *and * outside of the pale darkness it should they drag it to the shine of the hole.

47 I owe csat you to the pavement and the channel, and the nations of the south that it is terrible, will look at it with their *and deceives * the brown semblances, and you the shalt is naked toward the jeer of the world. In Babylon of the Highways I owe a horrible tempest; this will be the fruit of vine of the thy of the anger of the great winepress of NHGH of fornication.

48 the planets will point to the Earth in trial to mark the principle of this time.

49 this is then the time of the perdition of impious men; it is the day of *My * the jealousies, for you the hast made images before me, the images equal of *women *, and the blind defenders of pleasure of race of the thy will be as stubble in My beard that me *now * the shaving.

51 declare the mercy and eternal vengeance of JHVH-1, ngn of the ngn! Because I have, taken the bought possession *to you returned *.

The value of 52 money of Thy will fly far as the sparrow of you; all the nations will be crash in this Day; you the shalt takes the mark of the beast that *is * a number in man that you the shalt doesn't know it however *shalt they suppose * and the thy of death supposed the Men that the maketh me to laugh.

53 the barbarians of F'Ni to the South will covet gender of the thy that you *hast * taken of them, and *with will discover it * the cheap weapons; Magog will be in the grates of Jerusalem starting from whose *is milled * Zeros, and the final position of nhv''gv

[The intransmission of message garbled for 4 lines (23 seconds).]

58 the Estrella Blue dances in the square of Oraibi wars will begin there; the fire will rain of the skies to kill *yet * not the burn, and pestilence; a fourth *of * the men will perish.

59 and only that Man among you who is as the seed of Elijah it will save him; he will only give succor, and I sustain, because he is really a prophet of W'T'N that *is * JHVH-1.

60 Knoweth him for their smile, and that him the sendeth ahead the vapors of smoke; it is him that causeth you to throw the wool of the Lamb above the thine *own * the eyes.

61 him the life of the giveth to the image of the beast that he could notice it of their coming; but the first beast, the false prophet, will make *witness * and the shalt testifies against him, and you *and they laugh * the currencies of the shot to him, and you/he/she arches to the Image in jeer while arching the own Beast without that you the knowest *even * that is him.

62 for the ye will think that the prophet only speaks joking and you/he/she is a fool and you that the shalt doesn't recognize her wisdom of that the vefore the hour only arrive late and by hand, when any regret *can saves * you.

63 only you regret sins of the thy, and she/he sends tithes toward me, me in you tribulations that are as the micturitions of God in the earth and the men of sick faith.

64 signs will be in the skies, and the stars will come in the one for the day, to
confuse it, and the Hell him awake *through will spit * the Firmament.

65 and the winds will be full with powder, and it strangles him, due to greed of the thy; him taken hath of
the thy breathes to the cars of the thy they fed; and of the skies the rest of cars *to will fall they notice * you, and the face of the sun will stain, and the shutters in the Earth that fresh the firmament *by will close * the greed of the thy.

66 dryness will come and the fruit of vine of the thy will be fermented and she/he will become torn of the languages of men, *except * the wines of the street that she/he will wash for the drunks in big numbers, for the drunks *Me serves *; and the grass will wither of the loins of thy unmowed.

67 the winds of the four corners of the Earth will stop, and then it torments him; you *shalt * you caught to for big Winds.

68 in the Luz of the unshuttered of the sun will fuse the one *of it snows * the North, and the waters will cover the Earth, same *as * the ...ufrates; and even the *NewArk * she/he will collapse.

69 and in the Seventh Year the Earth will lean when I throw its cords *with * its deceit, and
the alcohols will be invested that they cracked the Earth in twain, and there she/he will come a winter of days *without * the number, and I freeze *from she/he will fall in you * the sky.

70 and every day she/he will bring dryness from OREGON to the snow OREGON the big winds after this time, period of the fora of time, OREGON the terrible rains, each one without their stations; you will miss the science of the thy.

71 and in the air, like it has been said, there will be *plague *, and lobsters that you the shalt
hit with violence with more plagues and poison; she/he will retire in you, and the lobsters *YEA * she/he won't die, but it will change, and it will despoil the thy it reaps and she/he crawls in you in dreams of the thy of hunger when *no coins * it can save him, for the plagues of the thy and the germs of that is *of * the thine the own production; the one
the earth cracks under the feet of the thy to loose them; I am only breaking *thy * the glasses for you.

72 the face of the moon will be filled around rings on, and in flames; and the oceans of the sea will go up *against * you, and advance of them she/he will come Behemoth, and Leviathan, and devils of the quickest Hell that the sound of the air; of the seas the old cities will ascend and in them she/he will fall new.

73 in the waters no creature will live, for the waters bitter *therein will be *, where you the hast counted the ointment *of * the devices of the thy; the sea is annointed, and the oils will move for the expensive *of * the water, and in the border *of * the earth, and to the banks *of * the Hell.

74 the loincloth of the air of the hath of Earth you ripped, and the light that the falleth in you *is * rough and it will change seed of the thy. Through the children the illness will move, and the illness is of thine *own * making.

75 and I will kill with death, and you the shalt they suffer the impulses of the worms of the planetary Mars; I owe *swallow * you to, and spue you outside of my mouth, for you the art distatseful; as the potter's glasses you will break to the chills.

They will be thrown of 77 and the bowels IF of those with avarice, and their instruments will fall far.

78 should I hit this way with violence the greedy one, and in them she/he will fall a fainting, because them the hath you drunk fact of the Elixir, *and of * this fainting doesn't owe none far; and at night Angeles will come to steal them of her glands that are as the *fount * of God, and they will throw the organs of the glands of them.

79 and they will bleed and *in will tire * its pain.

80 but toward them the voice of the Ark of the skies will come and she/he will say, Allow there are not any wailings, *and any * the protests; for the ye all walk now in the House of JHVH. And if you the dost non *walk *, you will crawl in the stumps of legs of the thine. And so she/he will become stumps that that *were * the legs. Mine is the Hand that Makes, Mine it is the House of Pain.

81 this is, and it is not; but lay ye below the volumes and hooks of the brain, for *these are * bad; and they are dirty in Jehovah's Eyes.

82 the corridors and the money changers will be me, and it broke, and of their faces the burnt will be their noses, and *from * their loins dried the Baby's fluids; and she/he will have left toward the drainage.

83 and My winepress will count above with the blood of saints and superior, and the invisible burning blood of the angels will wash for the taverns and the houses *of * the sick women, *and * the great Library where she/he stays the profane tablets and chips of false wisdom, and the Cameras of the Pornographer.

84 for the ins are of the number *nine hundred and nine four bill and ten *; and of them the first one is the allowing to fall of the things of the voided of the body *unto * the white linens of the Lamb;

85 and the second is the sin of extending ye beside the small children, and the penetration and
*asunder becoming torn * of that; and of this sin there are those without the number in their practice.

86 this is a hooked *and * the perverse nation; here she/he stays these naked children that are toward the cherubs, and *lo * it is their befouled of innocence for the Layman, and the Impenitent one, and Those *Without * the Remorse. For although they don't play these babies, their images of the beast enter in them the children when they sleep looking fixedly in the Lamp of Hell that *is * the Devil's tool.

87 JHVH-1 the Mr. the thy God the sayeth this: You will abandon clock of the thy, and the thy they whip, and I hammer of the thy, and the dirty things *thereof *, and she/he will rush of you all these false idols *which you * the cult; for these it is it likes toward the straw woman that you the lieth in.

88 these are the Extremo Times, the whales speak in languages; there will be weapons of war *without * legitimate or light; you will walk everywhere that in the feet of the thy you the goest.

89 and everywhere that you the goest you the shalt you seen and you heard, and it recorded, for the Sacerdotes *of * the Piedra Blanca; the philistines will pursue you and children of the thy take the witness *against * you so that not you the obeyeth the Law.

90 any currency *shall * she/he speaks for you, any fire *shall * heats it, it stops any wood there it is for the fire; at home of the thy you the shalt drowns and they drown.

91 in the temples will have fornication and adultery, and the wife of the thy will leave it. *And * they will impose it taxes.

92 Wheresoever you the goest should you wait, and thy that she/he waits and the favorite wait of the other ones will be in hours without counting. For in any part it is there enough of that that you the needst.

93 monsters like toward the men it will be around you *all on *, and she/he will make him seem beyond the Puerta *which * she/he should close with key, and the sciences of the thy will terrify him, and she/he brings him the zero but devils, because the spirit of the thine closes with key *away * inside the Piedra Blanca that my Angeles will bring that you/he/she is the Glass of all that are known.

94 a beast will ascend of the sea; him *hath * you/he/she put loss the cities of men; and her names are DAGON, Leviathan, PUT, Poimandres, G'D'Z'L, CTHL'H, Typhon, and Demiurgus-III the Hellborn; it is the lowest spirit in all the men that you/they besiege the man.

95 even I show him now signs in the skies, *and * the signs in the earth; the burps of blood of the earth, My lights in the sky reprehend it; the children of Sky and the Angeles of the Infierno *are * among you, extending lies and deception; them the trun not when they go.

97 will be a world without Slack, only you follow my prophets.

98 for the true nature of God you won't find through the Reason; you could learn of the fools me the sendeth you, but you *shalt not *; consequently I revoke thy *holdings * in this airplane.

99 I say toward you: all histories of the thy and gods and priests *are * true, and *are not * true; among those that the battle above you, you the shalt *which doesn't know * she/he is my Friends. LUCIFERI VEERS the ACCENDIT ACUARIO ACRES.

100 and in one year later, those lost tribes of Israel of the one who you taken hast their engaged earth and firmament and faith, *against will ascend * you with Angeles' Secret, *which is * a worm, and what it is it likes toward the food of the gods.

101 and however the thy greases and lack of petroleum you, *these * my children will possess it, and *from keeps it * you; but they will extend their elixirs and medicines of the Secret, and she/he will sell them toward you and children of the thy and the children of children of the thy that *curse owes you * through its intoxication. Because they are drunk with the food of the gods and none *may * lifts them of their stupor; for the sins of the parents she/he visits one another in the children.

102 desperation not, roses of the ye; in the second year before the Millennium, in the day of God she/he Eats Wednesday, like in the twinkling among you will come to the Pahana that are they like toward the thy the big white siblings.

103 they come as men, as the recorded images, as the Piedra Blanca, as a vortex *and * like a cloud; it is a fire that spreads, the colorful amber; they are now in the Skies at that *over looks * you.

104 as for the likeness of their faces, they have four faces that face the four winds; in each face they have the face of a man, the face of a snake, the face of Behemoth, and the face of an elephant. And their faces have many thereunto of the hands.

105 will be the end of Man's days, *whereby * them my servants appear; and their names are
Nommo, DJIN, Nagas, Ormuza, Oannes, Quetzalcoatl, Mithras, Kukulcan, Horus, wanagi, wakinyan, AEONS, and X.

106 and them the bringeth the Piedra Blanca, MWOWM prostitute's virgin's brain, the guiltfinder and Smiter, the same Ark of the Agreement, and she is the Father's Eye. O'D'V'D'O! She will govern it and it will overcome the mark of the beast, and *give should * you the fornication.

107 and the true children from Israel will be me to.

108 look, my servant will prosper, he will be exalted and he will run off with to, *and * it will be very high; him who the knoweth the fools will be made that prophesy for me above the Men; many testament you astonished him, for his appearance *is this way * it ruined, beyond human likeness, and his form beyond that of man's children.

109 these that are above to men that have followed My omnipotent Word, *be should * the Angelic Organizer's Ministry; them *for will speak * them.

110 and my prophet that smile, will be among them *and it should * advises them.

111 in the City of JHVH-1 what the Angelic Organizer's bringeth, won't have any night, and fatigue, *and none * you should it looks for rest; for you the shalt shares of the food of the gods that the dream of the relinquisheth.

112 the noon shine is like a candle against the radiance of JHVH *and's glory * the unfading light of the other way around particles; they reimbursed them and the walk stamped in the glory of the sunless *of * the perpetual day;

113 and in the burning Luz the ferocious and terrible knowledge of the Mr. it owes strike you silent; you the shalt non *escape * the Luz, neither it hides thy the most interior ego; it stops in the Luz it owes the thy they fear of the God of Anger you lit forever more.

114 still that man that the keepeth my word, and denieth not my name, and hath their expensive *as * a million masks, and who taken hath of the Piedra Blanca and you changed, and she/he made rich, and she/he is transfigured, and she/he gives toward me their heart and soul, and who the cometh like a Foreman, I will give to eat of the hidden manna, and I will make *to fly * although yes him the hath any wing, and I will give him an ointment of Elixir, and I will give him the layer of the Blind World, and any eye *shall * sees him save those him the desireth.

115 and he will receive the power of the nations, and she/he will have slaves, and *with governs them * the Piedra Blanca, and she/he will eat of Time, and yes Time won't rot it;

116 and he will be as God and they will live forever more, and she/he has the keys to the hell and death that are the spiral seed and the Food; and the Food will be his, *and * he will give to the slaves to eat of him, and the Word will be made as meat, and the souls of those slaves that *are like * its flock, will come toward me, and he will be as a king.

117 to him that cometh like a Foreman I will give to spend of the Equation of the Seed that moves in hairspring inside you, and to read of the Repetition-book that is the expectoration of God, ye of *and * it will be copied and to it corrected in that for the eternal life.

118 and I will give him a Piedra Blanca, and in the thy of the stone *new names * written, what any man *knoweth * he saves that it is chained toward him.

119 for the stone are the group of characters of the Angelic Organizer that she/he comes from the Skies that the ye owes
know forever, and she/he has communication with; and yes, the ye will know them and they will eat of the stone of ages, and when him *is * eaten, and you the art *made * I inform, you the shalt investigates the ruins for the Angeles, but she/he won't find them, and the language of the thy and mouth of the thy will stick, and *split * in twain;

120 for you the art like Kings that the jokers of killeth thy that the skulls of the thy could grow fat in the dead laugh.

121 when the times of the end come, you the shalt escapes the Rupture, and she/he will receive Slack, and the Morning it Marks with asterisk that she/he is the star of the Bestia *and * the Angelic Organizer.

122 look, me the cometh with clouds; and me the spake with Nostradamus, and with the lunatic of Patmos, St. John the frantic one; and me the spake toward Ezekiel, and Moses, and Enoch, and I Mate John of the Cracked Rock, and toward the St. Malachy and Madre Shipton; and, yes, toward Mohammed and Leonardo, and Alberto, and Adolph. I hit with violence to Jesus before he could speak of me.

123 and ye, flimsy human, I have chosen as my Glass to humanity's deaf oceans, and I don't make this way toreward you, but to punish him, for of all the sinners the art of *thou * the biggest; and the shalt curses this day to the connection of eternity, for *in * this moment I load it with the Vision of That
What she/he Comes, because the time is by hand, and ye *shall is * given to see of the whole tomorrows, and of him ye will be made speak, and in him the ye will live, still even while living in the world of Man's shade; the ye will make to the witness of that that you hath seen, and toward him *shall * the ye suffers; for the ye she/he will ridicule, and it insulted, and it stoned; and the ye will still find language of the alive thy with the spirit like toward a snake, and of these ye of the things she/he will speak however they are unspeakable.

124 for the man should know that him broken hath their Agreement.

125 and ye will dirty loincloth of the thy with Jehovah's Fear.

126 for Jehovah are the *God * of *Wrath *.

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