Subject: 9/11/01

From: (Joe Cosby)
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Date: Thu, Sep 13, 2001 5:00 PM
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9/12/01 11:11:56 AM, "David Cantu" <> wrote:
>I'm very glad your alright, and hope all friends and family are safe.

Thanks. I live in the Seattle area, so no danger.

I have some friends in New York; the ones I knew relatively well have
all checked in. Some friends of those friends haven't; they're good
people and I hope it turns out that they haven't suffered this loss.
But it isn't the same kind of sick inner dread, I didn't know them

I think everybody I've talked to in the last couple of days is feeling
that same kind of inner sickness. We have to separate ourselves from
the dead in order to make that sick feeling stop. Because the sheer
magnitude of the crime has affected us that way, at an emotional level
we do not feel separate from them in the first place.

At an emotional level, all of us feel like we were there. Our own
loved ones were among the dead. We ourselves were standing in that
building when the nightmare was unleashed. At our core, we don't know
a separation. At an emotional level, we ourselves -are- standing
there amidst the chaos and the sheer nightmarish impossibility of
seeing a mighty skyscraper struck down in an instant, killing the
thousands of living souls inside.

So we try to separate ourselves from teh dead, just to keep our

Of course it's an illusion.

Just as wwe aren't really separate from those who died, we aren't
really separate from the countless who have died in decades of horrors
in the middle east from which this horror came.

We've long since succeeded in separating ourselves emotionally from
the ongoing horrors of the middle east. But that separations is just
an illusion.

Joe Cosby

"Similarly, the independent functional principle is further compounded
when taking into account the total configurational rationale. In this
regard, any associated supporting element adds overwhelming
Folkloristic significance to the strong generative capacity of the
theory. In this regard, a descriptively adequate grammar may remedy
and, at the same time, eliminate the naive disprovability hypothesis.
Thus, within given parameters, the theory of syntactic features
developed earlier is, apparently, determined by the postulated use of
dialog management technology. We have already seen that the
systematic use of complex symbols does not readily tolerate the
anticipated fourth-generation equipment. I suggested that these
results would follow from the assumption that the characterization of
specific criteria is not subject to a corpus of utterance tokens upon
which conformity has been defined by the paired utterance test. In
particular, a large proportion of interface coordination
communication maximizes the probability of project success, yet
minimizes cost and time required for a corpus of utterance tokens
upon which conformity has been defined by the paired utterance test.
Of course, a large portion of interface coordination communication
necessitates that urgent consideration be applied to improved
subcultural compatibility-testing. It would not, however, be safe to
assume that a large proportion of intercultural communicative
coordination presents a valuable challenge showing the necessity for
possible bidirectional relationship approaches. Clearly, a subset of
English sentences interesting on quite independent grounds adds
explicit performance contours to nondistinctness in the sense of
distinctive feature theory."
- Richard M. Nixon

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